Jewish people belong in the dumpster

Jewish people are total trash. They build the so called Hebrew school next to their luxurious houses with the rundown bungalows nearby just to distinguish themselves from the ordinary people who don't make much money. When they walk on the street they take up both sides of the sidewalk and even the tarmac road for cars! These greedy people just can't get enough. They are arrogant enough to refuse to believe that Jesus is the son of God. They are a bunch of pretentious a******* who always think they are superior than anyone else and their kids always make fun of innocent pedestrian without shame at all. That tells you a lot about this sick ethnic group of people. They possess an unbelievably huge amount of wealth and all they want is to get more money and let the poor people die while they enjoy watching them suffer. No wonder Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews. If I lived in the 1940s, I would have joined the scared army of the great German Reich and be on the frontline to kill the f****** Jews.

Apr 18, 2020

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  • Get a job. Get a life!

  • Spinosa was a Jewish scholar that brought Europe out of the dark ages, Albert Einstein split the atom, Jonas Salk gave us the polio vaccine saving millions from death and deformity. Jews are the victims not the victimizers. Perhaps if they have been treated in a more civilized manner there would be no bad Jews.

    MY fathers friend on the police force was a great jewish guy and his son and I are great friends. You anti semites are out of your ever loving minds.

  • And thats not all-I have heard about and read about young Jewish girls in the 12 to 14 year old range,dressed in poofy party the Bar Mitzvah boys b******* and their ultimate 'Bar Mitzvah" gift!There was an article on the web here about this a while back about a Bar Mitzvah on the north side of Chicago and after the ceremony the boys were loaded into a coach type of bus for the 40 mile ride to the party venue and then the girls in their party dresses got on next and gave the boys b******* during the bus ride!

  • Spinoza a Jew brought Europe out of the Dark Ages, Albert Einstein gave us the theory of relativity, Jonas Salk gave us the polio vaccine saving the lives of possibly millions of people. Jews excel in all the sciences and in education. Jewish professors, teachers, and wise men and women in general. My doctor is Jewish and I wouldn't trade him for another type of person.

    Jews aren't the only ones who flaunt their wealth.

    Grow up.

  • Aryans are just salty cause they are going extinct lol.

    You blame Jews, but at the root of most modern problems is some f***** with blue eyes.

    Trump- evil- blue eyes
    Bill Gates - Blue eyes
    Nazis- Blue eyes
    Zuckerberg- Blue eyes

    on and on. Blue eyed people sneak their ways into the top. Then they blame everyone else for all the worlds problems. Common Aryans tactic. They cry from their ivory towers, blaming everyone else.

    Even the f****** Jews who are barely even a thing anymore.

    Find another Scape Goat white Aryan. Everyone is growing really sick of your s***. The blacks are sick of you, the Asians are sick of you.

    Everywhere you go you spout your hatred, and elitism. You try and bully your way to the top.

    In a great twist of fate you also have the weakest genetics, as time passes your numbers shrink and soon you will go extinct. Weak, CUCKOLD, race.

  • Your bitter tears are delicious. Why are you so jealous of people with blue eyes? I'll bet yours look like two shitstains on a dirty window. Maybe that's why.

  • N*** b******

  • You know what's worse than a Jew? A racist white fascist. Go back to your hole, prostrate yourself before the Lord and get f*****.

  • Nope. What's worse than a Jew is stupid white people who believe in the Jew's lies and spout "racism" against the enlightened whites. Here's your one way ticket to a reeducation camp✉

  • WTF , I’m not a jew but you are just a looser to say that... and also ignorant enough to say that Jesus Christ son of a God, God doesn’t have son(bilogical, sexually) if you mean son In Bible tons of sons of God 🤪

  • Hey man, I'm 100% atheist, but I say leave the Jews alone.
    I've never had an issue with any Jewish person, and tbh, some of the women are smoking hot!

  • F*** you. They gave me a fuckton of trouble when I was trying to get a business loan, and my mortgage.

  • Boo hoo, poor baby. Welcome to life. Shut your whining cake hole

  • They killed Jesus. But folks say it was the romans.

  • No, it was you and me.

  • Can you imagine if some brown-skinned hippie appeared in 'Murica telling people to be decent to each other? He wouldn't even finish the sentence before his "fan club" tore him apart.

  • Wrong, I was not there

  • Anti-Semite B******!

  • N***!!!

  • Commie libturd globohomo piece of s***!!!!

  • Trump has inspired all this race hate. He wants to have all of us at each other's throat! Wake up america!!!!

  • Whatever. Hate Jews, hate Chinese, hate liberals, hate gays. You burn out hating on them and yet THEY STILL EXIST ANYWAY. The only thing that changes is that your mental illness slowly transforms the rest of you into a reflection of itself. When you're lying, helpless and cancer-ridden, on your deathbed, the chances of you getting your last sponge bath from one of these demographics is pretty good. Something to think about as you lie there unable to even p*** without help, all because of that hate you nurture so carefully. Have fun! :)

  • Angry!! Seek therapy

  • Aw, look at the triggered snowflake. LOL

  • Neo-N*** B.S.!!

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