My wife has grown fat and I love it

My chubby wife has grown into quite a large woman in the last 10 years, well into the 300 lb range and I LOVE IT.

I never knew I liked fat women until I met her and as she grew fatter and fatter s** got better and better. now the simple sight of her naked huge body turns me on so much it drives me nuts! I thought I was crazy or some kind of pervert.. but it seems the love of big woman is quite normal. Just something I never told anyone.

Oct 6, 2010

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  • I am that fat wife. I've been married for the past 5 years and I was about 300lbs back then and now I've gained to a about 400lb . My husband loves me and says how sexy I look and can't take his hands off me. A couple of years ago I thought of having gastric bypass surgery but am glad I didn't because it would have ruined my marriage . I think he has fetish for big woman . Now we are very happy and healthy and s** is amazing. So I've embraced being fat and I love my husband a lot i don't want him to look elsewhere . am going with it

  • So since I’ve been with my husband I’ve gained about 50lbs. My clothes have gotten tighter but he says he loves me the way I am, even suggesting I gain more weight. I never really wanted to gain but secretly love how he looks at me, rubs my body, and ultimately fantasize him feeding me. We never really discussed it but he just lets it be and the s** is getting better and better the heavier I get (he loves me on top). Has anyone discussed it with their partner and how do you approach the conversation? Or should I just let go and let the inner fatty out/let the seems pop?

  • As a husband with a wife in almost the exact same boat, I would just love to see her let go and embrace being a huge fatty. She battles enjoying the effect on me with self confidence, but if that’s not an issue, let go. Just set clear boundaries

  • Let go

  • I'm 24, and i got married to my husband when I was 20. At the time I weighs somewhere around 265-275. Oh, I'm average height (5 ft 7). After we gots married, I must admit I kinda porked cuz I kinda din't feel like I had to watch my weight that much any more. Well, a year ago, I gots preggo, and the doctor's like, I gots to loose weight, cuz I was like 320 pounds and He says its gonna be a prob for the pregancy. I thought to myself, f uck that, I gots preggo, now I's gonna really enjoy and pork out. I smokes weed to keep the morning sickness under control, tho i didnt really have any, but i likes to smoke weed, so i had a excuse! Well, I really, really porked cuz I gains 88 pounds. I purposely dont go to the doctor so he leaves me alone, and when I shows up in my 9th month, i f ucking nearly pass out when he sees me. He says you gained 88 pounds, thats really bad for you. I thinks yeah whatever. turns out all i was was fat. no dibetes or nothin. Just before I had my baby, I was 416. they weighs me then cuz they say i might need c section. an there might be complicantions, and i sure did need a csection cuz that kid was huge-10 lb 14oz. i couldnt push her outta me. We all good now, an my man is real happy. He likes me real fat and say that i can keep eating what i wants. i'm like, oooo baby! Time to do some more porking! An my baby girl, she gonna be nice an plump too!

  • About 7 months ago I met this very sexy girl who is quite tall at 5'10" and so much fun and weighs 476 as of 5 days ago. She has known she's a type 2 diabetic for 4 years, and suspects she had been diabetic for years before that, but she's an addicted feedee and insists on continuing to eat what she wants and regularly having me feed her until she is simply too full to eat another bite. It took me a while to get over the fact that I'm helping to harm this girl's health, but she insists on gaining and eating what she wants, starting with 8 Krispy Kreme donuts every morning. After a while I realized she won't change and now am just enjoying the ride with her. Her next goal is 500 lbs. She says she feel perfectly fine, and won't go back to the doctor unless she doesn't feel well. In the mean time, I'm just enjoying her massive belly and butt and great s**.

  • I am around 400lb now and my husband loves me I've away been on big side . I've agreed to gain more

  • My lovely wife had been gaining weight over the years, then, at one point, when she was around 255 pounds (5'5") she decided, enough, time to go on a diet. She was pretty happy about losing weight, she made it down to 210, when one day, she eventually noticed that the backs of her thighs looked gross when she was standing--she was right. Her thighs had gotten skinny, from being very fat before, and the skin was all wrinkly and flabby. She said, eew, that's disgusting! she stood there looking in the mirror for a minute or 2, then declared, I'm gaining the weight back. That day, she started chowing down, and now she's a very pleasing 275 or so. She's no longer purposely packing on the pounds, but just slowly getting fatter from her normal eating habits. I'm happy and lucky.

