Women are liars.

Why are all women such liars about their past ? What do they think they are protecting ? Sooner or later they start telling their poor hapless husbands and boyfriends what they are really like., but before that they are pure as the driven snow. If they claim they are virgins they aren't , there is always some guy they forgot to mention.
I have been married twice and both of my wives lied about their past, and acted like they were clueless about sexual activity.
Both ladies lied about giving b*******, both lied about how many guys they had relations with.
The only way i discovered what they really had done was when they were drunk and were willing to talk, especially before s**. they love to take when having s** as well.
So my advise is to let all out , many of us men have done it all before anyway so try give your husband or boyfriend the benefit of the doubt

Mar 28, 2020

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  • You haven't met "All women" on earth have you? no one has.

    How many women are on this planet? Your guess, is as good as mine lol plenty :)

    Don't make assumptions based on your own personal experiences, we're all individuals regardless of gender. So if the people you were in a relationship lied to you about their past, that's not because they're women, it's because they're f***** up individuals lol just messing with you. Who in their right mind would want to divulge, their past sexual/ dating history to their current partner anyways? It's in the past for a reason, it's irrelevant. Focus on the present tense and the future :)

  • Sure, just like that,

  • That's so right. Yeah, they"forgot".
    Lying slags. Despicable whores. They're all alike.

  • It's in the past. What she did sexually before she met you is actually none of your business..

  • Baloney

  • I agree

  • Maybe there’s something in your past your trying to hide.

  • You've talked with every single woman alive to be able to make such a statement? No, you haven't.

    Face it, you just suck at choosing decent mates.

  • Well said

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