My wife has grown fat and I love it

My chubby wife has grown into quite a large woman in the last 10 years, well into the 300 lb range and I LOVE IT.

I never knew I liked fat women until I met her and as she grew fatter and fatter s** got better and better. now the simple sight of her naked huge body turns me on so much it drives me nuts! I thought I was crazy or some kind of pervert.. but it seems the love of big woman is quite normal. Just something I never told anyone.

Oct 6, 2010

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  • We have been married for 28 years. When we got married, my 5'5" wife was chubby at 175 lbs. Well, she knew I wouldn't mind at all if she gained weight, so she soon was eating anything she wanted, and the fat piled on. On our tenth anniversary she was 295 lbs, and on our 20th she weighed 360. She currently weighed in last week at 417. S** just keeps getting better each year, and she has said she doesn't plan to change her eating habits until she's 500. Then she "might think about restraining herself, unless I decide not too", she said with a naughty smile. I love her.

  • Wait until she hits around the 500lb mark. Then life gets really interesting. My wife started her married life at about 220 lbs. At 5'-3" tall she was beautifully plump. In the first year she gained almost 30 pounds. Then she got pregnant with our first child and gained 90lbs. She gave birth to a 10 pound baby and she lost maybe around 15 with the birth but started gaining again shortly after. Flash forward another 2 years and she got pregnant with our 2 child. By this time she was around 370 and proceeded to gain another 100lbs despite the fact that her OBGYN put her on a pretty strict diet which she obviously not follow. She gave birth to our second at about 475lbs. She looked positively massive on the birthing table and the nurses barely knew how to handle all that gorgeous pregnant blubber. It was a pretty rough birth as our daughter was very large, almost 12lbs so a c-section was performed. Both mom and baby came through with flying colors. That was a little over a year ago and now I have a 520lb wife and a 2 little girls that very much take after their mom. Life is pretty darn interesting living in a house full fatties. I keep in shape attending to their needs. Luckily I have my own business and do much of my work from home. On the days that I need to be on the road, my mother-in-law helps out as my wife is growing too fat to take care of the kids and the house at the same time. She is still breast feeding our youngest and needs to be pumped on a daily basis and since she is so huge, she has difficulty doing it herself. I envision that one day in the not too distant future I will have to hire a full time aid/nanny/housekeeper for my wife and chubby kids. As I stated, life is interesting and I wouldn't change a single thing for all the money in the world. Having an obscenely fat gorgeous wife is truely one of life's extreme pleasures.

  • Sounds fantastic - are you mutually gaining? That’s when it really gets fun. Waddling through the mall or on the beach together- blubber rippling. Squeezing her belly roll for fit ladies to see!

  • I’m always happy to hear about folks like us. My 3 girls and I are also very big, like your wife and kids. I’m a single mother, and I weigh about 533 lbs at the moment. My youngest, who is 10, weighs 248 lbs, my middle daughter is 12 and 307 lbs, and my oldest is 14 and 382 lbs. We all love to eat and we all love our fat and growing bodies as well.

  • Heavy single mom - total

  • Yes it is good to know that my family is not alone in our lifestyle. I'm very glad to hear that you and your children enjoy eating and being fat. I think it is kind of interesting that my oldest who is 5. weighs almost as much as your 10 year old. My darling angel weighs 206 lbs as of her last check-up. My 1.5 year old is almost 80 lbs. The doctor is concerned about their weight so we are trying to limit the junk food. Unfortunately when my wife wants her favorite high fat, high carb foods, the kids want to eat that as well and telling children that young that they cannot have what mommy is having or what their friends are having is kind of difficult. A lot of the kids in my oldest daughter's preschool and now kindergarten are fat as well and it seems to becoming more and more common. I don't want to hurt her self-esteem by telling her that she too fat and that her body is unacceptable. She gets teased enough by her skinnier classmates as is. I am trying to introduce more greens and salads into our household diet but my wife and kids aren't real receptive to it. It's not going as well as planned and there are arguments and tantrums everyday. I should probably just say to h*** with it and just let them eat and be big and fat. The world seems to be headed in that direction anyway. Why fight it?

  • It sounds like your girls are much fatter and gaining weight faster than mine are. Is finding clothes for them a challenge? How are you handling that?

