My wife has grown fat and I love it

My chubby wife has grown into quite a large woman in the last 10 years, well into the 300 lb range and I LOVE IT.

I never knew I liked fat women until I met her and as she grew fatter and fatter s** got better and better. now the simple sight of her naked huge body turns me on so much it drives me nuts! I thought I was crazy or some kind of pervert.. but it seems the love of big woman is quite normal. Just something I never told anyone.

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  • I only about 3 years ago figured out that I'm attracted to plus size women even though looking back at the girls I dated it was obvious. I started dating my wife when she was 270 pounds and I never seen a sexier body. Fast forward about 7 years and she's 370 pounds and I can't keep my eyes off of her. I learned that I have a preference for fat girls one day when I was laying in bed and my wife who between 350 to 370 probably at the time. She sat up completely naked and was giving me a hand*** while I was enjoying staring at her naked glory. Even though I seen her a good 7 to 8 years everyday I felt like I was looking at her naked for the first time. I must have told her that she was so beautiful hundreds of times and she just smiled and pleasuring me. Ever since then I will get minutes or sometimes hours to sit and stare at her naked as a reward for doing things for her like cleaning, getting her gifts, etc. I later admitted to her that I like plus size women and she responded by saying good now I can stay fat and not worry about losing weight. Here we are together for a nearly 10 year anniversary and she is around 320 pounds after dieting. She still looks amazing and thankfully she said she doesn't want to be skinny but she wants to make sure she's healthy. Even though I think she is sexier than ever I know I'll still find her attractive cause she wants to be between 200 to 270. I hope she still has a huge butt, b****, belly and thighs that touch. So sexy. She says it's so weird that I like saggy b****, cellulite, rolls, love handles and a soft round chubby belly but I can't help it it's so sexy. And after doing research I think it's awesome that so many guys agree with me

  • I met my wife, who was biggish, but I truly fell for her. She would yo-yo with her weight, especially when she had our children, she piled it on & I loved it, but she then again lost weight.
    When the kids left home she started to gain weight & I appeased her, complimented her, touched, hugged her more. Till she asked if I liked her fatter & I said yes. From that day she started to gain weight, I started to spoil her, make sure there were snacks she liked always on hand, always ask her if she wanted seconds, which often she did. S** got better as she got fatter, she even said it was even better. She was 170kg.
    I kept everything up, introduced food into s**, she loved it. I'd become a feeder. I continued to pamper her, take care of the house, let her laze about and she she got fatter. She admitted she'd lost control and anytime she asked if she was too fat, I'd say how beautiful she was and cuddle & caress her which she'd then get h**** & we'd end up making love.
    She's now 257kg (so roughly 565lbs), she's huge at 5'6". Her belly hangs down past her knees, it's huge, round, full & covered with stretchmarks & her belly button is a dark deep well, surrounded by fat. Her rear is massive & dimpled with fat, her thighs rub down to her knees which are surrounded in fat, fat shrouds her ankles, arms are so fat & you can't see her elbows. Her whole body jiggles, wobbles, rolls & sways as she waddles around the house. I have to help her out of bed, help her shower.
    OMG! she turns me on. I am looking at her as I type this and she is snacking.
    She eats so much, she no longer asks if she is too fat, but now deliberately rubs up against me, or pushes herself against me pinning me to the wall, she dominates me with her weight. Every time we make love, she has me feed her & then wants me to bring food after s**. God! She is going to get even fatter & I want her to get fatter.

  • I'm guessing a lot of you guys get fat too when your wife does. What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

  • My wife has been fat for 35 years. Remarkably has been pretty steady at around 330 pounds for years. About a year ago, she hurt her knee--needs surgery to fix it but she doesn't want to do it. So she has been relatively sedentary. Yep. The weight has been piling on. Not only doesn't she expend many calories, but because she's bored, she's eating more. She won't weight herself, but I guess her weight at maybe 365-370 now. Better yet, she seems destined to keep gaining!

  • How big do you want her?

  • I need some help here...

    I've been a closet FA all my life, which I know now is stupid, but I followed my surroundings into saying fat is bad, even though I deep down have always loved bigger women. Fast forward a few years and I married the love of my life, who weighed a 120 pounds, with the body of an athlete. Now I've always told her, whenever it came up, that no matter how much she weighs, I would always lover her, but, and this is the tricky part, whenever I was with others I said I didn't like big girls, only fit girls etc. Again I do apologize for being a short sighted sheep here.

    Fast forward another couple of years and she didn't care about fitness anymore and starting indulging into what life had to offer and she gained 60 pounds...I love it, she looks amazing people and I hope she gains a little more, but she feels she's too fat and wants to lose weight. How can I still tell her and make her believe after always saying the opposite, that she doesn't have to lose weight. She should keep enjoying life like she has. I've told her many times she looks more beautiful now than ever before, but coming from me, she doesn't believe it.

  • Appeasement for most women works wonders, especially well into the 300lb range where its impossible for her to get smaller. Consider cooking for her, and take her out to places, especially with friends. Act confident when you are with her, because that is the key to making her feel comfortable in her body.

    Compliment her from time to time, especially when you take her out. If she asks you if she has gotten too fat, or looks fat, tell her it doesn't matter to you.

    However, the best option is to tell her you like fatter girls, she'll understand, I assure you, even if you want her to be on the upper weight limit.

  • I did all this & my wife is now 565lbs. I love it, she can get fatter. I posted my experience above.

  • I've fattened my wife as well. Sometimes I feel bad that I have helped her get so fat, but she flaunts her fat at me, she knows it turns me on and encourages me to buy her whatever food she wants. I have to say though when she flaunts that 520lb body at me it drives me wild and the s** is amazing.

  • So sexy! how long did it take for her to get to 520lbs?

  • Roughly 5 years and she's still gaining.

  • So it's not about my wife it's taboo being my mum. We got really close after her divorce she was 48 weighed like 120lbs 5ft6 so skinny. We got together one drunken night and didn't look back. She started putting on weight as we got comfortable together ,which she tried to lose at first. I eventually got the courage to tell her I liked that she was a bit pudgy near 150 maybe, so she decided to stop exercising for me and just went with the flow be happy and all that. She soon started putting in more weight up to 220lbs which was amazing for me seeing my once thin mum get fat. Her hips widening and ass growing, her thighs getting so chunky and that belly hanging. I couldn't help myself but try make her eat more which she soon realised and confronted me about it saying if she was going to put on weight I had to do it with her, she's wasn't into fat guys but didn't want to get all fat on her own so I agreed. And honestly it was amazing getting fat with her, I was already chubby so it was easy to let myself go. It been 7 years now so we are both much bigger, I'm about 510lbs was 240 maybe, my mum 430lbs and so hot. It's one thing to bed a fat woman to be fat as well just adds more fun to the game, still eating like gluttony with no intention of stopping!

  • I understand this. I'm a 400lb, 27yr old female & have been fattening my mother. I have always thought that big women are much more attractive than slim women, hence my being 400lbs. My father left her 3 years ago when mum was 350lbs and she took to comfort eating & started to put on weight. I have to admit it turned me on seeing mum getting bigger & I started to enable her gaining. She just got bigger & bigger I wasn't only enabling her, but was now encouraging her to eat, I wanted her to get huge!
    I was buying her bigger clothes & getting her to fill them, I'd rub her belly when she was overfull & this turned her on, then I started to pleasure her as well. I kept fattening her & would tell her I want her fatter & she just loved it.
    She's now 512lbs & I want her even fatter.

  • Any updates?

  • She's now 534lbs.

  • Good keep her gaining, see how fat you can get her.

  • That's the plan. We both just have a really good love of food that well both probably put on more weight. Shes enjoying it too much to stop

  • I’d love to be first in line to take you both in and fatten you both up as big as you’ve ever dreamed.

  • I bet you would ;)

  • Not who you replied to, but I'm a male feedee looking for someone to take me in and fatten me up with tons of care and food.

    Contact me at

  • How fat are you both now?

  • I'm only 405lbs now, I don't want to get too fat as I need to be able to look after mum and get her fatter. She's now up to 534lbs.

  • So you lost some weight?

  • That's the way, let her keep enjoying it, get her fatter.

  • Oh she is enjoying it and getting bigger and bigger. I love watching her waddle around the house, I love watching her eat, I want her to get even fatter.

  • Keep us updated. Hope you can coax her into immobility!

  • I will, I can't help it. I know it's weird, but I am so turned on fattening her and seeing her getting fatter and fatter dives me wild. It turns me on so much hand feeding pasteries after dinner and just think as I'm doing it.
    "That's it mum, eat and eat, get fatter for me"
    I want her as fat as she can get.

  • I get it completely, keep fattening her, my wife is now 565lbs and I want her even fatter. I know to some it's weird or sick, but her being so fat really turns me on.

  • So my wife this morning is getting dressed and she tells me that she is getting fat, her Shorts just cover her ass and her belly is starting to hang over her pants! She keeps saying she wants to lose weight but hasn't really done anything.. I told her that I love the weight but I'm going to love her no matter her size. When we first met she was 140lbs and now 5 years later she is 200lbs with a big ass and a small belly that drives me crazy... she kinda knows that I like bbws but doesn't know to what extent so she will push her belly out at me because she knows I love it.. the problem I'm having is I want to make her so much bigger! Like 300 to 350lbs but I don't want her to feel like she has too. The biggest she has ever gotten was 230lbs and I couldn't keep my hands off of her... there is something about a big soft woman that's so sexy.

  • I'm in the same boat. My wife grew from 170 pounds at age 20 to an amazing 230 pounds, and every time she gained a pound and got bigger, her b****, belly and butt would get bigger and she got more and more attractive, but now she is doing weight watchers and has lot 5 pounds and I wish I could just tell her to stop the diet and just keep gaining more weight, like up to 400 pounds! I want her to keep growing!

  • Tell her you like her fatter. Spoil her, appreciate her, she'll get fatter.

  • I totally understand! Mine is doing some weight loss problem and I'm supposed to encourage her to keep losing... one of my hardest things I've ever done. She's down 15 lbs for my first post

  • Wow 15 pounds lost already, that was fast. Well luckily for me, my wife's diet is on hold now and she is back to gaining some weight, and based on how big she looks, I think she is past her former weight record of 232 to maybe about 234 pounds.

  • My wife is a LBk amputee ( left below the knee) and she had put in 5 years over 70 kg of pure fat on her body. She was quite plump before, atound 85-90 kg, but since she became an amputee and a wheelchair user she got pretty fat, well i can say a ssbbw in the making. Well as a FA, i am very happy to have such a treasure to take care of, is not easy with an over 150 kg disabled wife, you get so much struggles in the day to day life but worth it all. The s**, the looks, and the unicity are priceless. F*** what other thinks. Go live your life

  • It's so good to hear about men who like fat women I have gain so much weight I went to work at a fast food restaurant when I started working there I was a size medium about 130 pounds in 2 years I am now 265 pounds it started out as your typical wg then I realized how good it felt to be full I had dieted and played sportes my whole life I was toned and muscled but as I started to gain weight at first I panicked and got upset tried to lose the weight I gained I noticed after about 30 pounds after dieting for about a week I caught a look in the mirror and noticed a few stretch marks on my skin I looked ripe and cute so I began to eat more soon enough I was mixing wg shakes and eating anytime I got the chance now my belly is so much different from the flat it used to be it sways a bit when I walk I have a double chin I love it and I don't want to stop until at least 350

  • Its so encouraging to see so many gainers out there who love their extra fat body and all its extra features that come with being that big. I'm sure you should make it to at least 500, thats where the magic happens, you get all these extra rolls of fat to play with and the existing ones just get thicker and more jiggly. My girl went from about 180 pounds to bang on 694 pounds now after almost 12 years. The first 4 years were the fastest and she hit 500, lately the gains are slowing down a bit but she is till being kept fed real good. She is getting really close to her weight goal of 750 pounds. After she hits 750 it will be on and up to 1000. Her ass has only gotten wider and thicker, we had to widen the doorway to the bathroom so she could fit without going sideways. Recently she has these massive fat rolls on the sides of her ass that hang down a good 4-5 inches and covers parts of her thighs near where her lower belly roll forms. She loves to have them jiggled, its like her G spot but so easy to get access to. Whenever she is up and about I always go over and grab a handful of that roll and just squeeze and jiggle it and she can get off on just that, its so hot. The other day she pinned me against the wall but had these tight pants on and I couldn't grab the rolls so easy so I had to struggle to take these extremely tight pants off so that I could grab them and jiggle those. Another spot she really likes is this extra thicc roll of fat on her lower belly. She almost has 3 full rolls of belly and the bottom one is almost like a big sack of fat that hangs down well past her knees. It feels like a water balloon tied to her main belly, I love grabbing it and folding it over her main belly and f****** the extra roll that forms when its folded up, that really turns both of us on. I can only imagine what she will be like with another 60 pounds of fat on her body. She is so close to getting a tripple chin so I think we can make it soon to become fully formed third roll.

