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I don't know. I AM a guy. I know a guys feelings. I guess that's why I request women’s advice here. When I was 13 years old, my older (18 year old) brother would frequently make taunting comments to 2 very pretty 16 year old girls in the neighborhood. One day when I was alone I saw them and made those taunting comments.
They started running after me! I ran away through some back yards where they caught me. I was a shy, maybe a little smaller than average physically, so they had me pinned on the lawn fast. They started slapping my face, then began pulling my shorts down. (it was summer) But, they stopped. The one girls house was next door, and they picked me off ground, and took me in the house. I remember still being stunned by what had happened. I also recall their fingernails and toe nails where painted. They wore shorts and skimpy shirts, and had bare feet. The girls smelled good! I think they wore perfume.
This was the most physical contact I had ever had with a girl up this point; by far. Moreover, it was with 2 pretty ones. Once they got me inside they wrestled me to the floor. Then they proceeded to take off my shorts, and underwear. My face was burning red. I think sometimes people can be so humiliated, it can be paralyzing. One girl pinned my shoulders down, and the other one rubbed her feet in my face. They took turns. I remember getting tired from struggling. They laughed as they did this, and kept repeating the taunting comments I heard my older brother make so many times.
After this, they told me I would not get my shorts and underwear back unless I cooperated. They both sat in the kitchen at the table and chatted and had some laughs. They made me crawl on my hands and knees, visiting each girl briefly and kissing her toes. This continued for several "visits,"
back and forth across the floor. Finally, after one of them made me beg for my shorts back, (with her big toe in my mouth) they gave me my shorts and underwear back (among allot of laughter) and let me go.
I can remember being terrified that night, and many days after, that they would tell everyone in the neighborhood. I never heard back about anything, and I actually avoided walking through the neighborhood with my brother. (He soon started driving.) I never saw the girls much anymore. I guess they had boyfriends that drove also. When I did see them, or one of them, they mostly ignore me, and perhaps snicker.
Today, at 40 years old, I am single. I've had a few girlfriends
who always had me under their thumb. I have had a few relationships in the past with pretty women that consisted of me cleaning their house naked. No s**, and they never even disrobed. I view all pretty women as authority figures.
My question is; Do you think I am this way because of that experience with those 2 female bullies so long ago?

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  • When I was 12, I had a middle age woman (about 45 y.o.) who used to work for my dad as a housekeeper.
    One night we were home together and she caught me trying to steal some beer from the refrigerator downstairs.
    She threatened to tell my dad, which would have meant a good ass whipping with a leather belt, plus loss of my bicycle for a week or so.
    I begged her to reconsider. She did.
    She told me I needed to do her a favor and if I did, she would forget everything.
    The favor was to perform oral s** on her.
    Now, she was definitely not a bad looking woman.
    Matter of fact she was very pretty with a nice body.
    Long story short, she took me into my room, hiked up her dress, pulled down her panties and sat on the bed.
    She had me get on my knees in front of her and instructed me on how to eat my first p****.
    After she had c**, she raised her legs and made me lick her a******.
    The whole episode lasted for probably less than an hour, but I learned more in that time than I did in the next 20 years.
    Now, I've got a reputation for being one of the best p**** eaters around.
    By the way, I kept eating her until she finally quit about a year later.

  • Man, I wish that would have been me.
    Then they would have gotten a whole lot more than their toes licked.

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