Talking to her ex's

I am a closeted bi male. One of my biggest turn ons is hearing about my wife's past from past lovers. We were both married before and she told me how many affairs she had on her hubby and there were plenty. I was online one night and called out to anyone that worked where she worked or knew someone that was in her line of work. I received several replies and most were just general curiosity but a few actually knew her. I got very aroused with them telling me about her past. Then I went on a quest to find more and talked to her ex lovers. She is a bigger girl 250lbs with 42DD b******. One guy asked me to meet with him so he could tell me things in person. I was so turned on by him telling me face to face and he knew it. Ended up with me blowing him while he talked about her. Him trashing her was even better. I sent him pics that I took of her without her knowing it. Mostly topless bouncing around the room. I did the same with a couple of men she worked with at the time. She was a school bus driver so there were lots of meetings in the back of the school busses for her and her lovers. A mechanic that worked there told me in detail everything they used to do. I love telling of her past and it really turns me on. If anyone out there wants to chat about wife's past with others just let me know. I live in Halifax area of Nova Scotia.

May 1, 2020

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