  • Well I think you shouldn’t stop at 350. What you need is a good man (me!) to take you in and make you a super sized queen of leisure. Forget about work, done. Your only “job” would be to enjoy all your fave foods, enjoy the belly rubs, enjoy the personal attention I’d give you and just enjoy the process of growing fatter and fatter.

  • Keep gaining honey, I found a wonderful man who loves me fat and now I'm 536lbs.

  • I am also considering cutting off all my hair to show off my double chin I was wondering if anyone thinks I'm being to rash

  • No, don’t cut the hair, let it grow huge and get a huge perm which would show off the fat much better!

  • OMG it is so ridiculously f****** hot that you would consider cutting off your hair, nice and short and naked, just to accentuate your double chin!!! This literally might be the sexiest thing I've ever read. You're a total dream girl 😍

  • Well since u think that cutting off my hair makes me a dream girl I figure I should tell u I made the cut my hair was midback and now it is a short pixie with some long pieces so that it makes an arrow to my double chin also I've gained 7 pounds since I last posted I'm now 272

  • Hey Dreamgirl - it's Mitch again. I'm so glad I found this site again. I thought I had bookmarked it, but apparently hadn't so I kept trying to find this site again - I was so excited to see if you responded or what your update might be! So anyway, I finally just found this site again and was scrolling down to find our thread, and OMG, you did it!!! I am so turned on that you cut your hair into a short pixie with little points towards the front that accentuate your double chin! So how do you feel?! does having your hair cut shorter almost make you feel more exposed and like bigger and fatter? Now that you've taken the plunge and gone from mid back length hair to a shorter pixie, do you want to go shorter to expose everything even more? is your pixie short enough so that it doesn't cover your ears on the sides, like are they exposed now, not covered by hair? And the back oh, did you get it cut with just scissors or did your stylist use clippers up the back and shave you? So unbelievably turned on by all this and so turned on that you gained another 7 lbs!

  • Dreamgirl here glad my story has turned u on so much my first pixie cut was an extreme change but it was on the longer side it was a good toe into the water it made me feel more exposed I felt bigger and my chin and rounded face was definitely on display more but it didn't feel like enough I wanted to show more I wanted to look bigger so I did what I should have had the courage to do in the first place I have myself a buzzcut I feel so free I wanted to reveal my body so on warm days I'm wearing crop tops 😉 the holidays have helped my weight gain in at 281 now

  • Dreamgirl .. it's Mitch. I've your last post countless times. I'm completely overwhelmed and I have to know you! : ) Okay, so when I talk about how turned on I am by all this, it's that it's not just a haircut and weight gain, right? .. it's infinitely sexier than that, it's the emotional process underneath all this. Thinking about how when you started working there you were basically 130 pounds, but slowly the weight began to creep up. At first, you were upset, but as you began to connect with the sensuality of how it felt, seeing the changes in your body, seeing your belly grow bigger and more squishy, seeing the stretch marks, feeling your body jiggle .. it made you aware of your body and femininity in new ways. And so you began to indulge more, wanted to feel these sensations more, to grow bigger, more voluptuous, to experience more of how empowered you feel like this. And then as you began to look at your hair, as you looked at your face and were turned on by how it had filled out, you wanted to cut your hair nice and short to expose just how fat you were. So you first chop your hair into a short pixie, but you wanted more, to feel totally exposed and super fat, so you get a buzzcut!! So now it's like you're this super big, sexy goddess with a super short buzzcut .. just OMFG! And yes, total dreamgirl! Okay, so, I know this is incredibly random, but is there any way we can at least message separately, off of this forum? And if we click, that would be amazing. My e(mail) is - itsmitch(at)mail(dot)com - lol yes it's a mail(dot)com account, not a g(mail). Anyway, I think you're incredible, I think what you shared about your journey in this regard is so phenomenally sexy and I really hope to hear from you! Mitch

  • Keep gaining sweety and find yourself a fat loving man, that will spoil you. I did and weigh 450lbs now.

  • I found a fat loving man as well, he's just so wonderful and spoils me. I've just gotten bigger & bigger & don't care as life is so good. 425lbs.

  • So did I, now 467lbs.

  • I did as well, Found out he was a feeder and has made me a huge 490lb woman. But I love what he has done to me. He's so loving, so attentive and I know I'm going to get even fatter.

  • I've made my wife into 565lb goddess.

  • I dont think I have ever dated a skinny girl in my life. I love larger women, sometimes VERY large. If your belly hangs over the front of your p u s s y I think you are hot

  • Me and my sexy wife both have large bellies, hers hangs and mine hugely protrudes. Both of our playgrounds are well protected. We both have to reach up and under for just a simple hand job. Penetration has really become a chore now, as we are both well over #300 lbs. Four inches of tool, and eight inches of belly.... You get the picture. Lets gather some snacks and wine and hit the hot tub. Who would have thought how erotic this can be?

  • I meet my wife 14 years ago she weighted about 140 lbs at 5'7 now after 11 years of marriage and one 10 year child she weighs in at about 305 lbs

  • Im hopefully going along the same lines, my SO girl of 15yrs , 48yrs age and 252lb now , has confessed to me she wants to gain about 50lbs for us to get her above her old previous weight of 270lbs, . She's asked me to feed her whilst making love, the act of doing that is so erotic to me, its addictive I can see. Her belly gets all swollen now from overeating when we go out, i confess I find it a turn on when she eats far too much. She has decided that she will just eat what she wants and when, and not worry at all what size she gets so long as she relatively healthy. Whilst making love I tell her she win any beach babe contests if she continues having us enjoy all the hedonistic fun , or go on Kayaking trips , all this turns us both on so much

  • I've been feeding her whilst we are making love, with me behind her spooning her, she holds her huge fat bum cheek up so I can get to her s** spot , I reach around and feed her Chocolate brownies and eclairs as she is on the verge of O*****, whilst telling her , she's gonna get so fat doing this. We both admit this is getting addictive and we will continue doing it all the time. It always ends in us both coming together ecstatically

  • The love making is getting much better as she slowly grows fatter, last sat night she had my rock hard c*** in her hand whilst I boned her with a D****, her Organising continuously, as with my other hand I fed her an entire tub of Chocolate mini rolls , she is getting addicted to this lifestyle now, as she asked me to do this to her. I love that its getting more difficult to enter her during s**, as gradually more soft luxurious fat get in the way between us.

  • Due to a recent set of personnel issues and my wife being upset and ill a little, she went on a 2 1/2 month long fast period and hardly ate anything at all, she has recovered now regained her appetite with a vengeance, she had lost about 35lb's but the weight is really piling back on fast, we all know what happens when people stop dieting and they end up fatter than ever, I'm hoping I will have an even fatter wife soon

  • My girl last night confessed she's missed her KFC and McDonalds junk food, as were coming out of lockdown here and these outlets are now open again, she has asked that I buy her near every single item off the Mc D menu for 1 celebratory meal, tomorrow night she going to have an entire family KFC bucket to herself. I confess that when I have bought her those chicken buckets in the past I get turned watching her devour enough for 4 adults all to herself, especially when she lays back at the end , pulls down her skirt showing off how bloated her belly is, all solid and protruding like she 10 months pregnant. How I'd love to pleasure her as feasts to her hearts content , so wrong but soo good

  • I couldn't agree more. Love making with my wife as she got fatter & fatter, just got better & better. We started to involve feeding her as we made love, till it became a pretty regular thing. Food & s** = endlessly growing wife. she's now 460lbs, totally addicted to this lifestyle & has said she can't stop, but doesn't care how fat she gets.

  • Keep feeding her, that is so hot!

  • It is hot, incredibly hot. My wife has fattened up to 565lbs & stiil eating so much.

  • My wife and I are like this, she became a feedee after gaining weight & trying out feeding while making love. She weighs 560lbs now

  • I honestly LOVE fat girls. Cuddling up with one is so nice.

  • I'm right there with you. I find fat, flabby, unfit women a hopeless turn on. I told my girlfriend, who is 5'3 and 215, that I'd like nothing more than to marry a woman who is very lazy, and make enough money for the both of us to live well, and all she has to do is love me and sit around the house and get fat! :)

  • Love when she's on top riding, and must stop to catch her breath. All red faced, and damp with sweat. So out of too!!

  • I've done this with my wife and after 23years of marriage she now weighs 575lbs.

  • Why is the word "s**" printed with asterisks?

  • Oh, that's why, the software is a catholic priest. S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x! S-e.x!

  • The first day I met my wife of 11 years was a memorable one. It was a blind date at a Halloween party. She was a petite girl 5”2 and had a thick booty and 40dd’s. She always was conscious of her weight growing up and she always watched what she ate while we were dating. When we finally got married 4 years later the stresses of everyday life was enough for her to gain a few pounds. I got to see my wife’s body go from a size 6 to a size 18. I love my wife dearly but these past few years have been h****** us. She’s been self conscious of her body and I always assure her that I love her body shape regardless if she was heavy or thin and I would never look down on her for the way she looked, ever. I love having s** with my chubby wife. The of thought of grabbing her wide soft hips, while as my c*** goes b**** deep in her wet p**** makes me want to pull out my c*** and j*** it as I write this.

  • I met my wife Karen in college in 2004, she was the cutest girl ever!! It took several tries to get her go out with me, she said that she never dated anyone as fat as me. I said I'm just like you, more to love. She was more, I was MUCH MUCH more, but our first embrace she says her hands don't even touch, but, she says this is nice. I thought so to. She was 19 and I was 24 at the time. She goes on to say that she didn't date much because of her weight. At the time she was just north of #220 and only five feet tall. Did I tell you she was the cutest ever. I'm only five-seven but quite heavy at #335. It wasn't until out fifth date that we started to undress each other. I thought that she didn't want to appear to be "easy" , but she was not comfortable showing her plump little self. I asked her if she was alright with someone of my size, she tells me that she wanted me from the first hug. We just touched each other for quite some time. Her skin is so soft, my little pal is hard as a rock just from touching her. Karen's rubbing my belly and laughing about how this will work out with both of these bellies. Our hands are all over each other, this is HEAVEN!!! She's squeezing my man b****, pinching my nipples, and just grinding all over me. You certainly have come to life, you're a keeper! I told her. We missed our morning classes, my my my. You find out how out of shape you are when you play all night long.
    The bellies do get in the way, but that's half the fun. We married 1 1/2 years later. Karen is the love of my life, we both enjoy having more to love, and after 15 years this still works.

  • I enjoy my wife fat body when she squeezes in to her swimming cozzy she is a size 30 with a big belly and bum its a turn on to see

  • My wife played tennis without panties after I f***** her twice and she didn't wipe her c***. She also loves going shopping with short skirts and no panties after I f*** her, she pees, she jerks off, and I f*** her again. She never wipes her p**** and as she walked out to go shopping one time her c*** was making squishing noises and she still just walked out. All her skirts are so short that she leaves wet spots on seats , but others that are a bit longer all have c** stains on them. Even dresses. She wore a black dress to a Christmas party a few times and the entire inside is full of c** stains. Even the inside of her fur coat is full of stains. She loves it all.

  • I would love to swap c** in your wife’s fat c***. I love a big gal in satin panties

  • My wife is fat and i feel very comfortable with that she is 400 lb now and gaining more . I love her fat apron belly with stretch marks and fat bum she is almost size 30 deep down love to see her gain more so i can look after her .

  • Yes keep her gaining, the fatter the better.

  • I posted further down the page about my wife. She started out like your wife and from 400lbs just kept gaining and is now 725lbs.

  • F***

  • My wife has an open p**** with stretched p**** lips and when she bends over with her short skirts in public everyone sees inside of her. She is always wet as she wants me to f*** her before she goes out. We had a business and before she went to the bank she would j*** off to a girlie book, then pee, then have me f*** her a second time, and then go out without wiping herself.

  • I need to confess to someone, so why not here.

    I met my wife about 11 years ago and she weighed about 175 lbs. She has always struggled with her weight in her life and while we were dating she got more comfortable and went up to 207 lbs in less than a year.

    Several months later, I proposed and we got married, and about this time, I think she got down to about 180 lbs, give or take 5 lbs.

    As years went by the weight fluctuated. However, about 2 years ago, she began to not worry about what she was eating and spent a lot of time sitting around, and over the next few months she went up to about 220 pounds. I thought I enjoyed seeing her at 207 but now seeing her at 220, it was just so hot to see, I was just getting turned out so much quicker when I would see her, it was so much fun! This new size was so new and exciting to me, and it was just 20 pounds more than what she was before she was pregnant, but what a difference it made!

