I'm a military wife

I prefer to be friends with with military wives only. No civilian wives. The civilian wives have no clue. If you a military wife. Let me know.

Apr 21, 2020

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  • Well, s***/ c**** or for a real woman from my dad, a CMDCM

  • What about the hermit military wife.

  • This Just In: Dependapotamus Sighting on Confession Post

    Be aware of the following:
    - Proud cluelessness
    - Entitlement
    - Unfounded arrogance
    - Snotty adolescent-girl attitude held over from when dependa first began menstruating

    I'm sure I've missed at least one of the signs. OP ought to provide some fine examples in the near future. Will you include the word "jealous" in there and a passive-aggressive smiley face, like you did when you were 14? Oh, pretty please!


  • You are a hater. YOU military wives talk about people too much. Get a life and stop wearing that man's rank and his coat tail. Get your own life

  • This is funny. I'm going to look into that.

  • You are funny. It takes as much effort as looking into a mirror.

  • You I is get off this site girl. You are not military wife, you are a civilian. We don't want to with the enemy. Elaine stay in your lane. If you want war. You will get one. Stupid white woman

  • I sniff military wives dirty panties

  • Me too, especially if their husband has died!! Mmm that widow smell really gets me high

  • Maybe

  • I love being a military wife. I been to a lot of beautiful places and never have to struggle for anything. I'm glad I married a sailor

  • Same here. Except I didn't need to attach myself, remora-like, to another person to do it. But, uh, go you I guess...

  • This is a confession site, not social

  • Oh my God, a civilian woman. You are just mad, because you can't have our life. Good Bi Polar Bear

  • My mom and another mom I never seen a man over. Close circle. But yeah things happen.

  • I'm a military wife. I agree with you.

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