I have to confess my wife cuckolded me and I am enjoying it all our married life I have suffered from premature e********** because she has a lovely figure and get very excited.anyway a married acquaintance of ours seduced her and he made love to her at his brothers flat and she told me the s** lasted for ages and she loved it she said she still loved me but wanted him as well so we agreed he could come over to our place for s** the first night he was coming over she got all dressed up sexy underwear etc and said to me as a special treat you can stay in the spare bedroom and listen she had put baby intercom in.about half an hour before he arrived she ordered me to strip and she tied me naked to the computer she said that was to stop me wanking.when he arrived they went into the lounge and had some wine and I could hear them laughing all of a sudden the bedroom door opened and they both came in my wife said I told you he was tied up tonight and they both laughed he stood behind her and kissed her neck and fondled her t*** I couldn’t stop watching and he said look your Hubbies little c*** is all stiff he must be enjoying this so he unzipped her dress and let it fall down he put his hand in her panties and told me she was very wet and he was going to give her a good seeing too he got her on her knees and she took out his c*** and she gave him a b****** he pulled her hair to the side so I could get a good few while smiling at me he took her into the room and shagged her for ages I’m every position she came about 13 times when he left she came in to me and all the s**** was all over my c*** I had came without even touching it she said I was a very naughty boy but I could come into bed with her and lick her p**** as it was very tender I loved doing that and look forward to more adventures and humiliation

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  • I hope you get aids femboy

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