Jewish people belong in the dumpster

Jewish people are total trash. They build the so called Hebrew school next to their luxurious houses with the rundown bungalows nearby just to distinguish themselves from the ordinary people who don't make much money. When they walk on the street they take up both sides of the sidewalk and even the tarmac road for cars! These greedy people just can't get enough. They are arrogant enough to refuse to believe that Jesus is the son of God. They are a bunch of pretentious a******* who always think they are superior than anyone else and their kids always make fun of innocent pedestrian without shame at all. That tells you a lot about this sick ethnic group of people. They possess an unbelievably huge amount of wealth and all they want is to get more money and let the poor people die while they enjoy watching them suffer. No wonder Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews. If I lived in the 1940s, I would have joined the scared army of the great German Reich and be on the frontline to kill the f****** Jews.



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  • N*** b******

  • You know what's worse than a Jew? A racist white fascist. Go back to your hole, prostrate yourself before the Lord and get f*****.

  • WTF , I’m not a jew but you are just a looser to say that... and also ignorant enough to say that Jesus Christ son of a God, God doesn’t have son(bilogical, sexually) if you mean son In Bible tons of sons of God 🤪

  • Hey man, I'm 100% atheist, but I say leave the Jews alone.
    I've never had an issue with any Jewish person, and tbh, some of the women are smoking hot!

  • They killed Jesus. But folks say it was the romans.

  • No, it was you and me.

  • Wrong, I was not there

  • Anti-Semite B******!

  • N***!!!

  • Trump has inspired all this race hate. He wants to have all of us at each other's throat! Wake up america!!!!

  • Whatever. Hate Jews, hate Chinese, hate liberals, hate gays. You burn out hating on them and yet THEY STILL EXIST ANYWAY. The only thing that changes is that your mental illness slowly transforms the rest of you into a reflection of itself. When you're lying, helpless and cancer-ridden, on your deathbed, the chances of you getting your last sponge bath from one of these demographics is pretty good. Something to think about as you lie there unable to even p*** without help, all because of that hate you nurture so carefully. Have fun! :)

  • Angry!! Seek therapy

  • Neo-N*** B.S.!!

  • Hate is a useful tool, cheap politicians use it all the time, just sayin.

  • Yeh cheap politicians like our US prez.

  • He would have joined the SCARED army of the great german reich. They wernt scared they were certainly not great and idiot thinking like yours proves the gene pool needs recleansed.

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