  • My wife is very fat now I love the curves saggy belly think she is around 380 pounds. I just kept saying how lovely and sexy she looked and the more I'd say more she seemed to gain she has a sweet tooth and likes takeaway

  • My wife is a bbw 350 pounds love her rolls of fat that hang over her fat p**** and huge saggy t*** 44Ddd

  • Any tips on getting my wife fatter? She’s very hesitant to it

  • Heavy cream dishes, sedentary life, and booze.

  • If you cook, start making more caloric meals--lots of carbs and fat. And always provide dessert. If she likes to snack, have lots of them around. I'm guessing you already told her you like her to be curvier; keep enforcing that. It helps if she hangs out with fat female friends, if that's possible. I know my wife, who loves to eat too much to worry about how fat she is or will become, really started to pack on the pounds after she became friends with a coworker who is even fatter the she is. Her fatter friends just was always snacking. How can you not go along if she's eating and you're not? Just a few ideas.... Good luck!

  • My wife was chubby when we got married, about 20 pounds overweight. A half year later and she's preggo. Let me tell you, she pigged out and gained a whopping 85 pounds. Her OB was alarmed! After the pregnancy, she just never lost the weight, and in fact, much to my delight, kept gaining. A year later, she's preggo again, and once again, pigged out, this time gaining 90 pounds. She got diabetes of pregnancy right toward the end, but still kept pigging out. After the pregnancy, her blood sugar normalized, and she's still packing it on. She's well over 350 now, but won't weight herself anymore. She says she doesn't care how fat she gets, so the number doesn't matter. Of course, I'm in heaven. The s** is fantastic. Too bad she doesn't want any more kids!

  • Now start gaining with her!

  • How many women want to seriously fatten up their husbands? Do they like men with huge sagging bellies?

  • Iam very big girl now at all most 400 pounds and Ive been married for 6 years my husband adores me loves me am very happy and glad of the attention. Who a I to take that away from him . I put on weight for him and he likes to talk about it am his big girl. He loves to look after me . Iam happy with my weight

  • How much did you weigh when you got married? Did your husband ask you to gain for him initially or did you just happen to gain and could tell he liked it and continued getting bigger?

  • I weighed 250 pounds when I married. I new he likes big girls . I put weighed on for him . I love the attention

  • Great job darling- a man should have what he needs!

  • My beautiful wife was never a waif. When we were dating she was 180 or 190, and she's only 5'6". Well, she got comfortable in the relationshp, and the weight started to creep up. About a year later we got married, and she was around 225. Over the four years we've been married, she has completely ballooned, weighing 245 or so after year 1, then 260 year 2, 280-290 year 3, and so far this year, she's really piling on the pounds. She weighed herself in July and she was 328. She's really putting away the chocolates, cakes, pies, Oreos, and ice cream. Her sweet tooth is out of control, and I make sure it stays that way by having a constant supply of her favorites on hand at all times. God it's fun when your wife gets fat!

  • It is so much fun to watch a slightly chubby women lose control and pack on the pounds after marriage. My brother’s wife weighed 160 pounds when they got married 2 years ago. She now weighs 215 pounds and she’s getting fatter bu the week. Huge sagging belly and t***. He says he wants her to gain another 100 pounds. He says the s** is beyond awesome. He loves to play with her belly rolls. She has insisted that my brother get fat as well. He’s closing in on 300 pounds of blubber. So now they are fattening each other up!!

  • Perfection! Always great to see old friends who are shocked at the fattening wife.

  • You lucky b******!

  • Does she know you love her fatter from the beginning or did she start gaining and you always seems to appreciate her figure?

    With stocking the freezer and pantry is she aware that you want her to keep gaining or does she mention it to you?

    How big do you think she will get or want her to get?

  • Yes, After she started putting on some weight, she made a few comments about getting too fat, and I told her that I prefered her that way, so she just stopped worrying about her weight. I've never really had to worry about her not gaining--she loves to eat too much to not keep getting fatter.

  • When I met my bf, I was 24, slightly overweight, and had all the curves in the right places. I had always struggled to maintain even that weight, but he always was saying to eat as much as I want and not worry about my weight, so I did, and the pounds piled on in short order. I fretted over that but he said he preferred by fatter and encouraged me to just eat what i want and so i did, which was really liberating for me. Its been 4 years and we're married now and i've gained 100 pounds, yet he still keeps feeding me, giving me larger portions and more dessert than ever because he wants me to get to 400 pounds, which is fine with me cuz now i just, like, don't care anymore about how hevy i am. My family keeps worrying about my health but i feel great and i'm young so i don't see why i should spend money going to the doctor who'll just tell me to like, go on a diet. F uck that!

