Girlfriend does something weird while kissing

My girlfriend (23) knees me in the b**** everytime we make out alone. She just chuckles and continues to kiss me while I try to gasp for air but she doesn't let me go.

In the beginning it hurt a lot. One time I even started to go down to my knees but she stood standing and pulled me upwards and kept on kissing. I've grown used to it now.

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  • My wife does this. Generally I rule the roost at home, but in the bedroom, she is Queen. She often grabs my b**** so tight as we make out to tell her she owns me and she keeps me to pleasure her.

    Kneeing, kicking, punching, and once hit them with a huge d****. Then I have to eat her out. Sometimes after me getting her to o***** during s**, before I c**, she makes me stand and kicks my b**** hard so hard that I don't end up c****** that night due to the pain.

  • Punch her right back in the gut and see it that stops it.

  • Psycho b****!

  • Where a cup, surprise her.

  • Wear*

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