My wife and I swapped with our neighbor last weekend.

We were at my neighbor’s backyard pool drinking and smoking pot. They’re late 40s and we’re mid 20s. He was getting close with my wife and his wife was rubbing on me. Things were got hot and he told us they were swingers and would love to swap. We agreed. His wife went home with me and my wife stayed. I had ** with his wife then went to sleep.

The next day, we swapped stories. She told me they have a ‘fun room’ with toys and pillows. The next time, he’d come here and I’d stay there. They’d have ** then take a break to smoke a joint. Then have ** again. She said the pillows made it easy to do certain positions. We both had fun, plan to do it again soon and agree it’s helped our relationship.

He gave my wife access to an online swingers group and recommended we swap with his golf buddy and wife next. He told my wife his buddy would love having ** with her. She’s already messaging him to schedule. They’re 50’s and his wife is had lots of plastic surgery. I told my wife but I’m not interested in his wife but willing to swap with the neighbors again or another couple. We originally agreed to do this as a couple and she acted a little bummed because she really wants to hook up with the guy. She thinks he's HOT and flattered he’d like to have ** with her. I told her I’d be OK if she hooked up with him solo and share details later. I asked if she thought he’d be ok. She quickly said he’s marriage is open and willing to couple swap or meet with or without your knowledge. He sounds like he’s into my wife so I told her to do it.

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  • The first time we swapped was with a couple our parents age. His wife was average looking and I was nervous all night and couldn't do it.
    The next day my wife came home exhausted, showered and slept all day.
    When she woke up, she asked how it went for me. I told her. She blushed and told me the guy pounded her silly all night long!
    She was hoping to swap again soon but since I didn't have a good time she wouldn't.
    I could tell she'd had fun so we swapped again. This time I had ** with the wife.

  • Knowing the wife is out enjoying ** with someone is a delicious kind of almost pain. Watching them is fun but knowing they are without being there is more exciting.

  • Looks like you have a good approach to this but I do think you are missing a opportunity to swap with this older wife even if she has had a lot of surgery. It's just **!

  • I know some marriages that were not affected by similar circumstances, some like mine that got better because of it, and others marriages that were complete destroyed over time because of it. You need to make sure you understand all the reasons BOTH of you are doing it. Be careful what you wish for.

  • I hope you know how committed to the ** life you truly are. I say that cause she was trying to not have ** with someone unless you were too, but now that you've given her the ok, expect her to be having ** with other men alone more often than yall swapping. You shouldve just sucked it up and had ** with the wife.

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