Affair with My Boss

I am having an affair with my boss and my husband is totally clueless. Last month, my boss and I attended a business conference and I was away for three days. We had s** in our hotel room at least twice a day. One evening, I had my boss in my room while I phoned home and spoke to my husband. My boss sat on the chair across from the bed and was completely silent while I was on the phone. I was on the bed, totally nude and with my legs spread wide smiling at my boss. When I was done with my call home, my boss got undressed as mounted me. While we f*****, we talked about what a fool my husband was and how he was a terrible lover who couldn’t satisfy me. I know I should feed bad about doing this, but I don’t. I just get hot thinking about that call and what happened afterwards.

Mar 27, 2020

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  • You’re the fool, honey; and, your boss is a punk. A perfect match. Nothing special going on here.

  • Be woman enough to ridicule him to his face.

  • H.e.l.l awaits, be sure of that

  • I was having an affair with a guy at work. We worked together, and had to travel together and give presentations. Those trips were a dream situation if you're having an affair! We f***** like rabbits on those trips. One time, we were in my hotel room, I was on the bed, naked, talking to my husband. My lover was next to me. He got impatient and started eating me. I tried to keep a normal conversation going with my husband and was doing pretty good. Then my lover inserts his c*** in me. I couldn't control myself any longer, and told my husband I really had to use the toilet and hung up.

  • Whats it like being a fake person?

  • My wife and I f***** for two years before her husband or my wife found out. We then separated, divorced and we got married 35 years ago. Her hubby took and out of town job and several times we were f****** when she was talking to him on the phone. Once on their anniversary I was licking her p**** the whole time they talked. We both had f***** around a bunch before we got together and I fully expected her to do it again. She had always wanted to try another girl and I fixed that up for her. She seemed to lose interest in other men but has now been with about 25 women. We would love to have done more but here in the South the girls are reluctant to admit having those fantasies. She even went to work at a hospital because we had heard that so many of the nurses were either bi or lesbians but that has not turned out to be true in our area. Plus hospitals are real rumour mills and where she is will make it hard for you, even today, if it is known you are into extra sexual relationships.

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