    Well she didn't like the weight, so she started a diet and got down to 185. Its all been fine for me, I've been attracted to her no matter what her weight has been, but very recently she's started gaining again, and I was finding myself being lured by the greater curves again. Just recently, she was mentioning her weight, and out of the blue, I blurted out that I secretly wished I could tell her to just gain weight! I couldn't believe that I had said that selfish desire because although I've wanted to say that for years, I never had the guts to say it to her, but now I did. She just brushed it off thankfully and didn't take it to heart, but despite that she is gaining weight again and is up to 216, and part of me secretly hopes she gets back to 220 and keeps growing, because I love her belly, I love it when it gets bigger and bigger.... I don't know why I find her bigger belly and butt attractive, I just do, so here we are.

  • I posted the story above about my wife being at 216 lbs. A few weeks ago she decided that, due to stress, to stop worrying about losing weight right now and just try to maintain, which was secretly super exciting to me, because if she couldn't lose weight and was maintaining while trying to lose weight, she would probably gain weight if she was now trying to maintain. So as I expected, she ended up gaining weight. She noticed (and so have I) that she was getting bigger, so she weighed in this morning and found she was back at 220 lbs. Apparently her previous max weight was actually 225, not 220 like I thought, so we had 5 more pounds to go before she matches that. However, my time of enjoyment is over, as she was feeling pretty upset about gaining weight and is determined to get under 200. Oh well, such as it is. Its pretty hot to think that just a weight gain of 3-4 pounds was noticeable enough that I could tell her belly and love handles were already much bigger, so I can't even imagine how big and hot she would be if she gained 80 pounds to be at 300 lbs like what other posters have said their wives were at, let anyone gaining over that and being bigger at 500 or more! Anyway, I was really hoping she would get past her previous max weight and go at least another 20 pounds beyond, just to see what that's like, but if she wants to lose weight, then I will support her. Man, I really loved seeing that belly grow and get bigger and more massive.

  • Try positive reinforcement. Works for me 90% of the time.

  • She gets lots of reinforcement, especially as she's gotten bigger. I am constantly telling her how great she looks, how attractive she is, how she has only gotten hotter over time, all that stuff, and its all true, it gets said a lot because I am gushing over her looks. I've made a few bold comments lately, like when she said she wanted to lose weight, I told her "Well I like your size", or that I was secretly happy she gained a few pounds when she had gained before.

    She's noticed that we are being more intimate lately (cause I can't keep my eyes and hands off her) and she made a joke that "hey, maybe I don't want to lose weight if it means more action like that!"

    Latest update: I mentioned that she wanted to lose weight again, and she did lose 2 pounds to be 218, but she hasn't kept it up and started to gain weight again and I'm pretty sure she is at 222 pounds now. I think my compliments on her looks is making it so she isn't as concerned on the diet. She also said she is enjoying the extra attention she is getting.

  • She is now at 227, a new record, and she looks so great, and noticeably bigger already. The belly and sides have taken most of the gain from the last 4 pounds and are sticking out more, she looks amazing.

  • 230 now.

  • Keep up the attention and all the compliments, spoil her and pamper her, even start doing housework and she'll get so used to it that she'll spend more time lazing around, eating and you could well end up with that 500 pounder you want. I did all this and my wife is now 550.

  • Will do! She is 232 now. I'm not sure she will ever be THAT big, but that sure would be something. What weight did your wife start at when you met and how long ago was that?

  • She was around 260lbs when she made the decision to stop dieting. I'd always been attracted to bigger women, so I loved the fact that she made this decision and she loves food. Like I said, I gave her positive reinforcement, spoiled and pampered her and she just ate more & more getting fatter and fatter. It's been 4 years since she made that decision and she now flaunts her fat body at me, she loves her belly being rubbed gently when she eats or when she's overfull. She's just getting fatter.

  • And at 238 now. So much for the diet.

  • Keep her gaining

  • That's the hope anyway. She hasn't been on the scale in a couple months, so I'm not sure what she weighs now since my last post, but we both know she's been gaining more weight. I think I over-estimated her weight, but by now she might actually be 238 pounds, maybe a little bit more. She loves those Dairy Queen shakes, especially the Peanut Butter M&M one, which happens to be the highest calorie shake they have, and I guarantee those have been adding to her size. She is back to sitting and reading all day again and that has also been helping the body to expand more too. Her clothes barely fit now,her back and belly are poke out under her shirt, which she had to buy bigger sizes of just a few months ago.

  • I did this and my wife was trying to keep her weight down, but then she just started to really go with it. She's always been a foodie, now she weighs 530lbs, she's so fat and sexy and is still gaining. Like you watching her belly getting bigger & bigger is such a turn on.

  • Yes I posted up the top here. Positive comments, appreciation, show them love, passion, spoil them & they will grow. Mine is now 565lbs

  • Wow 565! she must be huge?

  • I just measured her as I haven't done that before, little inaccurate as I only have a metal tape measure, but wow! she's is so fat.

    B****** 91"
    Waist 102"
    Hips 104"

  • F*** she is huge!

  • That is great I love my wife too she is 540lbs currently and when we got married she was 300lbs we are really liking our s** life and I love when her body jiggles, she is bottom heavy, wide hips and big thighs. Her thighs rub one another love it

  • Yes, keep feeding her.

  • Keep feeding her!

  • Yes, yes, yes, I need to keep feeding her don't I?

  • Yes, you need to keep feeding her, she'll get even fatter.

  • Mmmmm......yes I want her even fatter.

  • That's the boy, want her even fatter, keep feeding her get her fatter & fatter.

  • I love fat women also. I always dreamed about being with a fat woman but was scared of what my friends said. I married my wife ten years ago, she was a size 4 on our wedding night. Most would considered her really sexy. After two kids and being a stay at home mom she weighs 304 lllbs. God she is so hot with her 44DDD s. Our s** life is amazing and like another's post, she is now finally happy being a fat BBW

  • That's so cool to hear. My GF is 5'3 and 210 pounds with a 49-inch waist. She is an adorable butterball who loves to eat, and has, thank heavens, found a guy who not only "doesn't mind" her fat, but LOVES it. Love to squeeze my chubby princess, love to play with her doughy, jiggly belly, love to make love to her, love to sleep next to her, love to kiss her and take care of her. I love to hug her standing up and feel her sweet back rolls, and to smack her big butt when she wises off! (Playfully.) BIG GIRLS R THE BOMB!

  • I also forgot to mention that there are almost 30 years between us, so i am one lucky old b******! :)

  • My wife lisa is a beautiful bbw shes around 280 but drives me wife when i see her nude I love her 44ddd t*** round large ass promble is she doesn't like s** because of her weight..i tell her over and over again I love her and her sexy body we go 6 months or more without s** im ready to go eles wear for s** help

  • Read a book. Study up. It's your job to MAKE her like s**.

  • To be admired for your hanging, soft, and beautiful belly, your thick like tree trunk, powerful thighs, plump p**** lips, and playful moving b****** is about the greatest feeling in this world. A feeling so many women at this size are denied. To meet a man that loves these womanly features, and makes you feel like a queen standing naked and sexy in front of him, wanting to drive him crazy while feeling so primal with him is a feeling I crave. I wish I had more time to explore it with this man that made me feel so sensual, womanly, sexy, and free. My belly longs to be touched, squeezed, and played with by him again. I’m hopeful, though the hope is dwindling.

  • Leave an email and count on me replying

  • Hmm

  • Hmm?

  • My wife wants to gain more and be immobile for me she is 600 pounds want to be bigger and i love it

  • Do it, feed her to immobility.

  • I am, she's just getting fatter & fatter. That post was 7 months ago, now she's 654lbs.

  • Is she Immobile now? Still feeding her?

  • She's still mobile, but everything is becoming a struggle for her with carrying all that weight. She waddles slowly with her legs splayed apart due to the size of her thighs, he huge belly sways with each step & her a*** rolls in time with her belly. her b****** sit off to the side as her belly is so big, she has become a jiggling, wobbling fatty. She loves how fat she has gotten and continues to eat huge amounts.

  • That's the way, keep feeding her, see how big she can get.

  • I have always loved bigger women, but never thought I'd like my wife that big. But turns out I did. She loves food, loves to eat & about 15 years ago. stopped worrying about her weight & dieting. As she got bigger, our s** got better, more intense, we both are so turned on by her fat. She just kept gaining weight & I helped by spoiling her & we both started getting pleasure out of feeding her. She got to 600lbs & told me she wanted to get bigger, so we just kept going. Now she is 725lbs, she is huge & just barely waddles around the house, which drives both of us wild, that we just keep feeding her. She knows the risks of gaining even more weight, but she wants to gain more & also become immobile.

  • Tell us more! She's a dream woman!

  • What do you want to know?

  • My wife is 350lb and been together for 5years and i love it . She wants gain more. So i can pamper and bath her and Look after more wen she does gains more .

  • Yes, let her gain more, I can tell you over 600lbs of woman is bliss

  • When I met my wife she was five foot seven about 155 lb that was 12 years ago today she is now a 302 lb and getting bigger and I love every minute of it

  • Enjoy it. I wish I could get my wife to grow fat. Pamper her, adore her, buy her flowers as well as food, feed her and encourage more growth.

  • My husband has done this to me & I have loved every minute of it, so much so, I'm over 600lbs.

  • 600lbs that is sexy

  • Howabout 640lbs? that's what I am now & still gaining

  • Wow that is even better you must be gorgeous. Are you bottom heavy?

  • Should I keep gaining?

  • Get too big to walk!

  • Oh yesss.....god that turns me on when a man says that and I'm already 640lbs

  • I'm going to do it, just keep eating & eating, get too fat to walk

  • Yes! do it, eat & eat & eat, grow that huge fattened body of yours, stuff yourself endlessly, just get fatter & fatter & fatter. Don't stop.

  • How fat do you want me?

  • As fat as you can get

  • I'm now 648lbs

  • That's the girl keep gaining.

  • Do you love your husbands belly?

  • No her husband loves her massive belly!

  • Oh yes he does & so do I! So much so I'm getting fatter

  • To me there is nothing more sexy than a big fat woman. Just the shape, the b****, the huge flaring hips, wide legs and a s s Nothing better in the world.

  • Agree those big t*** plump p**** lips drive me crazy

  • I have always loved food but was always watching my weight. After having our two children both times I gained a fair bit of weight & hated it, so tried desperately to loose it.
    Then one day I found on our computer that my husband had been looking at pictures of fat women, but they were very fat women. I was angry & wanted to leave him. After much discussion & he admitted he liked big ladies, I decided to stay with him.
    So I kind of didn't worry as much about my weight & gained some & became a manager of a big ladies clothing shop. I still wasn't totally comfortable with my weight, till I started doing lunch together with one of my customers and became very good friends & one day I told her my story about my husband & looking at very fat women. She said he was an FA, so I did some googling, looked at fat positive sites & even chatted online to other big ladies & they all told me how good it was to not worry, enjoy being fat, especially when you had a husband like mine.
    So I ate however ever much I wanted & kept up regular lunches with my fat friend & started gaining weight. She would encourage me to finish my lunch, then have some dessert. I felt free. I was getting fatter, 350lbs but couldn't stop.
    Then one day we'd had lunch & a few drinks, when she picked up profiterole, put one hand one my belly & said, "You're getting so nice & fat, eat up" & fed me. For some reason I wasn't shocked, I just let her feed me. She told me she'd love to see me get really fat, that she's gently been encourage me to eat more & more. It turned me, I loved the weight I'd gained & told her to fatten me.
    We both confessed to my husband & he was happy & confessed that he'd love to see me get fatter. I'd become a feedee & had two feeders.
    Today I am 630lbs of sumptuous fat woman, I love it, they both feed me whatever I desire, I love them playing with my fat as they feed me & tell me they want me fatter. I just want to keep gaining more & more weight.

  • You sound hot. I have always like large woman and for years felt like pervert but embrace it and you will not only be happier but begin enjoying the best kind of s** there is...fat s**.

  • So sexy, you’re a lucky women!!!

  • It's almost a month since I wrote the above and I'm now 642lbs. My husband makes me breakfast before he goes to work. My friend has moved in & is selling her house, she then helps me shower & get dressed & always plays with my fat & tells me how sexy I am, but I need to be fatter. She helps me to the lounge & god it turns me on feeling my huge belly swaying and my huge a*** rolls with each step I take, even feeling the huge amount of weight I'm lugging around, it all turns me so much, I'm perpetually h**** all the time being this fat. She then brings me cakes & pasteries for morning tea & runs one hand over my fat as she feeds me with the other & saying, "That's it, eat up Ali, get fatter". Then shell do lunch, then afternoon tea, then when my husband gets home they'll make dinner. Then there always snacks after dinner.
    I can't stop eating, I don't want to stop. My husband was was taking me from behind the other night as my friend fed me, with both of them encouraging me to keep gaining, as I looked in the mirror and seeing how fat I am compared to my slim husband I was so turned on I just blurted out "Make me immobile". Yes I want it, I want it badly, it bizarre, but I want them to just keep feeding me, no weight limit, as fat as they can get me.
    I've started encouraging my friend to gain weight as well, she's only 422lbs. Of late when she feeding me I take some and put it her lips & she's said it's turning her on, being fed by such a sexy fatty. I want her to loose control, I want to watch her gain more & more weight. watch her struggle as she gets fatter & fatter, but can't stop eating either. Yes I want her immobile as well.