  • Lucky man. Mine lost about 70lbs and has same issue with arms and legs but she says she will never gain it back. B**** and Butt super small now too (F cup to large D). I hate it. Enjoy what you have!

  • My wife is the same she is gaining more to please me she doesn't want me to look elsewhere she is almost 400lb now and s** is more enjoyable for us .

  • My wife is an addicted feedee. She loves when I feed her and cause her to get fatter. She wants to get to 400 pounds (she's at 340 now), and then think about whether she should continue to gain. She knows it's unhealthy, but takes it in stride. She says people know smoking will kill them but they still smoke. She's chosen to get fat instead. I'm thrilled she wants to keep gaining, and we are both enjoying s** more and more.

  • It's been a couple of months & Miss Fatty has put on weight. I've caught her a few times struggling to get her size 24's over her waist/belly & discovered only yesterday doing some washing, some size 26's. She is eating more, her 2 work colleagues are still buying fattening treats & I'm also enabling her. That belly is getting bigger, rounder, hanging lower & she is expanding everywhere else. Here in Aus, she only has size 28, 30 & 32, then she can buy online through her store up to 36. Can't wait till she starts filling size 36 clothes.

  • I've been gaining for a bit if anyone's interested in seeing my results my onlyfans is FoxRose

  • I'd love to see that beautiful body of yours

  • Comment not posting?

  • Huh? What are you talking about?

  • I have been having trouble posting comments and having them show up

  • I've been with my gf for 2 years now, and she has gone from 190 to 265. I am a good cook and keep her well fed with rich meals and plenty of dessert. You pretty much put food in front of her and she will eat it. Even if she is full, she will pick at it until it's gone. A few months ago (round Christmas) she asked if I thought she was getting fat. I told not at all, in fact she was sexier than ever. She said, "Good" and gave me a kiss. She's still pigging out. (She's 5'6")

  • Does she know you like fat girls and have you told her about it?

  • Same for me my wife is 350lb and had two children and she gained a lot during pregnancy and love her fat body i want her to gain more maybe 400lb

  • How much did she gain during pregnancy?

  • 50 to 60 pounds .

  • 50-60 each pregnancy or was that total for 2 pregnancies?

  • Yes for both. She has a big bum and apron belly the s** is amazing. Once you have been with a big girl there is no way back

  • So, my gorgeous wife is a very loving, sexy, beautiful woman who's a bit of an airhead. When we started dating she was very shapely, definitely soft but had a fantastic figure. We soon got engaged and married not long after that. Right after we were married, she literally said, "thank God I'm hitched, now I can finally stop dieting and pig out." I remember it word for word. Now, most women wouldn't say that to their brand new husband; they would just gradually do it. But not my wife! That was 4 years ago, and pig out she has, all the way from 155 pounds (5'9") to 270. She wants to be pregnant and stopped taking the pill a few weeks ago. I can't wait!!! I'm hoping for a minimum 70 pound gain.

  • Did she know you liked fat girls, or did she do this on her own?

  • I never mentioned it, but with her being on the soft side, I figured there was definitely potential for her gaining. So, no, she would have gotten fat regardless of how I felt. She had it planned for a LONG time, it seems, because as soon as we got into the limo for the ride from the church to the reception, she blurted out the phrase about getting fat.

  • You got extremely lucky then!

  • I encouraged my wife to eat more and I keep telling her how sexy she looks she is 350lbs now and the s** is amazing

  • Enjoy your life alone, you f****** d*******. Everyone who is fat doesn't become diabetic or need a mobility scooter... If you weren't such a dumbass troll you would know this.

  • Enjoy the upcoming diabetes and never ending trips to doctors and physical therapy. Better start saving for a mobility scooter...

  • Eat s*** dumbass.

  • My wife is tall about 5’11 150 lbs when we first started dating. She pretty fit and worked out a lot. After just 2 years of marriage she is up to 185. I think she will really balloon into a true fatty when we have kids

  • Does anyone have any tips on how to get her fatter and accepting it?

  • Get her pregnant... That will put the pounds on her. I'm married 8 years to a gorgeous blue eyed blonde and have two kids and my beautiful wife went from around 200 to 460lbs as of last week. She's only 5'3" so she is actually bigger around than she is tall... I can't even get my arms completely around her amazing body...She loves to eat and I love to feed her... And the s**,'s phenomenal. We are currently thinking about having another child but she is afraid so might be s little too large to get pregnant but I say full steam ahead and just plow the fertile field. Maybe she will hit 500lbs or more this time.

