I don't support the gay propaganda

Its wrong. Abomination
You are destroying the traditional family... Man and Woman, Adam and Eve
You can repent all you want. But you will not do it.
God can save you, but you will not enter the Gates of Heaven
I will not pray for you.

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  • F*** you and your "traditional family" you can believe in your "God" all you like but in the end, you're f*****, and you're going to h*** either way ;)

  • What you deem a traditional family, maybe a dysfunctional one for some people.

    A person's sexuality doesn't determine, if a person is good or not.

    Some people have a mother and father, but a horrific home environment full of hate/abuse.

    Some people have gay parents and a safe and loving home life. There are many situations that individuals are in, experiencing and have experienced - Regardless of what gender/sexuality a person's guardian is.

    Judge others on how they treat people and animals. Judge not, on what sexuality a person has. You should know as a human being, that a person's sexuality doesn't determine a person's entire identity. A person is more, than their sexuality.

    I bet you also believe the stereotype that a*** is a gay thing aswell?! Wrong, a*** s** is an individual sexual preference. Oral s** is an individual sexual preference aswell, if you're wondering.

    I'm assuming you judge others aswell, on what racial ethnicity they have? If yes, how very stereotypical of you.

    If you believe in god, don't you love thy neighbour as you would love thy self? What if your neighbours were gay?

  • I love my boyfriend. Especially when we make love. I love it when he is inside me.

  • Totally agreed.
    It's about time somebody spoke the truth about these disgusting people .
    Faggots are not normal and should be executed perhaps by lethal injection.

  • Enjoy being the next hitler, you f****** psycho, go ahead and drink bleach for me :)

  • Perhaps, you should take that lethal injection yourself and do yourself a favor :) Good luck with your hateful and toxic attitude.

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