  • I think you should stop. Being this fat is extremely dangerous health. You could die any moment. It's not good to take feederism to this extreme. But if you get life's fulfilment out of it by all means 'knock yourself out' (perhaps quite literally).

  • Your husband is very lucky to have you
    640lbs of love would drive me crazy I would spoil you

  • Oh they are spoiling me, so much so that I'm now 685lbs its getting harder to carry all this weight around I'm sooo fat and I'm just getting fatter & fatter. It's all I think about, being spoiled, being fed, deliberately letting them fatten me. No weight limit, I just want them to keep fattening me.

  • You'd be amazed at the myriad stories I've heard just like yours. It makes one wonder if every woman over 500 lbs has a similar reason for getting that fat!

  • Some do, I've spoken to other ladies who are as big or bigger then me and I'm now 704lbs. They like me have struggled with their weight for years, then found their partner or found a partner that loves fat women & they have just gone with it & found themselves loving the fattening process and being fatter.

  • You must be so beautiful
    Are you bottom heavy?

  • Thank you, I'm heavy all over lol. No, I'm not bottom heavy, my hips aren't much bigger than my waist, just hugely fat & round & getting fatter & fatter. Hearing others appreciate women my size or fattening their wives, turns me on so much & encourages me to get even fatter.

  • I wish my wife was your size. I would stay in bed all day and spoil her so much

  • They are spoiling me, getting me even fatter.

  • My wife has gained some weight and has become a little self conscious so she won’t wear a swimming suit in public. She wouldn’t even have her annual physical unless we have our physicals together. It was a little embarrassing when doctor checked her breast and v***** in front of me and my prostate in front of her.

  • My dream was to marry a slender, curvy, sexy girl and do everything possible to make her fat. On our wedding night I confessed to my bride that I love fat girls and begged her to get fat for me. That is what I wished for and prayed for and that is what I got. But it took ten years and two pregnancies to complete the transformation. On our wedding day my beautiful bride weighed 140 pounds. Ten years later she weighed 280 gorgeous pounds. On our thenth anniversary I gave her a valentine card that said, "To the girl who not only kept her schoolgirl figure, but doubled it!" She loved the card. I love my huge fat wife. I could have just married a fat girl, but making a slender girl fat is half the fun. Too bad the transformation took so long. It would have been amazing if she had doubled her weight in two years.

  • My wife has started to main a lot of weight lately. And I totally love it! She's so much more s**y now with her big fat belly, saggy t*** and big a**. She always had a cravings for sweets, but now it's chocolat and candy EVERYDAY! She even tries to hide it from me sometimes. But of course I encourage her to eat more food and sweets, as much as she can. I've found out I really get turned on watching her eat and gain weight. I' ve told her I just can't help it. She still wish she could lose weight and I've said she should do whatever she feel is best for her, though I honestly prefer if she continues to gain. I guess she's around 210 lbs now. But at the rate she's growing I guss she will be at least 250 next summer. Hopefully! She's just sooo beautiful right now. But I fear she will start to excersise or go on a diet soon. She wants to. But she also love it when I get turned on by her plump chubby body. I love to se her walk, to see her undrens or take a shower. She is fat and getting fattar fast. I really hope she can accept this and not panic. We'll se. Anybody else has this experience?

  • I remember my first REALLY fat girlfriend in college, she was a good 300 lbs and we had never had s e x so one night we were going at it hot and heavy and she stands up, strips and tells me she wants to have s e x with me. I was ROCK HARD within seconds, always loved fat women and now one was standing in front of me, hUGE big boo b s and a huge belly. We almost for married too.

  • I couldn't agree more with some of the posts here. I've always liked the look of a bigger woman. When I married my wife she was 250lbs & after having two children & 5 yrs of marriage she'd gained weight up to around 300lbs and I didn't mind at all, I loved her being bigger.

    As she loves food, is a great cook & loves chocolate she got bigger. She went for a checkup & found she was not 365lbs after 10yrs of married life. This didn't stop her from eating though, she just got bigger. I'd have to admit I didn't think I'd want a woman that big.

    So one night while making love she told me she loved feeling me playing with her fat, she loved being fat & wanted to get fatter. We had a serious chat & she told me she'd been looking at fat positive websites & looking at pictures of fat women, not because she wanted to be a lesbian, but because it turned her on seeing how fat some women had gotten & also about the feeder/feedee scene & how that idea really turned her on. She told me that on the odd occassion that I had fed her, like on an anniversary, where I fed her chocolate covered strawberries & champagne, it actually really turn her on, it was erotic. She asked if she could be a feedee & me be her feeder. I said yes.

    Her reply was to all this was, "then spoil me, feed me, fatten me up".

    So after 23 years of being married she is now 675lbs of pure fat goddess and we both love it. She loves being weighed every couple of weeks to see how much she's gained & always ends up in s**. She is huge at only being 5' 6" and is just so round all over & now just waddles slowly around the house. I've had to modify thew house, widen doors, hand rails, strengthen the bed, widen shower etc cater to her size. And she wants to gain some more weight.

  • OMG, I envy you!

  • I have always loved fat women but I fell in love with a 5’3 100 lb girl 40 years ago.Over the years she has gained slowly,then lost a number of times.the last 5 years she has gotten up to over 200 lbs and I love it . She has big belly that is starting to hang and b**** tha have grown from 32 b to 40c Or d . Sheloves to eat and is aways hungry so I look forward to much more gain

  • My gf was initially thin.. Weight 110 pounds with a 5'4 height.. Small 32c cup. She slowly transitioned into this lovely 160 pound s** body with 36b b & a big pot belly which curves out like a pregnant second trimi. I love to massage her tummy at night. She feels comfortable with her weight & I know she will grow her 36c more for me. Though I hv asked her exercise & keep her he belly. I love her a lot & want her to be healthy & sexy... She is now soft & large with more to come..

  • My girl is currently 195lbs. and 8mo.pregnant,her b**** are huge she was a 32c and now a 42d,her but has gotten wide shes always eatting,our love making has been thru the roof,shes told me that she will stay fat or get fatter for me after baby comes.

  • My wife was 140 at 5ft,35 years later and 4 kids shes a pleasling plump 225,its mostly in her butt and t***,I love every inch of her and the s** is just like newlyweds.

  • I’m sure other men think the same about your wife.

  • I want to walk along the beach holding my wife hand wen she has her bikini on it would make me proud she is 300 pounds now

  • My wife is a size 28 now big belly and bum and she says she wants gain more to keep us both happy

  • I was s******* my wife Nicole last night and noticed how huge her bo obs had grown and her belly is huge now, like a big fat pot belly. I love it now trying to encourage her to blow up more. She was always thin aand this is amazing.

  • Dad daughter incest

  • My lovely wife has had my 3 beautiful children and in the process has gained an amazingly sexy 288 pounds as of today. She has maintained her amazing preggo appetite and keeps eating, and I love it. She down't seem to mind gaining weight, which is just incredibly wonderful. I hope she keeps getting fatter and fatter.

  • I have my girlfriend and we start to date and the time has passed and now she is 313 lbs and she is 18.
    I want her to get more fatter but she is trying to make a diet to loose weight but she would't mind to get fatter for me but it has the health issues and it has her family talking about it

  • Youre a fat f***

  • I grew my wife over the last 10 years. Her belly is the hottest part on her. Now it hangs all the way over the front of her p u s s y and her belly is so huge and her legs are so fat now its worn/rubbed off all her p u s s y hair, so you can see all the stretch marks on her fat p u s s y too, she is totally bald down there now simply because of her fat. Her gut is SO heavy, and her i t tties are HUGE, the best part of her t i t s are they are so fat now her nipples have rolled UNDER her fat t i t s. She just hit 380 lbs, and is 5ft 6 inches of pure soft bloated fat.

    I could not think of a sexier body. I have dated fat women all my life, but never as big as my wife. Love having her sit on top of me during s e x , my god that body is heavy, covered in fat and stretch marks, and makes me so hot and h a r d Just watching her walk around as her fat jiggles all over is enough to get me hard.


  • Go away troll

  • When I met my wife, she weighed maybe 150, 160.
    When she got pregnant she ate a lot and I gained weight with her. A few years back we both lost a ton of weight and she was down to where she was when we met.
    She never had s flat stomach and always had a big ass but we gained weight again and now she's 5'5, and weighs around 200lbs. She won't tell me her weight because she hates her looks but I found her physical results and based on her BMI, I know she's around 200. When I realized that, I got so turned on to have a 200 pounder wife.
    She had a c-section so she has a flabby belly. When she puts on panties, she puts the panties over her belly flap.
    She has love handles and thick thighs and when she sits down, her belly rolls!
    I tell her she's at her sexiest but she says she hates her looks. I don't want her to get bigger, this is perfect but would love for her to embrace her chubbiness and become a super confident BBW.
    Part of me wants to tell her that she is chubby and I love it but I know that all she would hear is that I think she is fat. If she embraced her size and jiggled her body to tease me, I'd go crazy!
    I want her to feel confident and not hide her body behind layers and realize that it's ok to be big and beautiful and that not only I think that, but many men do too!
    She has tried baiting me into saying I'm into big women or that I'm a chubby chaser but I know she would hear that I think she's fat but sometimes I just want to scream "I LOVE YOUR BELLY AND HOW YOUR BODY JIGGLES"

  • I am in the same boat! When I met my wife she was 125 lbs but curvy. Nice hips and a pear shaped ass. We’ve had 3 kids and her t*** have exploded from a B when we meet to a G! Her ass is huge and I love it. She’s 195 now and she thinks she’s fat, but I love how she is. I wouldn’t mind if she got a bit bigger really.

  • My wife is around 300 mark and she looks amazing her belly hangs down its a turn on

  • My wife is so big and fat and delicious. When I once told her that I preferred her to be much fatter she was very happy about it. Now, I get constantly squashed by her enormous white squishy belly. As a high school girl, she was bulimic but then she realized that fat women are real women and that bones should be given to the dogs. She's gotten really fat and I tell her that a lot since around the house she likes to expose her fat body in front of me and it drives me insane. I love it so much and so does she. Her butt has become so massive and fat and her big fat belly is so sexy. In public, the other boys actually lustfully look at her since she's so beautifully fat. I love having s** with my enormously fat wife. G******* I love it. It's time to eat her enormous fat butt. Bon appetit!

  • I offer candy and snacks to my wife as often as I can, in hopes that she will be accustomed to having a food item in her hand constantly. Every time I come back from the convenience store I make sure to buy treats I know she loves, and she always ends up eating them. A long car ride makes them hard to turn down.

  • Over the past few months my wife has put on a noticeable amount of weight, and I find her even sexier fatter, I noticed last night when she lays on her stomach that she is starting to get a crease between her back and butt, and I couldn't help myself so I told her that she was chubby.

    She started giggling and shook her butt to make it jiggle.

    I told her that I found her sexier now to.

    She said that she knows.

    Appearantly, I talk in my sleep and told her I wanted her to become obese a few months ago.

    After my initial embarrassment she confessed that she had a strong sexual desire to be morbidly obese and has been intentionally making herself get fat since she heard me talk in my sleep.

    Thing is, we've been married for 7 years,, she's only about 170 pounds, but if we had both just told the other how we felt about her weight before we got married she would already be the morbidly obese BBW she wants to become.

  • Since I was a teen age boy I dreamed of marrying a beautiful shapely sexy girl with lovely long hair. Then immediately after our honeymoon I wanted her to cut her beautiful long hair to a short pixie and start piling on the fat. Where I grew up in South America it was almost a tradition for young brides to cut their long hair short and get fat shortly after the honeymoon. I loved that and wanted that to happen to my future bride. On our honeymoon I begged my lovely bride to cut her beautiful long hair short and begged her to get fat. Sadly, she refused to pixie cut her hair, but agreed to 'put on some weight', saying it was probably inevitable anyway. She gained 60 pounds by our first anniversary.
    It took 15 years and three pregnancies to get her weight up from 150 lbs to 280. The wait and the weight were worth it. And when she turned 40 she surprised me and finally pixie cut her 'half way down her back' long hair.
    Unfortunately, several years later she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had to lose at least some weight. She now weighs a still beautifully chubby 210 pounds. She is a tall girl, 5'10" and can easily manage 210 lbs. I can handle that too. As a matter of fact, I love handling that! As often as possible. I wish she were still 280 lbs, but considering the risk of diabetes, 210 lbs is a compromise I can live with. I'll never have to worry about her getting skinny again, as she likes her sweets too much and loves how her 'love handles' turn me on.

