I'm in love with a fat woman, but I'm afraid of getting fat too

It's like a different world with her. She's sweet, unpretentious, smart, and caring. She cooks and bakes like the legendary women of long ago but is also a modern, highly educated woman. Hanging out is so relaxed and natural, but also deep and engaging.

But all this love is really starting to show around my waistline and fast! I'm sure I could complain or encourage her to change her ways, or I could hit the gym harder. But the problem is a big part of me likes this laid back, care free world of delicious food and wonderful times together. Fighting it would be going against what makes it so enjoyable. But it also goes against every message I've had drilled into me of staying in shape.

If I really extrapolate, I guess I rather keel over some day as a fat and happy man than eventually dying anyway as a skinny dude that's missed out on something more amazing than I've ever experienced. But am I really going to go through with it? Am I going to actually let myself go soft and get big and become one of those fat any happy couples you see laughing over desserts?

Ugh, I'm afraid if I don't make up my mind soon, my gut is gonna decide for me. It's already getting tougher to go for a run like this and a whole lot easier to say yes to Netflix and her homemade brownies.

Apr 6, 2020

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  • Have you gotten much bigger lately? Still enjoying yourself?

  • Any updates?

  • OP here. Wow, it's crazy to see this post a year later. I had no idea at the time that we were about to embark on a year of quarantine together. Gyms closed about a week or two after I wrote this. She stayed with me and finished her degree online, and she started baking about 3x as much being home 24/7.

    It's been quite a year. I hope others stayed safe and made it through as best as possible.

    And for the people who asked below, yes I got fat. There was no escaping it, but I admit I loved it. I don't know how much I gained because my scale stops at 300lbs, but I was about 210 with a bit of pudge when I wrote this last year, so at least 90 pounds, probably more. Sweet girl that she is, she never mentioned it. She'd just say I looked handsome and she was happy that I was happy.

    And indeed, I am happy.

  • Hope you both are still fat and happy!

  • How is it another year later? Things still going well? Have you gained much more since?

  • Have you gotten much bigger?

  • Lucky guy

  • Glad that you've given in and gotten comfortable with it, gotten fat and happy. Just relax and enjoy yourself man. Many people would envy your good situation. Take care and keep it up!

  • How big are you now? Are you enjoying it?

  • You are not the only one. In 5 years of relation, my wife gained 40 kg, and I gained 15. F**k all and be happy. Thick tighs, a fat ass and rolls on a belly are a deeam come
    true for me.

  • Make time for exercise if you want to avoid getting too big. Or just let the pounds pile on: https://www.confessionpost.com/8908/My-wife-is-fattening-me-up

  • Wow!. She sounds like a dream girl. H***, if I were in your shoes, I'd get fat!!!! F*** society. Actually, now a days, who'd notice? You'd fit in with most everyone else.

  • Try a new diet

  • Relax and enjoy it! Sounds like she really cares about you if she's cooking so much. Be a fat and happy man with your wife, you're lucky to have her.

  • Enjoy life, be and let be

  • It's crazy to think about, but I know you're right. Fat changes so much. I just want to sit around with her again tonight, watch a movie and eat dessert, which will probably make me even fatter. But when I ignore the strangeness of it all and just enjoy the moment, I realize I love this a lot more than any other experience I've had. Life's good and I'm happy. Fat and happy like you said.

  • Jesus dude, relax. Just ear smaller portions and you’ll still enjoy the lifestyle. Don’t pin it on her.

  • I'm not pinning it in on her. She's great. I'm super lucky to have her. I'm not leaving. I just needed to get it off my chest.

  • What matters is that you love her and she loves you. If spending more time with her makes you gain a little weight, then is it really such a big deal?
    When I met my now wife 5 years ago I was a regular gym-goer and she was a bautiful, but plump woman. But I didn't care and we fell in love. She taught me to enjoy my food and that it is okay to overdo it sometimes. And since I felt so comfortable with her I was becoming very sedentary too, which led to weight gain of course. I quickly went from athletic and fir to obese. Even had to change jobs, because I just didn't meet the physical requirements anymore. But I don't mind any of it, my wife's worth it.

  • She sounds like a foodie.. and a throw-back. A woman who enjoys taking care of her man. Hang on to her, and treat her right. Not too many left. Move around and have desert. I went thick years ago, and have no regrets. Nothing wrong with bellies that bump! Get enough exercise to stay healthy. Rail thin is overrated. You can do so much worse. You know that little muffin just above her waist? Give it a grab from me. Or not. Love and take care of each other.

  • To me, Wonder Tracy is the most beautiful, most sensual and sexiest woman on the planet. I would marry her in a heartbeat.

  • Aw h*** YAH!!

  • Just sit back and enjoy it, be happy with your wife!

  • Cling to her, love her, cherish her, then work on the weight later if it becomes a problem. After 65 years of life's ups and downs I can safely say I would choose that girl immediately!

  • THIS RIGHT HERE. You put on weight as time goes on anyway.

    Having a good partner by your side is worth way, way more than looking good in your underwear. If you need a small example of proof, check out the vast majority of stories just on here b******* about some ex or another. I suspect that while there's naturally a lot of BS in them, there's more truth to be found there than in most of the other popular topics.

    Right now, during this pandemic, I am counting my blessings every day that I have the wife I do. I may or may not be in the same shape I am now without her, but I know I wouldn't be as happy. The important thing is to watch out for-- and work with-- each other. If you're getting softer around the middle, either accept it or go for a run. Or both, it's a spectrum!

    But hang on to your lady with both hands. We live in a seriously shallow society that allows its dumbest and rudest members to set the tone for some reason, so the appearance of fitness is viewed as more important than happiness. Just to reiterate, look around... how's THAT mindset workin' out for everybody?

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