  • It’s true, many husbands (even more than you would think) love watching their wife’s get Fat and continue to get Fatter. I am one too. The relationship is so much better not to mention the s** just gets better and better.

  • Indeed

  • I agree.

  • Me too.

  • Yep . Same for me my wife is a fat a*** cow now at almost 400 pounds she looks amazing with all the fat bits in right places she doesn't mind . She loves stuffing her face with food . I can't take my hands off her fat bum . S** is unbelievable for us

  • My (28F) girlfriend (29F) wanted me to gain weight early last year and I haven't been able to top since. I started at about 200 after gaining 30lbs from COVID, I think that's what encouraged her to ask me to gain weight. She's only 135 and works out regularly. I've blown past every milestone we've set, she has a heavy hand when it comes to feeding. I've put on over 120lbs of pure fat since then, sitting around 322 now. It feels so good, I can't describe it.

    Some of my friends and my doctor have been concerned, I mean, it's hard not to notice but we stay active with walks and hikes. I LOVE it when people ask me about my weight gain, I saw an old friend earlier this week that I haven't seen in a few years and she was SHOCKED at how much weight I've put on. I made sure to wear a slightly too small shirt so it kept sliding up over my belly a little and I had to keep pulling it down. My gf compares me to Thiccollegegirl, especially cause my belly sticks out so much. My friend even asked if I was pregnant (it didn't help that my gf stuffed me silly with a massive breakfast that morning and I could barely stand afterwards)

    Since deciding to gain my belly has almost tripled in size and my t*** are up to H cups, not to mention my ass takes up so much space now. My favorite part is how now (when I'm fully stuffed), my belly blocks her head from view when she's going down on me. I can't wait until it blocks her even when I haven't been stuffed. Our next goal is 350 and I'll probably stop around there, but honestly, the thought of getting up to 400 makes me so wet it's unbearable.

    We've got a stuffing date planned for tonight, and we're gonna try something new where she's going to go down on me while I'm sitting on the couch eating a whole (medium sized) cake. She's gonna have to lift my belly though if she wants me. Wish us both luck!

  • My wife has to lift my massive belly to have s**. She’s been fattening me up for many years. When we got married she told me she wanted me to become massively fat so No other woman would want me. She succeeded. I’m a big fat pig and getting fatter! My wife loves it! Over the years she’s put on 100 pounds. I hope she gains another 100 putting her close to 380 pounds.

  • This is a very sexy post! Happy gaining!

  • Best of luck! It really sounds like you are both having a great time. I'm willing to bet, though, that vary soon the real goal will be 400. My wife has always set goals, and as she gets closer to that goal, she bumps it higher. She's 381 now; her goal was 375, but when she was 365, she moved her goal to 400.
    Have fun!

  • My wife is very fat with big bum and belly and I love it . The s** is amazing for us both

  • Lucky man fatten her more. Nothing like a big hanging fat bag.

  • Yes we both agree she wants to gain more

  • My favorite part is when my wife is winded on the stairs and needs to stop to catch her breath. Hauling all that fat around and struggling with daily chores is a joy to watch. Huffing and puffing getting dressed while I massage her fat side rolls.

  • Met my wife 8 years ago at curvy 180lbs.
    She's put on over 200lbs in the years since and I love it.
    She's gorgeous, greedy and very sexy.

  • I am guess a chubby chaser. Both my x was bbw.After my divorce I found thick girlfriend not yet bbw. She gained weight and I was all over her. Couldn't keep my hands off her. Last year she had gastric bypass. She was 275 now 180. I said I didn't want her to have it that she looked beautiful. We even talked to therapy and I explained my reasons. She just wasn't comfortable with her weight and did it anyway. Now she saggy and I'm kinda lost interest. I don't know what to do. I can't say to her I told you so. We been dating 6 years and now its been almost year since her surgery. I try my best to still have fun but I feel like I been betrayed. We even talked about marriage in first year . but I'm not sure I want to anymore. This is frustrating....

  • Gastric bypass is a hurdle- I wanted a huge fat whale with a massive belly roll and have been cheated.