  • Was she reluctant at first? How else did it work for you? Surely it wasn’t only the pregnancies

  • Yeah, she was a little reluctant. Most women at least try to fight getting fat but there is really no fighting it for my wife. She has ways been a cute chubby girl and her mom was the same so it came very natural for her to get big. Its just in her genetics to get fat...The pregnancies really sealed it though.. She gained over 80lbs with each one.

  • Does she know you want her fatter? Do you feed her?

  • Yes she knows that I like very fat women and yes I feed her. I do the majority of the cooking and I make her favorites a the time...I don't force feed her but I do encourage her quite a bit..

  • That’s awesome. Have you gained weight as well? That’s what I want to avoid, but I can see it being inevitable. Especially in my situation

  • No not really... I remain active and I eat right. I hunt, fish, hike and lift and exercise regularly. Plus I have a pretty high metabolism so weight gain has not been a problem for me. When you have a super fat wife you want to be careful not to gain weight or get out of shape because you're going to basically be her feet and her aid in most things physical. You want to keep her safe from getting hurt doing things that required heavy physical activity... supersized women usually aren't very graceful as the excess belly weight throws off their balance and they can easily twist an ankle or damage a knee or develop back problems which will ruin their quality of life... You want to avoid that at all costs which means you need to stay in reasonable shape.

  • That’s what I’m thinking. Hopefully she can gain 40-50 pounds through pregnancies and then after that be too busy and too big to care anymore once she hits 230-240

  • If your wife is like mine, a women that gains weight easily then that is exactly how it works.

  • Does she love food? Enjoy eating? If so enable her. Spoil her, lunch & dinner dates. Can you cook? Cook for her a few night's a week. Be attentive, simple things like touching, telling her fantastic she looks, how much you love her.

  • She loves food. But she tries very hard to eat healthy. I can cook, but am no master chef. I tell her how great she looks and that I love the weight she has put on but she really does not like it. And no matter what I say she can’t accept that it looks good

  • I came home with a bunch of snacks and she has been devouring chips and donuts. I hope she keeps this up until she loses control

  • It can be hard to get her to gain more weight if she really doesn't like it. Healthy eating is actually good, too much junk, will add lots of weight, but isn't good for developing health issues. My wife is 700+ & eats healthy, it's just the amount she eats that has added so much weight.
    I can only say, really spoil her, pamper her, dinner dates or lunch dates every couple of weeks, keep telling her how beautiful she is, be attentive, just persist without being overly obvious.
    The snacks thing is good but don't over do it at this stage until she starts putting on more weight & is loosing control, where her love for food is more important than the weight she is gaining. Therw was a time that my wife & I were talking about her weight (a long time ago now) & I pretty much asked a few questions. You love food? Yes. You enjoy eating? Yes. You like a drink (alcohol)? Yes. Do want to give any of that up? No. Do you want to diet? No. Do you want to exercise every day? No. Then you have to accept your going to put on weight. She has & did loose control.

  • Thanks! That helps a lot and makes sense. She loves food so it shouldn’t be too hard, just gotta be patient. 700+?! How long did it take your wife to reach that? What’s that journey been like?

  • Glad to be help. It's taken quite a few years to get her this fat, well to get her to the mid to high 400's. That was the point where she really lost control & I happily enabled her eating & watched her get bigger & bigger. So she reached like 627 I think & that was when she absolutely piled on the weight. I'd take on a lunch date & she could consume 7000 calories in one sitting. She also started to like how big she was & what it did to me. She was eating huge amounts & only getting fatter, till back in Jul our 300kg (660lb) scales could no longer weigh her. She told me she didn't want to stop eating & gained more weight, so I can only estimate she must be up around 720? Her dress maker came not that long ago & I did catch her waist was 283cm, but in saying that, some of those clothes are now getting tight around the middle as she keeps gaining.

  • Wow! She sounds like quite the fatty! What a lucky guy you are. What is her mobility like and day to day activities?