  • I love big women, married a girl who was very heavy before but lost all the weight, About a year later she is back to her big size again and I am happy with it. She has HUGE thick legs, big wide hips, and her belly is so big and hanging and soft. Something very sexy about a big girl who you get to watch get fatter and fatter.

  • My husband loves my chubby frame. I was think when we met. Now I am quite portly. He love jiggling my new round belly and playing with my newly widened and deep belly button. He loves when I wear shirts that exposes my portly belly. When his friends come over to the house he loves for me to wear crop tops so his friends can see how chunky I have become.

    My favorite was the time was during the Super Bowl and I had on a small jersey. We had a lot of his friends over for the game. My husband and I started playing with each other. My husband put me in a full Nelson head lock to where my entire belly was hanging out. He started moving me around from side to side so that my belly started shaking. He then bent my back over the couch so that my belly was facing the ceiling. He held my hands down and told his friends to get me. They began tickling my belly something fierce. I tried to get a way but I can. By me trying to get a way my belly jiggled harder and harder. My husband was taunting me saying things like look at that fat belly, tickle her fat belly guys, ooh look how that belly shakes. Him taunting me made me so hot and bothered. It was awesome!

  • Your husband is a lucky man. Not only is a big woman so gorgeous, but one gaining weight is awesome. I hope I find a woman like you.

  • I've known my wife for most of my adult life, and she's always been skinny to thin. It took years of friendship before we started dating, and she confessed to me that she enjoys being lazy and eating all the time, but while dating she never gained much weight. On her days off she stuffs herself every two hours and looks pregnant by noon.

    Just over a year ago when we married she weighed only 86 lbs (at her height of 5'4 this is very dangerously underweight.)

    In our first year of marriage she has gained 37 pounds from her weekend stuffing routines, and hasn't complained about the gain at all.

    In two months she will be leaving her job in order for us to focus on building a homestead and starting a family, and I have to confess I get excited and aroused when I think about how much she will be eating and how fat she may become when her weekend routine becomes a daily thing.

    I know she doesn't want to get obese, but she loves being lazy and eating such large amounts. And, while I want her to stay healthy, the prospect of her getting to 180 or even 250 sounds absolutely wonderful. I just haven't been able to tell her that I would be still so attracted to her if she were to become obese.

  • Update: 7/25/17

    This morning I walked in on my wife weighing herself (127) and playing with the small belly she has now, and smiling from ear to ear. She stopped playing with her belly when she realized I saw her and turned bright red. I told her she was sexy and that it was adorable when she played with her belly and she just started giggling nonstop.

  • My wife has gained and lost a bit at times over the years of our marriage. She is currently over 42 now and in the last two years she has steadily accumulated Lbs. all over. She is gorgeous and now is currently just over 180 Lbs. at 5' 3" her hour glass shape has turned into a heavier pear shape with huge b******, nice Fat upper arms, Hug hips, ass. Love handles and a lower belly that keeps getting in the way with every new pound she gains. She definitely looks heavier than she weighs and always has. She has developed a very defined Lower belly crease just above her new puffy fupa that has her sexy tan soft gut extending out a good four inches with a nice little hang to it. Her clothes are getting so tight and she has gained a big appetite. I get so turned on watching her eat so much now and dreaming that she will get to 230 Lbs., then 280, 300,....s*** I even imagine her so gorgeous at 350 Lbs or more. I feel so addicted to her and her growing fatter that I actually visualize her getting fatter and how her figure will look at those previously mentioned higher weights....and I feel I pretty much know how she will look and cant wait for it.

  • When I first met my wife she was 5'2" and around 195 pounds. When we married she was about 225. That was 12 years, 3 kids and 200 pounds ago, give or take. She's 430 pounds and bigger around then she is tall and I love it. I love every quivering inch of her expansive flesh. I love the way her double chin jiggles when she talks and how her belly quivers when she laughs. When she walks away from me, she looks like she is smuggling two basketballs in her pants. I wouldn't have it any other way and each time she wants to lose weight, I tell her how gorgeous she is and that she never needs to go on a diet. Then I make mad passionate love to her and she forgets all about the diet crap. So far it's been great and life couldn't be better.

  • 430 is great, when I met my wife she was around 375 and she gained weight and now she is a lovely 560lbs and boy I love her sooooo much she is sexy when she walks around the house in her boy shorts I love that cellulite on her and then her body jiggling we have agreed for her to gain up to 650lbs I can't wait, I hope I don't lose my job bc I have to call off work so many days bc I can't get off my wife and we don't get out of bed I make her a hug breakfast in bed and then give her a massage she loves it she has huge thighs, butt, and wide hips, love watching her put on her panties, but taking it off her is so exciting, I always give her a big dessert before we go to bed

  • Yesss....get her to 650, my wife is 660lbs & she is so sexy carrying all that weight.

  • Great story!! 430 is a good weight, she may become immobile if she keeps it up. I wound not let her past 500 Lbs and, yes, make love to her all the time, she deserves it, if yo can reach, eat her p**** every night!

  • I massage her every night, love her thick legs and thighs with all the cellulite, turns me on so much

  • I don't know if loving big women is 'quite normal' - it's definitely a minority preference. But so what? Lots of things are. It bugs me that there are armies of people out there validating and making political causes out of other minority sexual preferences (Eg LGBT stuff) and that S & M and other kinks have half entered the mainstream, while those who prefer fat partners are still routinely treated as deviant weirdos. Quite often 'fat' is used as a synonym for 'ugly.' Well I have a fat wife and she turns me on like you wouldn't believe.

  • I am an African American ssbbw. I'm 6'2 550lbs 54dd b****. I'm 30 years old and daydream about meeting a man who loves all my fat and get enough of f****** me.

  • Where are you located, roughly?

  • I would love to meet you

  • That is gorgeous, would love to see pics

  • Hi you are too nice. Some one like tine and some one like ssbbw. But we should like each other all time and honest with each other all time. So I wish for you all the best
    And good life.

  • Wow I would really love to talk to and but more than that see you, I know you must be a gorgeous lady, I prefer women around 600 to 685lbs would you consider gaining some weight?

  • I would love to chat with you. My email is

  • Good God, a chocolate Amazon. I would LOVE to spend a few nights with you. :)

  • Really?
    Would you like to chat a little? I might be able to make your daydreams come true.

  • I would love to love all your fat and cellulite... The fatter you get, the more I would worship you! Where do you live?

  • Hi, I love SSBBW, please write me : , Petr.

  • Ya I just spent the last hour rubbing my wife's fat rolls she loves it I'm sure u would too

  • * cant get enough of f****** me

  • Hi! Same here, my beautiful wife was 22, 122 pounds when we got married in 2004, granted she had two babies, she has plummeted in the las 6 months to 200+ pounds... my problem (I think) is that I started to love her very fat body.

    She is only 5'4" 204 ponds, like many of you guys say, at first she kept saying that she was going to lose a lot of weight, that she was going in diet, that she was going to the gym, and she actually bought a lot of very expensive products that promised to make lose a lot of weight. She never used the products and they expired, and never went on a diet and never went to the gym.

    We talked about it and she decided that she will stay fat, no trying to gain weight at all, but DEFINITELY NOT trying to lose any weight either.

    I am embarrassed to tell you guys that I really enjoy her very fat body! I even suggested that she should buy pregnant women clothes since she appear to be knocked up. Also, I really enjoy the huge amount of cellulite in her fat legs, I love going to crowded places with her wearing very short shorts or sun dresses just to proudly hold hands with her in public.

    I guess the question is... Am I crazy?????

  • You are not crazy at all. First of all 204 lbs is not extreme obesity by any means. (Nothing wrong with loving extreme obesity either but let's face it, it does bring health issues). If she's healthy and happy then what's the problem? Secondly a lot of men love fat women. We're not crazy. Fat women are going to be fat. Why shouldn't they have men who love them?

    Maybe the *rate* of weight gain is an issue. She's gained 80 lbs in 13 years - 6 lbs per year. Now if she put all of that on in 6 months, that would also raise some health concerns. But Im guessing it was slow and steady even if there was a recent spike upwards.

    Your wife sounds a lot like mine, except that mine was plump when we first got together. She is also 5'4, and she has gradually gained weight at about the same rate, going from 170 to around 300 lbs in 22 years. But I have to admit, my favorite moments are when she has noticeably put on weight.

    This been the case lately. Just last week, when we were out to dinner sharing platters of Chinese food, she confessed to me that she had recently gained weight and talked about needing to slim down. As we were talking she ended up eating about 2/3 of the food on the platters, and on the drive home, she suggested buying pie for dessert. A few nights later, we went out for shushi and then went to Dairy Queen; she ordered a Blizzard and couldn't eat it all because she was so full. She also took a cooking class, ate lunch beforehand, and then came home from the class absolutely stuffed because she ended up eating what was basically a second lunch within three hours. She is starting to develop a little heart-shaped double bulge at the bottom of her tummy curve. I love it.

  • Nice. I agree the extreme obesity stuff should be avoided and is not right for the health of the woman. Also it would make it way more difficult to have s**. Pleasantly plump and happy is the best.

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing your story, I agree, we are in a similar boat, I hope that one day my wife could reach the 300 lbs mark!

    Your a lucky man! take care of your beautiful big wife!

  • Will do. As for your wife and her chances of hitting 300 lbs, my guess is it depends on whether she is a slow steady gainer or has temporarily shot upward in weight. My wife's gain of around 130 lbs has taken over 20 years, and it mostly comes from day to day overeating - always eating a little 'too much,' being a bit over-full after meals, always having a sweet tooth, never saying no to snacks and treats, etc.. (I'll admit, she supplements this with occasional massive stuffings, usually at times of celebration like parties or holidays where she seems to feel that stuffing herself is 'having fun'). If your wife, like mine, just loves food and loves to eat, then I think all you have to do is create a supportive environment, without coaxing or pressure, and watch nature take its course!

  • Fat wives with a lot of cellulite in their legs are stunningly beautiful!!

  • I agree. Cellulite is amazing on a big fat butt. Why the cellulite?

  • My wife has a lot of cellulite on her legs and it is so attractive and feels great, she was 355lbs when I met her and has been gaining weight and of course I encourage her to get bigger, three years later she was 510bs and she looked amazing, I started taking her out to all the work meetings I had to attend out of town and would introduce her to all my co workers and others members, now she is a gorgeous 630lbs, we have s** in the morning, when I come home from work, I love this time of the day it relieves all my stress and she is home walking around in her boy shorts and right tank too it's so hard to go back to work and then at night we do a jacuzzi bath together and then get in bed and I get her lots of dessert. I would encourage all of you to get your wife to gain weight just get fat, it is so much better, I can't stop looking at my wife and I also massage her everyday it feels so good whenever we go out my hands are always on her butt, she has wide hips, huge thighs, and big butt with lots of fat, lovely. Now she starts to get out of breath, s** is just amazing. We are planning a trip to vegas but I am not sure if she will be able to fit comfortably on the plans seat, any suggestions?

  • Totally agree, my with is 660lbs and is so sexually hungary. I simply can't keep my hands off her, just watching her barely waddle around the house, all her fat jiggling & wobbling, when she laughs her whole body jiggles, it's such a turn on.

  • I'm 642lbs, keep feeding her.

  • Wow your a very lucky guy, that's a dream come true, 630lbs that is my kind of wife specially bottom heavy, it must be really nice to come home for lunch and seeing your wife in boy shorts and tank top and having s** I couldn't go back to work probably lose my job, rubbing all the fat, cellulite.

  • When I first met Angela, she was fit and trim -- exercised, jogged, watched what she ate and weighed about 105 pounds. After we moved in together, we ate out a lot, did a lot of cooking and drinking. She went on the pill and her weight started to balloon. Over that summer she gained 30 pounds!

    At first, I wasn't too thrilled with the extra weight on my once thin girlfriend. Her formerly flat, firm stomach was now bloated and covered with a thick layer of fat. She wasn't too happy about the change either and talked about losing weight. However I was becoming more attracted to her new, plumper figure. I think I always felt pressure to have a girlfriend that fit the popular norms of beauty, but when I realized that neither of us would be happy worrying about what other people think, I came to accept my attraction to her fatness. I told her so, and though it seemed to come as a surprise to her at first, it ultimately was a great relief. I don't think she could see any way to easily get back to her former figure and now she didn't need to worry about it. She always had a big appetite and enjoyed eating and cooking and now she could indulge in those activities without guilt.

    You can guess the rest. She continued to pack on the pounds, going on half-hearted diets from time to time when she felt she had gotten too big. After three years, she had gone from 115 pounds and a size 4 dress to 175 pounds and a size 16. A year later, we got married and by December her weight zoomed up to 198 pounds.

    The years have passed and Angela has given up on diets and eats to her heart's content. It seems that the bigger she gets the hungrier she is and the more and more she eats. Now, twelve years after we met, Angela has swollen up to over 400 pounds and her appetite and weight gain show no signs of slowing down.

