Nancy Pe**si Is a Evil Person

I hate Nancy and wish nothing but pain and turmoil on her. She is truly evil. Not caring about the people of the United States, she prolonged getting a stimulus done and more than likely unemployed thousands if not millions. It more than likely will cause thousands of deaths as well.

She prolonged it trying to sneak radical new deals and bills that had nothing to do with the COVID-19 virus. She deserves death penalty. So glad most of our citizens see right through the evils of the far left liberal radicals

Apr 2, 2020

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  • I want to f*** her in the ass in front of her husband.

  • Saw her tonight on the news. She looked good enough to f****** EAT.

  • I agree with those who l*** after her. I would give anything I own to get in that ass!!

  • She a trash bag.

  • She's a cunning c***.

  • Me, too. I want to f*** her in her s***.

  • God, yes! Me too. #me too!!!

  • Count me in. I would to drive my d*** into her s***. I want my d*** covered in her sweet sweet sweet s***!. Nancy, I love you, and I want your s***!

  • I want it, too!!

  • JESUS!!! Ever since everyone started talking so sexy about Nancy I have been masturbating to her like a madman! Last night I even pulled out a couple old TIME magazines and beat off five times looking at her! G****** she really is nasty just like you all say!! NASTY!!

  • I had never thought of her other than in political terms. Now, I can ONLY think of her sexually!! Look what you've done to me! I only want her Sexy s***!!

  • I'll go!!

  • I'm dying to eat that hairy dripping s*****.

  • Great observation!!!! In fact, in Italian, the word "pelosi" actually means "hairy"!

  • I want to eat her hairy a******!!! And then French kiss her.


  • I am totally with you. I would like to carry her in my arms into the Oval Office, lay her face down on the President's desk, spread her legs apart, and then f*** her deep in her s***. I'd really make a woman out of her. After that I would blow up her marriage and marry her myself. I want her s***. I want all of it. I want it on my d***. We all want her s***. I mean the deep s***. The hot stuff. All of us are the same. We all want Nancy's a******.Deep. Creamy. Packed. Perfect. I can smell that s*** right here, right now. Delicious and warm and sweet. Oooh, Nancy.

  • Nancy Pelosi is the person that broke into a lab in Russia, stole a sample of a contagion, then captured a bat, infected it and sold the remnants of the infected bat in a Chinese wet market. Now that the world is sick she can try to push her agenda in these bills. The worst part is she follows every word from her evil boss Donald Trump Jr.!

  • Nancy is the reason we have corona troubles. She was distracting the whole administration with the fake impeachment to benefit herself and her sick agenda. She is evil. Yes she a evil biotch.BAD!!!

  • Okay, Donnie

  • Nancy's got big t***. They may be saggy at her age, but they are f****** huge. I'd do her.

  • So would I!!! I would tear that ass UP!!!

  • Pelosi is satanic

  • She is one of Satan's demonic whores!!

  • Yes, and I worship her. I or a y to her. I love her eternally.

  • You have clearly been watching too much FOX News. Try watching a movie or reading a book.

  • You are an idiot fox news has 2.9 million viewers compared to msnbc 1.6 and CNN 800k so STFU

  • I don't watch either. I get my news from sources that care more about reporting news than catching clicks. The content is a little dry, but this way I'm getting informed, not having my emotions played with for someone else's benefit. You wouldn't understand, sweetheart. :)

  • Is your argument that the mamajority is necessarily correct? That's ludicrous and our current situation proves it. YOU need to STFU!!!

  • Wow, how brave of you to pretend you have any intelligence! Too bad it failed so spectacularly. Where in that statement is there even a HINT that that is their argument? You just want to make loud noises and bully people into thinking you're right. It's that kind of mentality that has us all crouching in our homes hiding from a virus, so keep up the good work, you idiot!

  • In this world the majority is always correct because we have the power to force our way over the minority. That’s the whole idea of democracy.

  • WRONG!

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