  • With you - my 340 pound jelly girl had gastric surgery and now we are down to 260

  • F*** her folds

  • Every day

  • I understand that. I wondered if my husband would recognise me after surgery loosing weight in a short space of time. I think I made the right decision not to go for surgery at 400lbs I qualify for gastric surgery . It has ruined a lot of marriages which I thought about. Lot to loose but for you it sounds like you may have made your mind up. Sounds like you want to leave her sorry to hear

  • You need to let her do what makes her feel happy. You can't force someone to have the same kinks as you. With that being said. Don't deny your self just to follow what she wants either. My suggestion is to talk about it and if both of you can't come to an agreement and it doesn't sound like you're meant to be together.

  • I am that fat wife. I've been married for the past 5 years and I was about 300lbs back then and now I've gained to a about 400lb . My husband loves me and says how sexy I look and can't take his hands off me. A couple of years ago I thought of having gastric bypass surgery but am glad I didn't because it would have ruined my marriage . I think he has fetish for big woman . Now we are very happy and healthy and s** is amazing. So I've embraced being fat and I love my husband a lot i don't want him to look elsewhere . am going with it

  • Put that extra fat on girl - he loves the blubber. Give him what he loves!

  • Good for you. I too am a fat wife. I not only love to eat--a lot!-- but my husband is a gourmet chef. We've been married for just about 5 years also, and I too have gained right around 100 pounds. (Seems to be the thing to do!) I'm now close to 300 pounds. My hubby seems to really enjoy my gain as well. I've noticed that as I gain faster (I think at least 50 pounds in just the last 12-14 months), he has been making more and more fattening food and bigger and richer desserts. I'm enjoying this immensely of course, with the added bonus that he has started to become affected by his own cooking and add some pounds himself. I love his growing cute little (for now) belly.

  • Mutual gaining is fantastic. Blow up huge together. Fatten him up and race him to 300. My gal and I teased each other to 300. Ice cream poke poke.

  • Gain together - mutual gaining is great you get to point out where he is getting fat and needs to size up - poke poke - and he gets to see your belly rolls! Fatten him up!

  • Fat wives are the BEST

  • My husband loves me being fat am 400lbs and he loves my body and tell me how sexy I look . I love him to bits . I can eat what I want when I want and my husband don't mind. he has a fetish for big girls . The s** is amazing for us he loves my big bum. We are experimenting with feeding which I like

  • Eat like a pig your man loves you fat.

  • Sounds nice. I to like to eat a lot . Am sure my husband would like to feed me but I don't think he knows how to approach the subject. I wouldn't mind if he did . He would probably get turned on .

  • So since I’ve been with my husband I’ve gained about 50lbs. My clothes have gotten tighter but he says he loves me the way I am, even suggesting I gain more weight. I never really wanted to gain but secretly love how he looks at me, rubs my body, and ultimately fantasize him feeding me. We never really discussed it but he just lets it be and the s** is getting better and better the heavier I get (he loves me on top). Has anyone discussed it with their partner and how do you approach the conversation? Or should I just let go and let the inner fatty out/let the seems pop?

  • Just let yourself go! He’ll finally figure out that you want to get fatter and fatter and he’ll encourage you! Obviously he loves you getting fatter! Eat everything in sight and enjoy watching your belly rolls expand.

  • When he squeezes your belly roll you know he wants you fat- eat girl and grow - then breed and get huge he will love your body.

  • Mutual gain is awesome - watch his fat belly fold over!

  • Being open and honest is what worked for us. My wife began to gain a little weight after we were married, from 125 to 155 after the first 2 years. I wanted to share with her my preference for her to continue to gain. So I decieded to take, what I considered, a huge risk and share some pictures of Kelligrl--a bbw gainer back in the 90s. To my surprise she was turned on by the thought of gaining and not dieting. 20 years later she has passed 325 pounds and still slowly gaining, we both love her size. Her goal is now to continue gaining to 400!
    It's pretty clear he is sending the message of his likes by suggesting you gain more. Just ask him how big he would like you to be. Then show him some pictures of various bbws from 200-400 pounds. Be honest with yourself and him as to what you desire as well. Be prepared to gain some serious additional pounds!
    You might be surprised how your desires and fantasies compare.