  • My wife went from 125lbs to 228 lbs for me. I thought her butt would grow but her belly got most of fat and double chin.

  • Nice to hear. Health aspect and societal prejudice aside, there is nothing more wonderful than watching your lady let the brakes off and just blow up like a cute balloon. You are lucky!

  • My wife isn't as heavy as some of the examples on here but she is 5'8" and about 170lbs. When we first got married she was 125lbs. The reason I am posting here is because the more weight she puts on, the bigger her t*** get (she went from a C when we met and is now and E, we have 3 children too) and the bigger her ass gets, the more turned on I get. She keeps talking about losing weight and I secretly don't want her to lose weight! She always says she's fat and I tell her that I love her no matter what size she is and she always says, "well you're supposed to say that". Truth is, she is hotter the heavier she gets. I thought I may have some kind of weird sexual disorder, seeing these posts have helped.

  • My wife is 580lbs and lovely, she is bottom heavy and has large hips, butt, and super huge thighs and I love every bit of her and we have agreed that she will gain weight until she is 650lbs, s** is just great, it's hard to get out of bed, I love seeing all that fat and cellulite in her

  • I wish I had a wife like that I want one that is extremely bottom heavy with huge wide hips and thighs and weighs around 700 pounds plus

  • My wife is 660lbs, not extremely bottom heavy, she's just a huge round ball. She still keeps eating, she's a feedee, so 700 plus is highly likely, maybe even more.

  • That is great! mine is only 205lbs, but I hope she can double that in a couple of years! Cellulite is a beautiful thing on a wife.

  • Yes cellulite is so good, love it, my wife is currently 610lbs bottom heavy she is amazing I cannot keep my hands off of her she gets anything she wants anytime, she is the boss and I love that, I bought her a large chair so she can sit comfortable and asked her to wear boy shorts and tank top both fitted daily and when she is kn that chair with that attire man I go crazy she looks so sexy I love to see that stomach bulging and her wide hips squeezing in that chair I still want her to put on some more weight she can walk and do things without any problems so that is good however she has large thighs so they rub together when she walks so its a bit difficult and she has to take a break since she gets out of breath I always take her in public and ask her to wear short skirts and boy those sexy fat legs with all that cellulite is so good when I rub it she gets tickled because of the cellulite that's sexy I can go on and on believe me you don't want anyone thin I love watching her struggle gettin on our bed so I end up pushing her and enjoy rubbing her body while I do that my neighbor is always asking about her and sending food over so I keep a close watch on him since he is single I love to feed my wife I want her to eat and eat I just bought her a short fitted skirt and can't wait to see her in it I still want her to gain about 75lbs or so s** is amazing hard to get out of bed

  • I know where you are coming from, my wife admitted she was a feedee are some years of letting herself go & got to around 400lbs, now she's 660lbs & I have to admit I have grown to just want her to eat & eat as well and she is, she is actually completely turned on by how fat she is.

  • Is she fatter now?

  • Yes, I don't know what she weighs, but she is barely mobile now & eats & eats.

  • She's even fatter, now a huge immobile goddess.

  • My wife was 155lbs when we got married and is about 5' 7" or 5' 8" so she had shape and a nice curvy figure. She is now 200lbs, or was an maybe is 190lbs or so. I do want her to be healthy an ultimately at our marriage weight would be good. But, I totally admit that she is extremely hot at this weight and I feed her to fatten her up. I love her chubby too. It toys with my emotions because I want a healthy wife but I love her fat. I can't get enough sometimes.

  • I met my wife two years ago. She was around 190 lbs. Big butt and generally chubby all over ( Wide hips, medium sized b******, double belly). Since the first dates i let myself go and told her about my preferences, and that i like girls a little heavier. I soon had to find that she liked to eat everything sweet, especially caramel coated chocolate and stuff like that. Pizza, kfc are also on her list, and she can't stop drinking Coca Cola. Now i know that all these are unhealthy, but she packed on 20 lbs in three months. And in the year to come another 30. And ske don t give a f uck. My family doesn t like the fact that i married a 220 lbs girl but they can 't do anything about it. I often told her that i want her bigger. Over 350 lbs.Especially when we have s e x, she makes me c cu m faster and harder telling me about how fat her legs will be, that she will wear only leggings and stretch clothes. She keeps telling me that she would like it too, she wants her belly hangin low to the knees, she keeps dreaming about being immobile, but we think that it is not healthy. ( i myself gained almost 20 lbs in the last two years, and she like this very much). Maybe after she gets pregnant we will start that journey. I often think what it will be having a Ssbbw wife. Beside the sexual thing, i am trying to imagine the " dark side" of her getting so big. Limited clothes and oldish ones, activities that she or we cant do anymore, like biking, travelling, go out in the clubs, etc. She don't want to lose weight, she told me that for sure. She likes being fat, i am very lucky that i found my own feedee.

  • You are so lucky!

  • Oh, i forgot. she is 28 and i am 31. Her current weight is 245 lbs and height is 5"3. I am 6"2 and 250 lbs.

  • Update. She is now at almost 300 lbs. All the weight seems to go on her hips and butt. She turned in to a very unusual pearshape, A lot of people just stare at us when we go out, especially she has an shortleg with built up shoe, and she walks with a limp. Also her legs started to thicken out very fast. That turns me on, and i fantasize about getting her a wheelchair, i think she will pile the weight up faster and make things easyer for her due to her condition

  • My girlfriend and I are in out 40s and quite large, I'm 5-8 #345 and she's 5-2 # 326. We really enjoy each others soft and ample bodies, but having s** is becoming difficult for us. We have our best results when she strides me in reverse, I rest my belly against her large butt. But she is out of breath quickly.
    So we trade places, but I am not well endowed so doggy doesn't work so good. I try missionary, but I to am breathing hard after a few thrusts. Besides out bellies are just so big. We usually end up finishing each other by hand, after we catch out breath. We need to get in better shape, but I have to admit, our hearts pounding and all out of breath is SEXY AS H***!!

  • That's really cool, there is nothing cuter than a fat couple!

  • Well I am glad you like it, we are both now well over 400 lbs and s** is amazing. The fatter we get it the better it is. My gut sags over my d i c k now, and she cant even lift up her belly so I can see the front of her p u s s y. We plan on growing immobile together.

  • How did you two meet? Growing fat together sounds amazing, wish I had a wife/GF to gain with

  • Did you reach your goal of immobility yet? What are your current weights?

  • I am in my 20s living in Japan and married to an Osaka lady in her 30s.
    When we first met she was pretty big, and I could tell right away she was confident with her body. My last girlfriend would always say "Don't touch me there, I hate myself" but this new woman always begged me to rub her belly more.
    Now that we're married she's blown up like a blimp. She has to order all her clothes and underwear online, since Japanese stores don't carry anything big enough for my bride. More and more, she needs my help rolling her out of bed, and even dressing and undressing her.
    My big princess used to love getting on top in bed, but she just can't anymore because her body is so heavy it tires her out. All she can do is lie there and take me, and even that is hard because her girly gut is so huge it gets in the way of lovemaking.
    She actually enjoys it when I tell her what a pig she's become, and she's even confessed she'd enjoy getting pregnant specifically because of how much fatter she'd get. She is less than 5 feet tall, but over 260 pounds- way heavier than me at 6 feet and completely off most BMI charts. Considering how much smaller the average Japanese woman is, she has to be one of the most obese ladies in the entire nation.

    Thing is, she's actually pretty healthy and active. She prefers to take her bicycle everywhere she goes, and she has a pretty modest and veggie-centered diet. When she went for a physical, the doctor raved about how she had the best heart he had ever seen in a patient. No BS, this is all true!
    I guess she just has a weird metabolism. She started gaining weight as a teenager, and rather than beating herself up over it and dominating her life with diet paranoia, she decided to embrace her unique body and live a balanced, easygoing life.
    And I feel so grateful to have met my big fat lady!

  • I started dating again at age 55 Most women by this age got those huge fat b**** that sag and massive belly hang. Met up with this smaller woman who has a huge ass, jello fat legs and ass, and I was hammering away at her last night when she asked me how I could like her since she was fat. I told her I wanted her fatter! She was happy

  • My wife hit 40 last year and blew up like a balloon. Its amazing for s**, I thought it would suck but now her t*** are huge, her gut hangs over her fat little p**** and I cant stop f****** her. Fat woman are amazing

  • Nothing better than a huge hanging belly!

  • Exactly!! My wife has a huge belly! 73 inches around with a huge hanging apron that hangs just above her knees! I play with it every night ending by shooting my man lotion all over it!

  • My wife has a massive belly! It is 80 inches around and love to blow my huge load all over it! It looks like a glazed doughnut!

  • 80" round! That's awesomely fat and sexy, what does she weigh?

  • I love fat women the bigger the better :)

  • My husband told me about this site & that he had posted here. I have always been fat, but I have also had a desire to be really fat. It has been so good to meet a man who liked me being 300lbs, but I didn't know how he would be about my desire to get fatter.

    So I didn't say anything, but just let myself go & enjoyed eating whatever & however much I wanted & I did get him to spoil me so I would gain weight. As I got fatter I found myself getting turned on by it & that just made me want to gain even more weight, which I told him eventually. I flaunt myself at him, I constantly mention my being so fat, I turn him on using my fat, all to keep him spoiling me so I get fatter & fatter.

    I love everything about my getting this fat, I am about the size of Colleen Williams when she was 700lbs, I have a huge round belly, huge bottom, everything is huge, but I have no idea what I weigh.

    He's not very good with the internet but this is what he wanted to link.

  • You sound like my wife. She is 32 and weighs about 720lbs. When we married 13 years ago she was 430lbs. After 3 kids and lots of fattening food, she has become a massive beauty of a woman. I wouldn't have it any other way. Big mama gets whatever she wants. I've modified most of our house to accommodate her enormous weight and we have a specially modified fullsize SUV to transport her wherever she needs to go. I pamper the h*** out of her. Our s** life is amazing and I love cooking for her and I see to all her conceivable needs.Our life is wonderful and we couldn't be happier.

  • Oh yes, I am very much like your wife, I get whatever I want & just spend my days lazing around & eating. My husband has also modified the house to accommodate my size. I am almost immobile now, weighing 752lbs, but I love being this fat & just keep eating & eating.

  • Well I have eaten myself into immobility. I am so fat now, just a huge fattened, spoiled girl. I can't stop eating.

  • Update. I have no idea what I weigh now, but since becoming immobile I'm just getting fatter & fatter, I can't stop eating. My husband takes care of all my needs, looks after everything around the house while I just keep fattening myself up. I know what I'm doing to myself, but I'm incredibly turned on being this fat, I can't explain it & want to gain more weight, want to get even fatter.

  • Woow. u lucky one.

  • Wow your a very lucky man, I wish my wife was that size, I bet s** must be great and you probably just look forward being in bed all day with her

  • I have always liked the bigger lady & after being married for 25 years my wife & I split up, she was around 180lbs. I then met a big lady who was happy being 300lbs & after a lot dating we got more serious & moved in together. Over time I could see she was gaining weight & she asked me one night if she was getting too fat, which I said no, I loved her for who she was.

    As time went on I noticed she was getting bigger & bigger. She admitted to me that she loved eating, she loved being fat & was getting me to spoil her (which I liked doing) so she would gain weight & she did.

    Then she told me she was 450lbs & she loved it, but wanted to gain even more weight. That was 4 years ago, we have no idea what she weighs now, but she has gotten so fat & I never thought I'd be with a lady as fat as she is, but I do love it & she is the one that has wanted to get as fat as she is.

    I don't pictures of her, but she is about the size of Colleen Williams.

    And still gaining.

  • My wife has gained 80 lbs since we got married and I love it. I love her big round tummy and enormous b******.

    I know she needs to lose weight for health reasons, but in the meantime I will enjoy her chubby little body.

  • I met my wife when I was serving in the military she was 5'2" and was 110lbs,well everytime I came home from deployment she ended up pregnant an she never lost weight after each baby,well now she is a pleasingly plump 250lbs and she is very happy wearing a size 24,She just says I have more to love!

  • Nice

  • My wife was a slim 14 when we married 15 years ago,well 4 kids later,and good eatting shes a 20-22 dress size,her b**** are 44dd her but is 48 I love every inch of her,and we love s**!

  • I know exactly why you mean my wife was quite slim at 8stone 7pounds big b**** .in the last 5 years she has grown and now is a very sexy 10stone 11 pounds and curvy I absolutely love her bigger and hope she continues I didn't know I liked bigger women her dress size started at 8 five years ago and now she 12/14 the sight of her growing body is the biggest turn on for me

  • The beefier the better. For me, no wife can be "too fat".

