I thought she was older

Years ago in the prime of my uni life I was attending a local festival that had games and rides and the works

I never really cared for the rides but the food and drinks were always good, but my favorite thing to do was to find women to fool around with. One time I came across this stunning lil thing of a beauty working behind a corndog stand. After chatting her up a few times something just sorta clicked between us. We started to go out of our way just to hang out, I would hardcore flirt with her and she would laugh at me for being a fool. Good stuff. We eventually shared digits and just continued our little games all through the nights

After a few days the festival was closing up, but they always have one finally party usually reserved just for the workers, and my gal pal ended up inviting me over for it, or rather, sneaked me into it. After a while and a few spiked cups of punch I found, just having a good time and doing my best to make her laugh, one thing led to another and we started making out and feeling up. We went out to my car and I slow f***** her for a good hour or so

After that night we continued to chat through text. Typical banter here, flirting there, and an exchange or two of photos both good and bad. Things didn't really click together until I passed by mention of stopping by her place but she said can't because of her parents. Okay cool. I laughed it off to her like "Wow, cann't believe you still live with your parents. Such a loser :^) " but she responded back like it was so obvious "Duh, I'm still in school". Wait wait wait, hold up. I tried digging through this, turns out she wasn't some college girl but a 14 year old.

Not gonna lie that complicated things. Here I was in my mid twenties fooling around with some kid. But like.. she really was cool, and with no other way to say this a smashin babe

I tried to work through it. We even met up a few more times that summer. The 2nd time we fooled around was something else. Like, guilty but so good. But eventually we had to cut things off. Like, she was awesome but her age kept nagging at me and eventually was too much. We left on good terms but years later we haven't really kept in touch

Apr 16, 2020

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  • It's shame. It should not be someone's age that is the deciding factor it should be puberty that decides when someone is ready for s**.

  • It's at the time you realise the age, you have to man up, and kill them. Dispose of the body.

  • Sometimes those 14 year olds are hard to tell they are under age. This girl came over to my buddies house one time for a party. I didn't know who she was, neither did my buddy. We were 21 maybe 22 at the time. She was really into my buddy, so she started hanging around. I knew they were f******, but I didn't think much of it, just another woman. Till one day he calls me up in some big f****** panic saying his life is over. I'm like what the f*** you talking about. He says that girl he's been f****** is on 14 years old. I'm like dude, you gotta stop seeing her. Lucky she never told, and lucky his ass never went to prison.

  • Or got pregnant!

  • That is why you do them before they can

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