  • As a husband with a wife in almost the exact same boat, I would just love to see her let go and embrace being a huge fatty. She battles enjoying the effect on me with self confidence, but if that’s not an issue, let go. Just set clear boundaries

  • Let go

  • I'm 24, and i got married to my husband when I was 20. At the time I weighs somewhere around 265-275. Oh, I'm average height (5 ft 7). After we gots married, I must admit I kinda porked cuz I kinda din't feel like I had to watch my weight that much any more. Well, a year ago, I gots preggo, and the doctor's like, I gots to loose weight, cuz I was like 320 pounds and He says its gonna be a prob for the pregancy. I thought to myself, f uck that, I gots preggo, now I's gonna really enjoy and pork out. I smokes weed to keep the morning sickness under control, tho i didnt really have any, but i likes to smoke weed, so i had a excuse! Well, I really, really porked cuz I gains 88 pounds. I purposely dont go to the doctor so he leaves me alone, and when I shows up in my 9th month, i f ucking nearly pass out when he sees me. He says you gained 88 pounds, thats really bad for you. I thinks yeah whatever. turns out all i was was fat. no dibetes or nothin. Just before I had my baby, I was 416. they weighs me then cuz they say i might need c section. an there might be complicantions, and i sure did need a csection cuz that kid was huge-10 lb 14oz. i couldnt push her outta me. We all good now, an my man is real happy. He likes me real fat and say that i can keep eating what i wants. i'm like, oooo baby! Time to do some more porking! An my baby girl, she gonna be nice an plump too!

  • About 7 months ago I met this very sexy girl who is quite tall at 5'10" and so much fun and weighs 476 as of 5 days ago. She has known she's a type 2 diabetic for 4 years, and suspects she had been diabetic for years before that, but she's an addicted feedee and insists on continuing to eat what she wants and regularly having me feed her until she is simply too full to eat another bite. It took me a while to get over the fact that I'm helping to harm this girl's health, but she insists on gaining and eating what she wants, starting with 8 Krispy Kreme donuts every morning. After a while I realized she won't change and now am just enjoying the ride with her. Her next goal is 500 lbs. She says she feel perfectly fine, and won't go back to the doctor unless she doesn't feel well. In the mean time, I'm just enjoying her massive belly and butt and great s**.

  • I am around 400lb now and my husband loves me I've away been on big side . I've agreed to gain more

  • Good girl get fat

  • My lovely wife had been gaining weight over the years, then, at one point, when she was around 255 pounds (5'5") she decided, enough, time to go on a diet. She was pretty happy about losing weight, she made it down to 210, when one day, she eventually noticed that the backs of her thighs looked gross when she was standing--she was right. Her thighs had gotten skinny, from being very fat before, and the skin was all wrinkly and flabby. She said, eew, that's disgusting! she stood there looking in the mirror for a minute or 2, then declared, I'm gaining the weight back. That day, she started chowing down, and now she's a very pleasing 275 or so. She's no longer purposely packing on the pounds, but just slowly getting fatter from her normal eating habits. I'm happy and lucky.

  • Lucky man . my GF lost 100lb from gastric bypass I was against her doing it. She did it anyway . she was beautiful 280 lb . couldnt keep my hands off her. Now super SAGY all over. She thinks she likes it like that. Try my best to make believe I enjoy it but faking. Don't think marriage is in the picture anymore. All I do is look at bbw p*** now.

  • Trying to fatten up my gastric GF with booze - it helps

  • Lucky man. Mine lost about 70lbs and has same issue with arms and legs but she says she will never gain it back. B**** and Butt super small now too (F cup to large D). I hate it. Enjoy what you have!

  • My wife is the same she is gaining more to please me she doesn't want me to look elsewhere she is almost 400lb now and s** is more enjoyable for us .

  • My wife is an addicted feedee. She loves when I feed her and cause her to get fatter. She wants to get to 400 pounds (she's at 340 now), and then think about whether she should continue to gain. She knows it's unhealthy, but takes it in stride. She says people know smoking will kill them but they still smoke. She's chosen to get fat instead. I'm thrilled she wants to keep gaining, and we are both enjoying s** more and more.

  • Good for you fat belly s**

  • It's been a couple of months & Miss Fatty has put on weight. I've caught her a few times struggling to get her size 24's over her waist/belly & discovered only yesterday doing some washing, some size 26's. She is eating more, her 2 work colleagues are still buying fattening treats & I'm also enabling her. That belly is getting bigger, rounder, hanging lower & she is expanding everywhere else. Here in Aus, she only has size 28, 30 & 32, then she can buy online through her store up to 36. Can't wait till she starts filling size 36 clothes.

  • I've been gaining for a bit if anyone's interested in seeing my results my onlyfans is FoxRose

  • I'd love to see that beautiful body of yours

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