It's so complicated

I've been dating this guy for almost six months and I'm afraid I'm creating a mess for myself. The relationship itself is wonderful, he treats me like a princess and buys me all kinds of things (we started dating just before Christmas and gifts to me were amazing). The s** is the best ever and he wants me all the time. But there are problems and here are only a few of them:

1. He's older than my parents.
2. He's my mom's boss.
3. He's married, and him and his wife are friends with my parents.
4. He has two kids, both a little older than of them is a boy and we had a few dates last year for school parties or dances.
5. There is something about the way he does me that makes me want to get off my birth control and make him knock me up.
Everything about the guy makes me want him more (especially how he fits into me.....goddammn!!!). I don't know how I got so far into this so fast. He says he loves me and he shows it every day. You can't imagine how good this relationship is. Or how complicated it is. I just know I want more and more.

May 13, 2020

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  • Not sure what else could possibly make this situation any worse.

  • L*** though. Sin hurts everyone, I hope you don't find out the hard way, just don't blame God. Seek the kingdom of God first an all else will follow

  • This will end badly. For everybody involved. End it now and don"t go back. Cut your losses before things get worse.

  • Perhaps this is the time you face reality and simply become his mistress or paid escort.

  • I would be ok to be the mistress at least for awhile but eventually I would want to change over to be the wife and would want to have our own children because the children he had with his wife are just so retarded it's embarrassing. I don't even ever want to have them near me. Ugh! Eventually he has to leave them all.

  • You're a butt ugly pig which is why you're grateful for any male attention.

  • Men come after me all the time. I mean like all the time. I het all the men I want but this one is special which is why I might blow up his family.

  • I believe you. I would come after you, too. You sound like an unbelievably hot girl. I want You.

  • It's not complicated, you're just being a female. Females want what they cant truly have, it gives them a thrill. You cant truly have this man, but you know this and get off on it. Sounds like you enjoying yourself, just dont enjoy yourself too much. By that i mean: you might fall for him, and he might say what you want to hear, but he aint gonna leave the wife/kids for you.

  • I'm sure he would leave his family if I told him to, but I am not old enough to be on my own or get married without parent permission. But I know it that he loves me more than her. I'm more pretty and hotter so there's no way I don't get him.

  • I know you might think that, but he wont. Like others have said: you're just a boost/thrill for him. He's enjoying having s** with you and will continue saying what you want to hear so he can keep having s** with you, but that's about it. He wont leave the wife and kids for you, and the min you ask, he's either gonna string you along with 'maybes, ifs, whens' to keep having s**, or he's just gonna end it.

  • ^This^is totally correct. I was in your position many years ago and the man I thought I knew just continued to string me on for another year...... Until he found another girl even younger than I was....and more gullible than I was. But count yourself lucky: the younger girl who took my place wound up preggers. Don't let that happen to you. Please don't let that happen. At your age, it would ruin your life. Please don't let him do that to YOU!

  • Forget it. He will not leave his wife and children for a fling with a young girl. They never do. It's an ego boost for him. As soon as one person knows about it is going to blow up in your face and you will be the one feeling hurt.

  • Totally true. He's manipulating you.

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