  • Yeah, she is quite the fatty & I think myself lucky that she has gotten so fat. She is mobile, but needs help out of bed, although she can do it as we have some aids around the house. I help her shower & dress. She can waddle around, but it's only a few steps & she'll stop, hang on the railings we have around the house, stand there puffing, till she catches her breath & will then waddle further. Sometimes she does use a walker inside on occassions, but she likes to try to not use it. We have a inground pool which she uses a lot to exercise, as you can imagine she feels so light in the water.
    Daily activities....always a cup of tea in bed, sometimes breakfast in bed, if not it's usually shower first, get dressed, the waddle out to lounge, sit, eat breakfast. Maybe waddle out to outside entertainment area, sit look at her phone, read a book, a coffee or two, then morning tea. Waddle back in, stream movies or whatever, snack. Lunch, more streaming, reading, snacking. Then afternoon tea. Snacking. Dinner, snacking. Shower, bed.
    Now morning/afternoon tea, isn't just a cup of tea, in-fact no tea a milkshake or iced coffee loaded with icecream & big, with a packet or two of tim tams or a 1/2 a cake or pasteries, what ever she wants, they are kind of the times that she really eats very fattening things.

  • That's cool. My wife is similar in size and eats about 8000 calories a day...I have to ask, does your wife p*** a lot? Mine does she has about 3 huge bowel movements a day and since she is over 700lbs she can't always make it to the toilet on time... It got so bad that I had a custom chair made for her with a commode built into it. That way when I'm at work she doesnt have to worry about getting to the bathroom without help. It's been a godsend and it is so much better for her health and most of all, her self esteem.

  • No she doesn't. It's pretty much the same as It's always been.

  • That’s amazing. I wish I could see a photo of her!

  • It really helps if she hangs out with friends who are fat, especially if theyre accpeting of it

  • Yeah that’s another problem. Most her friends are thinner than her.

  • We're a somewhat older couple, she's 50 and I'm a few years older than that. We've been married 22 years. When we got married she was a soft, curvy woman at 5"4" and 160 pounds. She knows I like bigger women and while she isn't into gaining, she's definitely into eating, and over the years she has grown to a current weight of 303 pounds as of last weekend. She was diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago, but fortunately it has stayed well controlled, and she has actually continued to gain (about 20-25 pounds since diagnosis, in fact!). She really doesn't follow her diet and just takes the pills, which seems to do the trick. In fact, as I write this, she's enjoying a couple of donuts and coffee. lol

  • Is stuff getting harder for her to do?

  • She's def slowed down, and has me do more things for her. After we posted the other day, we talked about her being close to her having almost doubled her weight! So we decided we would see how fast she can go from her current weight to 320. We started by going to the bakery and getting a chocolate cake and a coconut cream pie, both of which she has already finished. We're going to get more today. She's also been nearly constantly snacking on her favorite addiction: Oreos. Diabetes be damned, at least until she hits 320!

  • My wife loves to eat too. She has a tendency to eat more and more as time goes on. I do the cooking, and years ago, it used to be she'd have a normal portion of food for dinner. Then she started serving herself bigger portions . Then bigger. Now I make enough for 4 servings and I eat one and she finishes the rest. Several years ago she started requesting dessert. Same story. Now she has about 3 servings worth, and even adds whipped cream and stuff like that. And soon after that, she goes and gets more to snack on. I made a big 3 layer chocolate cake for Christmas. She served herself a third of it for dessert that evening, right at the table. No shame at all. Me and our 4 guests finished most of the rest. After a while she polished off what was left. Then, while we were sitting around afterwards, having after dinner drinks, she goes to the kitchen and comes back with a quite substantial bowl of ice cream and proceeded to eat it in front of everyone. Oh, and she had 3 additional after dinner drinks, too.

  • How big is she? No doubt from what you are saying she's getting bigger. Miss Fatty (my wife) is putting on weight as she is eating more & more. With her birthday & christmas she ate heaps, Christmas day particularly it almost seemed like she just ate all day, picking in the morning, lunch more picking, then in the afternoon when friends came around snacked out big time. Like your wife, it doesn't matter who cooks she eats probably double what I do & always snacks after that.

  • She's 5'9" and doesn't weigh herself, but the last time she had her annual doctors visit, she was 378 pounds. That was in August. I'd say she's put on another 25 pounds. She does have a fairly physical job, so that helps slow her gain quite a bit. Her weight is somewhat evenly spread over her body-thighs, hips, bum, belly, and b*****, although lately the belly has been growing more than the rest.

  • Miss Fatty is much the same, the weight is spread pretty evenly as well, but like your wife, her belly is expanding. She not long ago had a double belly & her b****** stuck out further, but now her belly has become a single, big belly that sticks out further than her b******.

