The wife gets her due.

We have been married for 10 years and were fighting all the time . We fought about everything, it didn't matter what stupid thing it was about , it went on all the time.
What I didn't know was my wife plotted to seduce our next door neighbor to get even with me. She knew he liked her because of all the flirting she and he did with each other.
So one day I left for work and she called him up to come over to stop a leak in the kitchen , at least that was the excuse.
She then got naked and put on a short robe , he fell right into her trap. The minute he got inside the house she took off the robe and jumped on him, he didn't stand a chance, she had his pants down and had his c*** in her hand and was jerking him off . She then dragged him by his c*** into the bedroom and proceeded to s**** him , this went on for about 30 minutes until he came
That night when i came home she seemed different , like a wild woman she dragged me into bedroom and began to take off my clothes, she threw me on the bed and sat on my face forcing me to eat her out which i didn't mind as we had done this many times before.
While I was down there I noticed that her p**** was very wet and tasted different, then i knew what she had done. She was making me eat her lovers c**. I pushed her off and flipped her over and began to f*** her up the ass which she hated.
Then she admitted to having this guy and having me eat her lovers c**, she told me all the details and laughed in my face.
Soon after we divorced but remained f*** buddies
That was 5 years ago and from what i can tell she is pulling the same tricks on her new husband

Mar 20, 2021

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  • So you had a hidden camera in the house since you know the step by step details ? Fake as plactic fruit .

  • The only plastic is between your ears and no there was no camera, she told me the story i'm sorry to say.

  • She's a backstabbing, lying w****. F*** her. Don't look back.

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