I enjoy killing animals

When I was about 5, I had held my mom's kitten under water until it stopped moving. I didn't have a set reason for why I did it I was just curious. i liked the way the kitten moved when I held it under. My mom found out and started crying but I didn't understand why she was upset. I continued to harm several small animals and collected my dead pet's bones until I was 13. at around 13 I started hunting and fishing so I could experience more of the sensation.

24 days

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  • You are a born psychopath but you can change when you learn empathy, most probably through pain. This is why some countries administer corporal punishment such as caning and whipping. Psychopaths need to be tortured the same way they treated others in order to understand the consequence of their actions and the pain they inflict on others.

  • Thank you for your input

  • You should seek help from a psychiatrist.

  • Serial killer in waiting. Let's hope nature takes you out before you take anyone else out.

  • Mods, please delete this!

    And you, disgusting b****, I hope you rot in h***.

  • You need your butt kicked

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