  • She’s over 400 and has a physical job? What does she do? Got to be a struggle at that size, no?

  • After my wife passed 400 pounds her boss gave her a sit down job when standing became to much.

  • Was he just being a thoughtful manager? Or was he enabling her to fatten up even more? I wonder…

  • She works at a UPS store, so she does a lot of walking, retrieving packages, making xerox copies, working the counter, receiving deliveries, etc. She always comes home all sweaty. She has such an infectious personality, tho, that everyone loves her.

  • Miss Fatty is also in a fairly physical job, on her feet every shift, unpacking stock, up & down a ladder to change shelving & signs in the store. But most of her shifts are only 4hrs with a couple of full days mixed in. Although with 2 of her colleagues buying her fattening treats, my making sure she has to very little around the house when I'm not at work, she putting on weight.

  • Do you call her miss fatty to her face? In front of her friends? How does she react?

  • No, I haven't. She often says "I'm a fatty" herself though.

  • So I told my wife about my fat fetish a few years ago and she played around with the idea of gaining a little for me.. she went from 180lb to 200lb and then back to 180. I kinda gave up on all the getting her fat idea but then she wanted a to get pregnant, she went up to 230lb when pregnant. After the baby she suddenly tells me she really doesn't care about her weight anymore and was just going to eat what ever she wanted and however much.. she's gone from 190 to 220 in three months. She eats so much food now! She ate an entire sheet of brownies in one setting. It's drives me crazy watching her grow! I'm seriously you turned on ever time look at her. I want her to go to 300 lb but she may go right past that if she completely let's go.

  • Love seeing an out of control piggy. Do you tease her? I would, all the time!

  • Definately love seeing an out of control piggy & yes it's also driving me crazy seeing Miss Fatty (now 50) growing bigger. In the last few weeks with her birthday & Christmas, she has just been eating & eating. I can picture her easily at the amount of food she's taken eating gaining more & more weight, likely becoming a 500lb woman.

  • By the sound of it mate, she will become a 500lb woman. From your posts, she is doing exactly what my wife did, eat, put on weight, eat more, put on more weight. She just got fatter & fatter, eating more & more to fill her growing belly. I never thought she would get to 250kgs but she did, then just kept eating herself bigger & bigger. As I've said, we don't know what she weighs, but she is huge. A month or so ago she had a 283cm waist & didn't it drive me crazy with how much she stuffed herself with over christmas. Like the guy with the top post, she had no shame about eating way more than anyone else. "What can I say, I'm not this size because I don't like food". Is what she said.

  • I'd say you are right, she has been eating more than usual just in the last 6 days. The last 2 days she had off & spent a lot of it eating, she made pancakes for dinner last night & ate 3/4's of them, with icecream & maple syrup, that was after eating enough left over satay to feed both of us. She has bought more size 24 clothes as she is outgrowing her size 22's. I am loving it & enabling her eating, stocking up on her favourite treats, so she just gets fatter.
    Wow! Your wife's waist measurement is huge, how's her mobility? Fitting through doors at that size? Is she getting fatter?

  • Yep, she is huge. Pretty much whatever angle I look at her, she is the same shape, round lol. She is actually still mobile, she uses a walker sometimes, but as you can image carrying 700lbs is a struggle. She waddles slowly, taking some steps then stops as she puffed, hangs onto the hand rails around the house to catch her breath. Just watching every pound of her, swaying, wobbling & puffing turns me on, she's so fat. Yes, she is getting fatter, she can't stop eating & doesn't want to stop she has told me. She knows how much she turns me on & flaunts that fact with all her weight.

  • Unfortunately at that weight, your wife will die soon and you will have to have her cut out of your home in front of all your neighbors, friends and family... It's going to be extremely embarrassing and everyone will look at you like you are either, a freak, or a loser... I know because I have been through it and I will probably have to go through it again... My current wife is over 500lbs and is plumping up nicely at a pretty rapid pace... My first wife was almost 900lbs when I came home from work to find her beached on the living room floor, gasping her last breath..That was 10 years ago....The only bright spot is when your prize hog dies then you are free to start the process all over again and create another enormous fatty. My advice is start scoping out other nice fat women for a suitable replacement while your current whale is still breathing... It will cut down on your alone time when she passes and it will help you cope with the inevitable self loathing that comes from being a death feeder. Yeah it sounds harsh and monstrous but you cannot change or fight what you are.

