Tastes and smells . . . and more

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years and cohabiting for almost two of those. I thought things were great, but about a month ago I noticed some lipstick on his shirt, an unusual shade -- virtually black -- that my Best friend Jill wears. I asked him about it. He just laughed and said it was grease that came from under the hood of the car when he had to add oil to the engine. Couple days later he came home from "working late at the office" and he smelled like my best friend's perfume. I asked, and he said he had bumped into her at lunch that afternoon and she'd hugged him. The following evening he came home and he kissed me hello, and his lips tasted like **, the next night, his breath smelled like he'd been eating ** for hours. Then this past weekend, I came home from having been out of town to check on my parents, and found several VERY long strands of auburn hair in our bed, and with the color and extreme length it could really only belong to my friend Jil (they either hadn't bothered themselves to change the sheets or she wants me to know they are **. I've asked him, as I said, and I think he just flat lied. I'm afraid to ask Jill because I think she'd lie and then tell all our friends that I can't keep a man (sadly, I've lost more than one man before to other siren women and Jill always says I just can't compete. Lastly, after having quit smoking four years ago, She started up again in March when the virus began, and since then, my man seems to always smell of cigarettes. I'm sure I can't compete with Jill's athlete body ( or her incredible body art) so I'm afraid of what is happening, and what they are planning. I'm even afraid she will turn up pregnant and it will be his .

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  • I don't know why all the people below are such **. If he's the kind of guy to cheat on you, he isn't worth keeping. Find someone else who has the courage to tell the truth. Relationships are built on the foundation of honest communication.

  • YES, HE BELONGS TO Jill now, obviously. Move out and move on. He is so over you. He has someone better!!

  • Demand a 3-some or kick him out!

  • You sound like a doudy loser.
    No wonder he's sleeping with Jill, she sounds amazing.

  • You should go with your gut and the evidence: he's sleeping with her. The ball is in your court now and how you will proceed.

  • Give him an ultimatum. Tell him you know about Jill and make him choose.

  • She probably feels like she can"t do that because he would totally choose Jill. Any man would. And if she pushes Jill, Jill will just go have him knock her up: that's what I would do if I was Jill.

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