My Best Friend’s Husband

I’m newly divorced and in my mid-20s. Long story short, I rushed into marriage with my ex-husband, he ran around on me and broke my heart.

After the divorce I needed a new beginning. I took a teaching job about two hours away and reconnected with an old college girlfriend named Jill. We weren’t best friends in college but ran in a lot of the same circles. Jill tended to party a lot and was very popular with the boys.

Fast forward four years, and her husband Kevin is this quiet and dorky guy. Very sweet and treats Jill like gold. I always wondered how he snagged her, but they seemed genuinely happy together.

One night after some drinking Jill was scouting through photos on her phone to show me something when I saw what I knew were c*** pictures.

“Wait, what was that?” I asked.

Jill knee she had been busted and I didn’t relent. I wanted to see more.

“Well, sometimes when I’m traveling for work, Kevin and I will send some fun pictures back and forth. I guess I forgot to delete this one,” she said showing me.

Wowzers! Like I said, Kevin is kind of dorky and maybe even a little awkward, but he was packing a punch down below. I was starting to learn more what Jill saw in him, to be honest. Of course, it didn’t help that it had been over a year since anyone had been inside me.

I got the feeling Jill liked showing me. Maybe it was to brag or because I seemed so interested. But soon, she was showing me more pictures.

That was just prior to this whole quarantine and stay-at-home thing. I haven’t seen either Jill or Kevin since March, but Jill has shared a few photos with me and swears Kevin has no idea. Let’s just say the photos have come in handy under the circumstances right now.

Truth is, if Kevin knocked on my door right now I’d pull him into the house and make him f*** my brains out. Is my own friend teasing me by doing this? I just don’t get it....but I’m not complaining. I love her, but I’m almost disappointed when I get a text from her that doesn’t show off’s Kevin’s piece of equipment.

May 13, 2020

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  • Thank you for sharing.
    I wish my wife did the same thing. Sometimes I fantasize that one of her friends gets to see my nudes and gets turned on by them. But that will never happen, unless I accidentally send them a pic or two pretending it was meant to be for my wife, which I might do some day if I get the courage.

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