  • I'd like to hear more about your wife. I could use some advice for my own future. My girl is only around 550lbs but there's no way she'll be stopping.

  • Lol, round no matter what angle you look at her. I like that. 700lbs, wow! She is a big girl. It's good she is still relatively mobile at that weight. I'd definitely find myself also turned on if Miss Fatty was that fat & waddling about the house. I'm pretty sure at this point that Miss Fatty is going to become a very big woman. She's eating as much as when I last posted, but with the hotter weather, has taken to making a big milkshake each night. Snacking out after dinner till bedtime, she can pack it & hasn't complained she feels too full. A sign she has stretched her stomach? She can fit more in? I'd love her to get to 250kg or more.

  • Oh, she is a big girl lol. From my experience & it is a fact that people do stretch their stomach's from over eating, therefore they eat more just to feel full of course eating more adds more weight. My girl, as she got bigger did gradually eat more, adding more weight, then eating even more added even more weight.

  • My wife is fat at around 300lb am very happy with her and confident than a skinny women

  • Has she always been fat, or has she gained weight since you were together?

  • She was fairly fat to start with when we met 8 years ago . But she's piled on the pounds and got fat since. She looks amazing as she is now

  • Lucky you! My wife has rounded out a little. I fantasize about her really letting go. Maybe some day.

  • She doesn't want me to look elsewhere so she gained to keep me happy

  • How fat would you like your wife it be

  • I don’t have a weight in mind. Would just love some big love handles to hold and more of a belly to kiss. Maybe another 30-40 pounds?

  • She is 350lb to 400lb big bum / belly and handles to hang on to. Once you have been with a big girl there is no way back. ..?

  • Exactly. I am amazed that Miss Fatty isn't that weight, but she has expanded out in all directions all over.

  • Like to talk more

  • I wouldn’t say I was trying to fatten my wife intentionally. But I tend to cook heavy dishes and serve big portions. She’s gained maybe 30lbs this year. Unfortunately, I have gained almost twice that. I have sabotaged myself apparently. Anyone else have that happen?

  • My wife and I have been married for 21 years, now. She was a bit chubby then, and I hoped she would gain. She tried for most of our first year together to keep her weight stable but still ended up putting on a few pounds. After we had a few heart-to-heart talks, she finally agreed to not worry about her weight. Soon after, the pounds started piling on. Slowly but steadily she gained for about 8 or 9 years, about 10-15 pounds a year. Around then, she started to have a bigger and bigger appetite and the weight rose faster and faster. During the pandemic lockdown, she piled on an astounding 80 pounds from near constant snacking and watching tv. She now weighs 458 pounds as of last week. She's still surprisingly mobile, and doesn't seem to give a rat's a** about getting fatter. Can't wait to see how long it takes her to eat herself to 500 pounds.

  • My wife is fat 350lb now and I haft to attend to her needs now washing her in the shower creaming her chubb rub so she doesn't get sore putting her scocks on because she can't reach anymore and feeding her fat belly biscuits and cream cakes chocolate milk shakes she is gaining more to

  • So I decided to pop in after I did a spot of shopping to the wife's store, as I do at times, saves her from doing it. Her boss said she was out the back on her break. The boss had bought her a large iced coffee, icecream & whipped in it & she was eating an apple turnover laiden with whipped cream. There was an almost an empty large box from the French bakery, only 4 items left in it. God it turned me on, her sitting there, a little whipped cream on her lips, happily eating such fattening treats. She said the boss bought the lot for the day, all I could think of was, with all this how fat she was going to get.
    The wife was very happy I done some shopping & her & the went through what I had bought. Some general meal foods, soft drink, tim tams, chocolate, icecream & bags of chips is what the boss was interested in. "Oh you're a good husband" she said.
    When the wife got home, she had some new clothes, size 24 pants, bigger bra's & some tops. She said her stuff is getting too tight as she put on more weight. They are taking her to dinner next week, just a girls bonding night, I'm certain they are fattening her up.

  • Tim Tam's? A fellow aussie? My wife eats pretty healthy, but she can easily down 2 packets of them, but she is over 300kgs.

  • Yeah I am. Lol my wife will eat a packet of them, no doubt the way she is going that will increase.

  • Yeah mate, it will from what you've been saying in your posts.

  • What is it with Aussie women liking to be fattened? I thought you were all health fanatics…

  • Like a lot of countries there is an increasing amount of fatties here, but they wouldbe outnumbered by the slim gym junkie women.

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