Wife sharing, marriage slump cure

I’ve been married to my wife for 18 years now. We have, unfortunately fallen into a sexual slump. We haven’t had s** for over a year. We don’t actually talk about it and kind of both have been brushing it off. On my end, It’s not that I don’t love her I do, and she says she loves me, it’s just that I guess the lack of sexual interest on her part and the fact that she has gain a lot of weight in the last 5 years really has taken a turn for my sexual desire. The thought of divorce has come, but her being Chinese it’s unlikely she would go for a divorce since she has always touted the virtues of marriage etc. At least that’s what I thought.

A few months ago I treated my wife to a vacation for her 40th birthday. For one week we stayed at a large family friendly resort in Jamaica. On our second day there while at the pool that bordered the beach we met a couple from the mid west and their kids. We talked to them and got to know them a little, that night we had dinner as a group. We met up with them the next day and spent some time just hanging out, we did the same thing the next day. That third night their kids were not at dinner and we had a great time. We hit the drinks pretty hard, the woman, Sandy, had too much and decided to go to their room. The guy, Brian, stayed for more. We wandered down to the deserted beach. At one point I was sitting on the sand watching the waves, my wife was sitting on a lounge chair, and Brian was sitting on the sand at my wife’s feet, just talking to her. My wife had already had way more than she is used to drinking and was beet red (Asian common Chinese reaction to alcohol) At one point I noticed that he was rubbing my wife’s feet. I didn’t say anything and let it continue. I think I might have passed out if only for a moment, cause when I looked back the scene had changed drastically. My wife was completely laying down on her back, her dress was hiked all the way up, her underwear was on the sand, and was holding her thick legs up and open. Brian had his head between my wife’s legs eating her out. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I just froze. I watched him eat her out for a few minutes before he got up, pulled his shorts down and pulled out his very big erect p****. He got between her legs and just penetrated her. She let out a loud grunt. I watched not 5 feet away as this man was f****** my wife. I got up after a few moments and wandered to the front to took at her. She was granting and moaning really loud as he was really banging her hard. Her beet red face was stuck in a face of passion. Brian had pulled out my wife’s large b****** and was kneeding them as he went to town slamming into her with everything he had. She stared at me the whole time and from time to time she let out whispered “f*** me” to Brian. He responded several tomes “You’re so damn tight!”

After some time my wife let out the tell tale sign she was having an o*****, shortly after Brian did too. He got up off her when he was done, zipped up and said “He guys I’ll see you tomorrow” and wandered off. My wife gathered herself, took her undies and we walked to the room without saying a word. We went to sleep and the next day I woke up and the wife was getting out of the shower. She was rushing and told me that I should hurry to get ready because Sandy and Brian were waiting for us for breakfast.

When I stopped her and asked if she thinks she would want to have s** with Brian again tonight she solemnly confirmed with a nod. After we were ready we headed out and into the elevator, my wife gave me one of the most passionate kisses I’ve had in a long time and whispered in my ear, “That was the hottest s** I ever had in my life!”

It turned out that Sandy and Brian were in an open marriage and regularly had nights swinging. That night we were in a room, I watched Brian have s** with my wife in every imaginable way, and Sandy and I had our own fun too. We did this for two other nights before we had to leave. Among other things, my wife had a*** s** for the first time, swallowed s**** for the first time, and also licked her first v*****. We exchanged info and hoped we could eventually see each other state side. The day we came back started the lock down in our state and have been confined together. We now have s** constantly as there is nothing else to do.

In short, the combination of a wild vacation and the quarantine has cured my sexual slump with my wife.

Apr 14, 2020

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  • Sometimes letting someone else into a couples bed can liven up a flagging s** life. My wife has s** with other guys I love it. She has invited guys over she met I line. They have joined us for sexy fun. Sometimes I just watch Other times I join in. We have been going to s** party's last 15 years that is fun. The singers club hold theme nights. G******* nights bukaki. Watching her g******* is hot. 10 guys her personal best. Bukaki as well to too it off. They splattered her in s****. Just lose your inhibitions enjoy s**

  • After experiencing that I can tell you there is nothing like watching another mans spent p**** slide out of your wife’s recently used v*****. Just watching another mans seed slowly ooze out and knowing she likes being a used w****.

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