My neighbours teenage daughter.

My neighbour has a 17 year old daughter. It really gets me going, when i see her walking around in their garden, wearing tight shorts and a see-through top. Shes a gymnast and has this tight, little body.
Her room is clearly visible from my bedroom window. I see her in underwear, little ass in a thong, when shes trying out clothing. She really makes me hard.
I dont know, if she has ever noticed me spying on her. I hope she has, sometimes it feels that way, and i hope she likes it.



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  • Stop being a gross pedophile

  • Have you tried the old fashion way and just say hi to her. If she responds back you have a chance. Doing what morons have posted will turn her off and might land you in jail. You never mentioned your age so this is based on the fact that you are around her age.

  • She wants it. So...first get some really small thong men's underwear and let her see you in the window...pretend you don't see her. Play with your d*** in front of the window. Do it every night at the same time, so she knows your schedule.
    Then do it without the thong...letting her see your naked d*** and b****. Really play with them for a long time in front of the window. Then shoot your l*** onto the window when you know she is watching. If she responds and you know she is send her a condom full of your c**. She will probably lick it out and suck on it. Then send her a note saying you want to meet her and include a naked photo of yourself with your d*** hard.
    It will work.

  • She wants some attention, so give it to her.

  • Maybe you could let her see you naked or let her catch you watching her, something might happen then.

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