  • Pig f*****! LMAO

  • SSBBWs are so sexy, If I was a billionaire I would bribe the diet industry to encourage women to gain weight to get a sexy BBW or SSBBW figure, and the catwalks would have to ban skinny women and no one smaller than a BBW is allowed on them.

  • I love fat women so much, the bigger the woman the better :)

  • I Love fat women so much, My new SSBBW girlfriend is so fat It turns me on 24/7 , she was thinking of losing weight till she met me, and now she loves eating and getting fatter, she never knew it was so much fun and sexy to gain weight.

  • So hot, I love em large too.

  • I never knew so many guys like big women until I read these posts. I am a big woman, 430lbs and thought id be single for the rest of my life. Now I know I am just looking in the wrong places and that gives me hope.

  • Would love to meet you!!!

  • Hi love to have fat wife

  • SSBBW's are the best. My wife is 560lbs as of her last weigh in. So much soft fantastic flesh. I know it's different strokes but any guy that will not do a fat girl must be gay.

  • I did a really fat woman and it was some of the best s** I ever had.

  • OMG...
    I live in Lake Orion, MI...
    I'd Do ANYTHING To talk to you , so we can decide if We'd like to start a friendship (as a start!)

    Please write back to me...?

    Very Truly yours,

  • I grew my wife over the last 10 years. Her belly is the hottest part on her. Now it hangs all the way over the front of her p**** and her belly is so huge and her legs are so fat now its worn/rubbed off all her p**** hair, so you can see all the stretch marks on her fat p**** too, she is totally bald down there now simply because of her fat. Her gut is SO heavy, and her t*** are HUGE, the best part of her t*** are they are so fat now her nipples have rolled UNDER her fat t***. She just hit 380 lbs, and is 5ft 6 inches of pure soft bloated fat.

    I could not think of a sexier body. I have dated fat women all my life, but never as big as my wife. Love having her sit on top of me during s**, my god that body is heavy, covered in fat and stretch marks, and makes me so hot and h**** Just watching her walk around as her fat jiggles all over is enough to get me hard.

  • Interesting comments on here, a mix of truth (guys relaying authentic accounts of their fat wives), wishful thinking (h**** Fat Admirers making stuff up), and 'concern trolls' expressing disgust that anyone could like fat women. Only the first interest me and I love talking about my fat wife. I started dating her in her mid-20s and I knew from the start that this woman would never be thin. A 5'3 Italian type, she had a modest pot belly and was around 165 lbs. She was a foodie, though, and just loved to eat. Our early courtship involved a lot of ice cream and treats. I also noticed that she ate as much as I did (I'm 6'0) and always went for seconds. A few dates in she felt comfortable enough to comment to me about being 'full' and how she ate too much, etc.. We never went to a full feeder/feedee relationship - I more just made clear that her eating was not a problem - and she has still gained around 100 lbs in 20 years (she's now around 270) and gone from a size 14-16 to size 24. You should see her huge, protruding belly! Caressing it is heavenly. Her weight gain accelerates as she gets older. She has to be careful on stairs since she can't see her feet, and I noticed the other day that she has begun to walk with a hint of a fat lady waddle. None of this stops her from doing things like going out for a rich Thai dinner and then having a 1000-calorie Blizzard from Dairy Queen for dessert - being unable to finish the last two spoonfuls because she's so full and spending the rest of the evening digesting. I love stroking her double chin. It's all very hot.

  • Nothing better than a huge protruding belly! My wife also has a huge belly! She has not seen her feet in 20 years unless it's in a mirror!

  • Sounds delicious! My wife is fat everywhere, not just her belly, but that's definitely where she's biggest. SO hot.

  • I have always liked large women and mostly dated "big" girls when I was in college. When I got married my wife was 5' 2" and just about 150 lbs. Her b****** were the largest part of her weight area and were 44 DD's. Her nipples were huge and extended a full inch when aroused. Within a couple of years of being married she slowly went up to 280 lbs. (I really loved this and often told her how great she looked). I did not actually encourage her to gain weight, but I did always encourage her to eat all she wanted - especially cakes, pies, candies, etc. Of course this, in itself, made her gain weight. We were married for over 10 years and she got up to just under 500 lbs. I loved f****** the h*** out of her at that weight (especially helping her into bed and raising her legs to insert her vibrator before f****** her. I found that a number of other men also found her very sexually attractive at that weight and, over time, I encouraged her to "swing" a little. This wasn't difficult to accomplish, as she had difficulty moving and once I got her laid out on her back it was hard for her to resist any man whom I had invited to enter our bedroom (and her) for the evening. Eventually we did divorce, as she became very interested in another man. They married and she is not up over 700 lbs. He has invited me to f*** her a few times since they married and she seems to love it. Well, now we are all over 60 and I wonder what we will share next.

  • I've been married approx 4 months to my wonderful wife! She has always been on the chubby side and I love it! She is5'2" and whenwe started dating she was about 145 pounds and by the time of our wedding she had steadily grown to about 170. Then we get married and she and she does absolutely nothing that could be considered exercise(except s**!!). All she does is laze around watching tv all day and stuffing her face, even at work! Son already in these lady 4 months she has gained atleast 30 pounds and most that in her belly! Needless to say I can't keep my hands off of her and she loves it! Her s** drive has never been higher and I am one happy man!!

  • Isn't amazing that when they gain a lot of weight there s** drive goes up and they want to have s** more! My wife to even though she doesn't like gaining weight and being fatter she is h**** as h***.

  • Well here we go. She has been packing on the pounds now for about 4 years since we got married. She LOVES to show off her fat. Over the summer she had shorts on most of the time, which ran up her ass crack often. We would laugh at the comments people made. Just made me want to f*** her even harder as they made comments like "look at that pig" haha. Her t*** are so heavy its amazing.

    This is what 460 lbs looks like on her. Taken over the last year as she fattened up

  • She is so hot you are a lucky man

  • Yeah. That isn't your wife. Those pictures aren't even all the same person.

    You can be a wannabe all you want, but don't try to dupe people into thinking you've got it nice.

  • H*** yes, see thats the way I like my women, huge downward pointing t***, fat belly hanging over the p****, that is perfect. you are lucky!

  • My wife was average height and weight when we married. Then with her first pregnancy, she gained 70 pound. she never lost the weight. with second pregnancy she gained quite a bit more, not sure, but maybe around 50. With third pregnancy, she really had good appetite and gained nearly 100 pound. Each time she never loses the weight. She is now quite fat and lazy. Her mother is over all the time to help raise the kids. My wife mostly just sits around and eats, while her mother does all the work. Since last baby, one year ago, she gains around another 25 pound. I love it, and we have a lot of s**. Yesterday she say she is pregnant again. Can't waait to see how much fatter she gat this time around.

  • I found out the same thing, only I fell in love with an already overweight older woman (230ish) and when I told her how I felt about big girls she lit up with joy. She's since fattened up to 270lbs and we have no plans for her to stop anytime soon, even 500lbs isn't out of sight. Good luck!

  • Lucky you, a lot of guys would kill to have what you have. Treat her right, and make her fatter, the world needs more fat women.

  • Can we PLEASE get some details on your lady? How old is she and what does she look like, all you guys are so lucky!

  • (Original poster of comment) My wife is in her early 60s and has grown fatter and lazier since the first day we met. Since I told her I liked big women the s** has gotten better with every new roll and each new pound. She reached a high of over 300lbs and shes on her way back up to at least 400lbs now. Her belly is definitional her fattest part with 60inches around(though her b**** and her 4 1/2 foot wide ass aren't far behind. Watching her squeeze into our car or into clothes gives me joy and pride in my "piggy". Her belly hangs down and it drives me crazy just watching it jiggle while she walks (which isn't far due to how lazy she is and how fat and jiggly her thighs are.)

  • How do i tell my wife I want her bigger?

  • My wife gain probably around 50 pds in the past year, I told her I like it I think she looks good .. nicer bigger butt and bigger belly makes cuddling more nicer IM all about her gain around 30 more pds

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  • I think big woman with big fluffy BELLYS are sexy I use not think so till my girlfriend gain a lot of weight and wow I change my mind a big woman is a lot better then skin and bones I will always have a big woman

  • My wife gain around 30 pds and I love it , it turns me on ,I like the weight, I told her I don't want her to lose it, I want her to gain more , the s** is a lot better since she gain the weight

  • When we got married, my wife (29 years old) started pigging out--on our honeymoon--she must have gained 5 or more pounds. Furthermore, we had decided that since I make good money, she could quit her job and stay home. Well, she quickly ended up doing nothing but eat and watch TV. Her smoking gradually went from one pack to two packs a day. She didn't clean the house or cook. It was take out, delivery, or frozen dinners. Soon, I had to hire a cleaning lady to just keep the house from looking like a pig sty. But I didn't mind--My wife just kept piling on the weight, and becoming more and more sexy. In one year, she went from 140 to 220. She is 5"5". As she got sexier, I encouraged her to keep gaining. She said that would be fun, and we actually made sure we always had dessert, and ordered extra from the chinese place or a larger pizza, etc. Her weight piled on faster, and on our second anniversary, she was 315. A few months later, she started peeing a lot, and the doctor said she was non-insulin dependent diabetic, and gave her pills and told her to lose weight. Well, she took the pills, but wasn't into losing weight. In fact she found the pills made her gain more easily. A month later, she had another doctor's appointment and had gained another 13 pounds, but her blood sugar was improved, so the doctor was pleased. So was my wife, and celebrated with an extra large pizza and a tub of ice cream for dinner. She keeps taking the pills, pigging out, and gaining weight. In fact, she just started eating a half gallon of ice cream every night before bed so that she can gain weight even faster. In between eating all day, she now is managing to smoke 3 packs a day and drinks one of those big bottle of coke a day. She is getting to be expensive, but i don't mind; the s** has never been better. She has a doctor's visit in 3 months and hopes to be at least 350 by then--just to show that doctor she is gonna do whatever she wants!

  • When mine finally quit smoking she blew up so much bigger.

  • Smoking will kill her faster than the weight!

  • No, no it wont. Smoking has nothing to do with any disease, you GENES do.

  • I am 26 years old and I am feeding my girlfriend into oblivion. She is the same age as me, currently weighs just under 300lbs, and is 5'3''. She has so far gained 60lbs while we have been together, which is a lot for a person of her height. She has been willing to gain this weight up to this point, and is still willing to gain even more, even though she is currently massive. She has a top off point in mind, but what she doesn't know is that, at a certain point, she will be so fat that she will be basically helpless to being fattened. And she also doesn't know that she is very close to that point. All it will take for her to be fattened into oblivion is for me to move in with her. I've already gotten her to the point where she does very little to no activity, and when I'm with her I do everything for her. She just now needs a constant source of fattening foods and extra calories in her meals, and she will have no way to lose weight and stop gaining weight. I cannot weight to have her be my fat, huge, huffing, puffing, immobile blob of a woman. Thanks for reading!

  • We've been married for 11 years. My wife is 5"8" and at first she was around 165 lbs. She's always loved to eat and hates to exercise. So she gradually gained some weight, up to around 200 in the first few years of marriage. Then she decided to let herself go, cooking a pound of pasta for herself, and then I got in the habit of feeding her an entire box of chocolate every night. The last time she weighed herself she maxed out the scale at 330. I estimate she has easily gained another 20 pounds since. She has no intention of slowing down anytime soon! I can't wait to see her get to 400.

  • Fat wife is better to take full weight of husband. skinny wife can not bear more weight. putting more weight on her is enjoyable. she will need little practice to bear full weight on her. once she get practiced it gives more pleasure to hubby.

  • Thats how i love my wife

  • Fat s** rocks. Fat women rock. Anyone who says otherwise has either never had any or is just plain bad in bed. LOL

  • When we married my wife was 18 yrs 5ft 2in height and weighed only 120 pounds. Soon she became a lazy housewife and i encouraged her to gain weight. Now aftr 3 yrs she is a sexy BBW at 450 pounds. She has 65 in belly and 75 in hips. She cant walk properly nw but we hv great s**. She lies naked on bed all day and is engagd in only eating, sleeping and f******. She is getting more fat and we both love it

  • U lucky guy. Enjoy f****** ur sexy fat wife

  • I love my wife getting extra large for thats hot..what can i feed my wife

  • I love the feeling of my wife's weight crushing me!!
    I love her HUGE soft belly overflowing her legs.
    Most of all I love feeding her during s**!!! our "record" is a dozen donuts!!! She is curently almost 700 pounds.
    It sound odd but I think it is hot to see how she strugles in a world not made for huge women... I like how she has to Squeese her self behind the wheel of our car, also the feeling of the can sinking under her weight. Just seeing her not being able to turn the wheel because her belly is in the way is a turn on. to think thw weight capicity of the car is 800 and she only 100 pounds away.. ..She knows it turns me on to see her eat, the other night out to dinner she eat 4 double burgers and a large pizza!!! Talk about a turn on..

