Compulsive liar

I tried this before – let’s see if it goes through this time. I have lied twice in my life about being raped, I have cheated on my husband with three different men. I have lied about having a miscarriage and have lied about the D&C that didn’t really happen afterward. I lied about falling down the stairs and breaking my thumb, but left it bandaged for 6 weeks to prove that it was broken. I lied about my father’s abuse. I lied and told people that my father was dead when he is still alive. I lied about my grandmother’s death. I don’t know why I have lied about these things. Though I haven’t lied in a while, I cannot admit to these things either. Everyone I know and love would walk away. The guilt of my past lies I now worry are killing me.

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  • I think it would be advisable to see a psychiatrist. I wish you the best! I usually hate people who lie and cheat,because they don't feel sorry for the pain they are causing. But in this case you seem like you're sorry, so just forgive yourself and stop telling lies. And you probably lied because you are a compulsive liar, which I don't think it's your fault. Unless you're doing it because causing pain gives you some sort of sick pleasure. I think you should fix this thing, and you shouldn't tell about the cheating if you love your husband, because YOU made the mistake, and it would probably ruin him. You need to fix your past mistakes, and it's not fair to make him pay for it. I hope you won't do it again, that would suck. Bye!

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