Caught The Wife in CVS

About a month ago we were coming home from grandma 's house. it was about 6 pm on Sunday . The wife wanted to stop at cvs to pick up something on sale. She got out and I was in the car with the boys, our young children. She was in there a long time so I grabbed the boys and we went in . The store had a few people in it , not many. We looked for her down the isles and there she was with one of her former ( current ) lovers. They were talking and flirting right in the middle of cvs. I had the boys with me so i couldn't bash his head in . With the boys in tow we walked up to them and they were so into each other they never noticed us. In the most calm voice I could muster I asked what the f*** was going on ? They turned and looked at me as though I was going to kill them. I wish I had a camera to show the looks on their faces. The guilt on their faces was almost laughable. but i wasn't laughing. I told my loving and giving wife that her j*** of a boy toy could take her home. We left and went home. she showed up 30 minutes later angry as h***. How dare i talk to her like that in public. I told her I will talk to her any damn way I wanted to for a cheating wife.
If she didn't like that she could move in with lover boy and go to h*** .

I felt good about myself after that , I told her I couldn't leave because of the boys. I also told her we were finished, I didn't trust her and never would. You see, i had caught her several times before not in bed but close to it.
Our marriage is not the best of marriages we don't like each other and if we didn't have kids I would have left her long ago.
I stuck it out for the kids nothing more.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • Question, what does your wife’s farts smell like?

    If you’re not sure, then you need to know your wife better. Next time insist she tells you when she needs to fart. Position yourself behind her shove your slimy face between her round ample booty and let her rip one directly into your nose. I guarantee you’ll have a deep found respect for your wife’s t*** cutter then!

  • I had a similar moment of truth in a restaurant two years ago. We were waiting for a table in a long line with our kids. My wife excused herself to go to the ladies. Not long after she left, they buzzed us for out table, so I walked in with the children and got them settled and went to the restroom area to let my wife know we'd been seated or connect with her to bring her back. Then across the way, I see her walking out of the MEN's room with a kid who couldn't have been more than 16. As they were coming out that door they were smiling and she turned back and kissed him while she squeezed his d*** through his pants, at which point he leaned into her and slid his tongue down her throat. When they broke the embrace she turned and looked at me. I should of doe what you did, but sadly, I failed my test: I let her come home and we tried to work it out. It's been a disaster because the only "work" that's been going on is me, learning how to swallow more and more pride. I hate her now.

  • I’m in your shoes. Married to a lying woman I’ll never trust and stuck because of children that need a role model.
    I have no advice but I don’t feel so alone now.

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