Sister in law

I’ve had a thing for my sister in law for a long time now and flirt with her all the time. We even play fight, which really is an opportunity for the two of us to touch each other without anyone thinking too much about it.
One time we were all at a family party having some drinks. The banter started and eventually we were play fighting. At one point I had grabbed her from behind in a sort of bear grip but was holding both of her b****** while pushing my c*** into her ass. Eventually she ended up on top of me pinning my arms to the floor. I could feel her ever so gently rubbing herself on my hard c***. All the time this was going on my wife, her other sister and brother were cheering and non the wiser to what really was happening. I, with a lot of effort managed to shake her off and break away pretty much ending the fight, as I did so I challenged my sister in law to better next time and that I would be ready for her, everyone was laughing.
Later in the evening I went upstairs to the toilet. I had just gone in for a pee so hadn’t put the latch on the door. When I finished my pee I was putting myself away when a voice said “I thought you said you’d be ready for me? To which I turned to find my sister in law stood there, bullishly I replied that I was always ready for her, “not by putting that away” she replied. I suddenly felt very shy as I realised she was talking about my c***. “Well” she demanded, “you wouldn’t dare” I replied hoping that this was a bluff. It wasn’t, she strode over to me, unzipped my pants and took out my c***, very quickly I was hard. She knelt down and sucked my c*** until I couldn’t hold it any more and shot my load, she swallowed every drop like a pro (my wife never does). As soon as I had c**, she stood up and walked out and as she did she said that she thought she had won that one. I went downstairs feeling guilty and worried everyone would know what went on, instead when I got down stairs everyone was just laughing and joking like before.
The lockdown has happened, so I’ve not seen my sister in law since this happened but hope that I can get a repeat performance or more.

May 10, 2020

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  • I’d love to get to grips with my sister in law, she is much hotter than my wife, who has let herself go and doesn’t seem to care

  • I have a similar thing with my sister in law, however we’ve never touched but we say dirty things to each other. I’d say things like your t*** look nice today maybe you should let them out and she would reply with something like only if you sick my nipples. Our forward and and back talk has even gone as far as me saying when I do get to f*** you your p**** is going to ache for days and her saying she would f*** all the c** out of me. As I say we’ve never touched and these forward and back comments happen when we’re alone like passing on the stairs and no one is about. I can’t wait to see if she can hold up on her brave talk

  • You need to seduce your sister-in-law I have always had sexual desire for my sister-in-law. I once took my sister-in-law tank top and bra off and seen her C-Cup t***. I played with those nice big b**** for a few seconds and pulled her pants down to her sexy see through white thong. It was cut short when my wife pulled into the drive way.

  • My snap is pique1751 if any female wants to send snaps or talk wanna show you in laws

  • I cheated on my wife with her sister after I went round to her house to hang a cupboard. The plan was that later that day my wife would come round and we would get a pizza in and have a few beers. My sister in law always seem to pick the wrong guy and ends up getting left on her own and heartbroken. I had finished putting the cupboard up much quicker than I had imagined an we still had a few hours before my wife was expected. My SIL said I’d done a good job and deserved a beer, so we started having a few beers. After a while of drinking and general chatting my SIL started to tell me about how lonely she is and that she wished she found a guy like both her other sisters. She said that she wanted someone perfect like me, I blushed a little and told her I wasn’t perfect and can be a j*** at times just like most guys. She explained that she didn’t mind being on her own it was the lack of s** that was the real problem, this openness shocked but aroused me, partly from beer and partly from l*** I said that if I can fix a cupboard for her I could fix her sexual desires for her. In a split moment she was taking my pants down and grabbing for my c***. We had great s**. After that she would call me to do little jobs around her house, I was hooked, the s** was great and I’d do anything to get it. She started making little demands but as long as I was getting s** I would go with it. One time she asked to shave my c*** n b****, which I then had to explain away to my wife - fortunately she liked the look. However now my SIL has pictures of us both f****** and is making more demands on my time, my wife and I are arguing that I’m always at her sisters doing this n that and that I should stop. My SIL knows this but is threatening to show them to my wife - what started out great is now my biggest regret

  • Would love to have s** with my sister in law while her partner f**** my wife

  • I slept with my sister-in-law four times. It was amazing!!! She is beautiful and a much better lover than my wife.

  • My mother-in-law is much better than my wife. Not only does she suck me off and swallow my cu m, but she always let's me ride her bareback and her kitty muscles grip my rod so tight when I'm spunking up her.

  • I too think my sister-in-law is a better lover than my wife, she always makes me c** when she gives me a b******, my wife never has

  • Maybe the whole family has an incest thing. You can have a foursome. JK
    I suspect either the sister is regretful, or your wife knows she has this pattern of behaviour.

  • On several occasions, I've had my wife and her mother together. You can only imagine the sensation I get when I'm riding my mother-in-law doggy style as she laps and licks her daughter's cli t.

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