Bicycle Ride

One cool fall evening I decided to take my 10 speed bike and go for a ride. Since it was a bit chilly I wore sweats over my nylon shorts and t shirt. I rode for about an hour and was just turning off the secondary road to ride the path along the parkway when I passed 5 teen girls walking down the road. Not thinking much about them I turned onto the parkway path and stopped about 50 feet down the path to adjust my shorts that had crawled up my ass during my ride.

Since I had worked up a sweat I took off my sweat shirt and laid it on the bike when I heard voices behind me and saw it was the girls headed down the same path I was on. Still not taking much notice of them I continued my purpose and pulled down my sweat pants. That was when I heard one of the girls say “why is he getting undressed?” With that I thought, I wasn't but now maybe I would so I continue getting undressed so I pulled off my sweat pants and laid them on the bike as they continued past me.

One of the girls passing me, stopped and turned about 20 feet away. Another girl asked “what are you doing?” to which she responded “I want to see this.” The others kept walking as I stripped off my t-shirt. All that was left was my nylon shorts. Hooking my fingers in the waistband I pushed them down to my feet and off now standing naked and revealing my growing c***. Standing in front of this girl naked I began stroking myself. She studied me for a minute and turned to join her friends. I got dressed and left.

Feb 13, 2021

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  • Sick flasher- That's illegal as well as perverted.

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