  • I'm 752lbs & just going to gain more weight. I have my husband spoiling me & I think he's out of control, as I am too. Is your wife like me? Out of control.

    I love being this fat, I want to gain more weight, I want to be immobile & just lay up in bed & be fed.

  • Well 12 months on & I'm immobile. Since reading through some of the posts here 12 months ago, just encouraged me to gain weight, it turns me on so much. To have my loving husband running one hand over my fat as he feeds me is just so erotic to me. All I think about when we are having a feeding session is "Yes, feed me, fatten me, got to gain more weight".

    I found myself feeling the onset of immobility coming on, trying to get up off the lounge getting more & more difficult, same as getting out of bed, the feeling of lugging all this weight around as I waddle about the house & having to stop for a rest. But for some bizarre reason all this just made me want to gain more weight. My husband has rigged up a lifting device to help me out of bed as I can still make it from our bed to the bathroom, very very slowly. Even walking past our mirrored wardrobe doors turns me on, watching my huge fat belly sway with each step I take & my a*** rolling from side to side & seeing this sight, seeing how fat I have gotten, just makes me want to get even fatter.

    I have found a couple of other ladies online that think like me. One thinks shes's around 850lbs, another who's quite young says she's 1100lbs & still gaining & knows she's going to eat herself to death, but just loves getting fatter, I think I am the same. I know my man doesn't want me to die, but it's me that encourages him to feed me, to fatten me more.

    I could get this big.

  • It's great you can live out your desires like this. Gorging yourself to immobility and still wanting more. . .more food, more fat. . .is the hottest thing ever. I'm sure your gluttony will make you even fatter than that huge sexy pig you linked to :). Good luck and happy eating!

  • Oh thank you, you comment turns me on. I love seeing encouragement to keep gaining, which I am. I'm so addicted & turned on by getting as fat as I can, no matter what.

  • H*** ya its a turn on, my wife is 6'7 355 lbs, b**** needs to eat more.. love huge women

  • Hi, I am so glad I found this post I thought I was the only one lol, my wife and I have been married for 10 years and have 3 kids, when I married her she was around 150lbs she started having kids and her weight crept up on her lol, after the 3rd kid and years of being a stay at home mom, she was starting to get fat and I loved it, then she got lazy, started doing less and less around the house and eating and snacking all day her weight went to 250 fast, then I started to encourage I told her how sexy she was and I loved her laziness, she started eating more and sitting on her ass even More, now at 300lbs she is the fattest and laziness she has ever been and I am so turned on by her, I am glad I am not the only one who has enjoyed seeing there wife get fat ......

  • Chubby chaser.

  • My wife is a big lady nothing beats cuddling in to her at night feeling her curves wouldn't change her love every part of her body

  • How original.

  • Want to help my wife get fatter

  • My wife has been a bbw since the day we got married, but it really peaked in 2010. She was absolutely HUGE and i loved it.

    Then.. she got sick, nothing serious mind you, just a digestive issue from antibiotics she took, and she lost about 80 lbs :(

    Well as of December she is back to health 100% and the fat is just POURING Back on. I took her to a buffet last night and she ate for an hour straight. Came home waddling and looking like she was about to have twins.

    I noticed over the last few months as she got better that her huge belly is slowly growing back down over her p**** again, which I love, and it seems that this new fat is more "blubbery" than before. Its so much softer and coming on her body so much quicker.

    Her b**** which were always huge, have REALLY taken the brunt of the fat gain this time, huge, pendulous, and starting to sag down HEAVY with big thick stretch marks. She is looking like a really really obese fatty now, and I love it and so does she. She just came out to the living room a few mins ago, totally nude and jiggling all over to get breakfast to eat, guess I am going to need to fatten my big obese wife back up some more so see you guys later!

  • Really wife i want breeded..n much fatter

  • Just an update, All her bras no longer fit her so she goes braless which of course shows off the hugness of her t***.

    I was in the shower with her this AM, grabbing that huge thick layer of fat that now sags all the way over her front of her p****, her ass is like jello now. I am going right now to f*** her c*** raw and pound her t*** with my c** covered c***.

  • Any more updates? And pics?

  • God that sounds so hot, Having her fatten herself back up and then walking around nude while all that new fatty blubber just jiggles all over! You have any pics of her?

  • Would love to see pics dam

  • Yes I will have t post them. Just to update she has put all her previous weight back on PLUS another 80 lbs. She promised to get as fat as I want her, Now back close to 400 lbs and we are both happy. Its amazing how quickly she grew fat again AND managed to pack on even more weight. From the looks of that belly and t*** of hers, she is showing no signs of stopping. I just plopped her on the bed a few mins ago and that upper belly on her is HUGE now. I cant wait for tonight to do her again

  • Dude, I hear what you are saying. I've always loved the big girls. My wife was over 400 lbs. when we got married. She looked like a beautiful white parade float when she waddled down the aisle. Now 9 years and 3 kids later she is just shy of 600 lbs. and we can't stop making love. It's almost out of control at this point. We f*** every chance we get and almost every place we go. We simply cannot keep our hands off of one another.

    Don't listen to the insults especially from that broken English writing dumbass clown. Do what makes the two of you happy and let everyone else just f****** hang.

  • That is sexy, specially if she has big thighs and is wide with lots of fat and cellulite in her butt

  • 600lbs???? you wife is a ugly fat whale. She die of fat soon yes people cannot be that fat or they die. you better dig a big hole to fit or she will smell. nobody like fat whales all of them should die and we will have a clean planet. You marred porky pig and now you must pay for your sickness. making people fat should be a crime because it is a sin like killing.

  • You useless POS! It's much better to have Daddy's c*** up your ass!

  • Go back to whatever h*** s*** you out.

  • I hate the way the media promotes skinny muscular women as sexy. All of that exercise decreases breast tissue. That's not sexy. Fake b**** can be sexy, but they're still fake. BBW is way better because the b**** are real and they move like water. On a scientific note. Women's bodies are more elastic than men. That's why it's more of a health risk for a man to be overweight than a woman. Woman's bodies are made to stretch return because of their ability to give birth. Being a BBW is not nearly as much of a health risk as being a fat guy. And did I mention that BBW's are way more attractive than skinny muscular manly women.

  • My wife went from a US size 8 to US size 14 and our s** life only improved. She has a nice big (African) behind a belly and big t*** and I just love it. First she wanted to loose weight but I just kept on giving her compliments and now she feels very comfortable. She is in very good shape and works out a lot but also understands that at 50 you have a different body. To stay healthy you just have to watch your bmi and it is not the weight alone that is important but how much of it is muscle tissue and how much is fat

  • my wife was 250 when we got maried..
    early on she gained a lot weight, I let her know I liked the way it made her look. 5 years later she is just over 500. I love how huge she is. s** has never ben bettter!!!

  • That is sexy, I like the 600lb range my wife is 560lbs and I love it bottom heavy and that ass jiggles and hug thighs

  • Your wife will die of her fat soon and you will have to find a fatty to take her place. that is sick and pervert. fatty fckers like you should be locked up in jail. you make the world ugly with your fattys and fat children. you cost us more for doctors because you have fattys to make medical. your fatty s** makes us all throw up. stop making us throw up stop your s** with all the fat ladys. fat ladys need to lose weight and should not have anymore s** until all her fat is gone. you are sick person

  • Nothing better than seeing an average size women turning into a bbw. Weight on many women is so sexy!

  • BBW = big blob whale. do not have s** with big blob whales they smell and are ugly. you probably smell and ugly as well.

  • Fu ck you

  • I turned my wife into a BBW. It wasn't easy but she is now a big beautiful woman. She had a large bone structure to begin with and always battled with her weight. When we got married she was 5'6 155 lbs. Eventually, she stopped jogging and became a stay at home housewife. Started eating, and bam, the weight came on. She eventually accepted she was a natural fatty and has blossomed into a beautiful 272 pounds. Her ass, belly, and t*** are awesome. As she became a BBW, she also got sexually bolder. She became bisexual and she brings over other BBW's for us to play with! Life can not be better!

  • I fattened my wife up over the course of 12 years. The first few years she got chubby and started looking better. S** got better also. Eventually she got more comfortable and she now is 5'4 210. I am going to try and get her to 250. Her ass is 44 inches now and I want to try and get it to a nice 50 inches. She is also starting to get a nice belly and her b**** are getting bigger too. She can't stop eating the sweets now and is becoming comfortable being a bigger woman. She loves that she gets to shop for new clothes and love the s**. Yes, having a fat wife is awesome!

  • Make sure she gets bigger. You want her to a point of no return. Also keep telling her she looks sexy to keep her self esteem up. Another 30-50 pounds would be a point of no return and lifetime happiness for you!

  • I support you in your love. Fat women are beautiful! I am so jealous!

  • fat women do make better lovers, and it you are more attracted to her as she gets huge, you should be a happy dude

  • Fat women make BAD lovers. they smell and have bad breath from eating cheese and junk food. they smell like death and die young from all their fat and glutton sins. fat women do not care about anything but food and will have s** for food with any people who will feed them. they are gross pigs and should be made into oil like dinosaurs. we could have energy from all the fat whales in the US.

  • It can be fun bashing what you don't understand, but it still makes an a******.

    This guy loves his wife and figures out he likes fat chicks. That makes him pretty common in the grand scheme of things. There is a LOT of fat girl p*** on the internet considering such narrow minded thinking.

    My wife isn't anywhere near 300 pounds, but I agree the s** did get better as she plumped up. I say feed her, f*** her and be happy.

  • Nasty comments... :-( You are all f***** up...

  • Wow you guys are a*******. Even if this is fake or not. Being fat doesn't make you an oily smelly pig.


  • Loser POS! I'm sure you a****** is hanging to your knees!

  • I want my wife to be on all 4's she is 6'7 and she is 300lbs, shes beautiful.. i want her a tad bit fatter.. she likes to be spit on , called dirty names..c** on ..and so forth.. and i got her into wanting other men

  • Don't listen to any of these insults. It is absolutely amazing that you love your wife just the way she is. Just watch out for obesity related problems. They could take her away from you much too soon.

  • Poster - well said. What's up with all these other comments... who cares how much a person weighs. Loves comes in all shapes and sizes. I'm sure these men who are posting all these nasty comments most likely don't get ANY. And maybe need to take a look at their mothers, who I'm sure aren't svelte themselves.

  • dusnt she crush you? But im really happy for you buddy =] good on you that your so happy.

  • too obligated to be happy,giving a big pen to pet the helpless whale old woman. LOL

  • every helpless whale will make a huge crappy crap when using the toilet.
    the hopeless well will show more money to feed the pet whale. LOL

  • months only not years. is this a dinosaur time to be 10 years?? LOL LOL

  • this the ugliest and so desperate in need. save the whale! LOL

  • P**** you piece of garbage!

  • You go! Don't listen to everyone else. I mean, shes your wife!!!! What ever floats your boat. (No I am not a fat lover people).

  • a supporting suitor insisting a whale. are you on the same boat? you must be desperate too at this time. why don't you have a whale for your a boat? lol a 300 lbs on boat?? s***,are you kidding me? it must be air tube floating under the boat lol you're such a liar!

    blind. does not a wife! that's a whale! so weird and freaky.

  • You fat mother really needs to cut off your internet access! You POS!

  • boring s** LOL LOL too wrinkles and abnormal fats LOL you must be so desperate to show how lame your s** is. everybody will turn off seeing a wrinkly man and that whale lol...i have not ever watch any retarded s** like that lol. must be so lonely to tell. no one is interested!

  • My wife looks better than you, I bet you look like a skeleton!

  • oh lol a dramatic perv has a sagging whale covering his skeleton frame! lol

  • tell her to kill herself. this is so gross! piggy not chubby! hahahahahaah! what a lame fat fat oily sagging bellies. it's polluting fats.

  • only abnormal hopeless for abnormal fat sagging bellies will say such things that fat are normal lol. you should tell it more or maybe to yourself only? it's not hot! lol f*** this confession. so f****** gross. ewwwwww!

  • A very hopeless perv said abnormal things. LOL This is so sad, this must be the most fail troll LOL fat whale is too normal for hopeless well. oh well how desperate is this. Lies cover underneath all those fats.

  • Dude, what the h*** is that? Some kind of broken English or something.. you make no sense.

  • My english may not be good but I do not have s** with fat whales like you all do. you are all hopless sick perverts. you put your pens in fat rolls and think it is s** it is not it is animal rape. your fat womens are like farm pigs you feed them until they die and you have s** with them. it is a crime against the world and you should all be in jail for your sickness. future people will look back on your whale s** and be ashamed of human kind because you are all so sick.

  • You stupid brainless foreign piece of s***!

  • F*** you piece foreign piece of s***!

  • You f****** piece of s***..No you are lower than s***!

  • Your English sucks because you are a dumb ass! At least these guys are sleeping with the wives and not their mommy like you! POS!

  • Illiterate idiot!

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