Staying warm during the Arctic blast

I'm a 25 year old educator currently pursuing my masters degree and married. I was raised in a strict religious family. During college, I was the dorky girl that never attended the parties to enjoy the alcohol, pot and random hookups. Actually, I had to work 30 plus hours to pay bills. I’m 5’8” slim, size 2 jeans, 32A. Until I succumbed to weakness last week, I’d only 'dated' or been intimate with my husband. I also remained a virgin until I got engaged at age 21.
Our house is located in an older part of town and most of our neighbors are up in their years. My husband and I are the youngest, Kelly and Mike are next at 44 and he's 47 with three grown kids. The rest of our neighbors are in their 80s.
My husband went to stay with a friend the night we got the Arctic Blast so they could binge game Fortnite. Around dark, the wind started stirring and it broke a large tree on our street. It took down our power lines and blocked the road. Our house is old and not insulated well. With out power the heat pump wouldn’t work. We have back-up natural gas but it requires power to ignite and operate the blower. I lit some candles, bundled up in the bedroom hoping to get warm. I found my backup power supply for my phone and messaged my husband. No reply. I’m sure he’s friend’s place never lost power and he was gaming. It got very cold when Mike messaged asking how I was doing. He invited me over because his house has a natural gas fireplace and he didn’t want me to freeze. I took him up and the short walk to his house was freezing. I actually think my hair froze along the way.
After I got there, he’d lit many oil lamps and warming hot water on his gas range. He gave me some hot chocolate. Kelly’s a RN and volunteered to work the weekend. The hospital has extra rooms for the staff to stay 24/7 during bad weather plus they have backup emergency generators.
Mike is an attractive man. He’s tall, fit, salt & pepper hair. We talked for an hour or so then he started rubbing my tiny feet. I started getting aroused and a kiss came next. Things got more heated and we started removing our cloths. He offered up that he’d had a vasectomy years ago. We’re not ready for kids so I got IUDs.
I was very shocked that he was already hard. I usually initiate and have to give oral for a long time on my husband.
It was dark so I took his warm ** in my hands. I immediately could tell he was thicker and much larger than my husband.
I laid back and he started out. We kissed as he entered me. The feeling was amazing. OMG! He went very deep inside and filled me up!
We had ** for a very long time. He took control and we did numerous positions I’d never done before and made me climax twice. The second was during rough doggy.
I’ve only experienced very few ** with my husband. Mostly because my husband is vanilla and kinda obese. Mike is very fit and can last a long time. We kissed and had passionate ** numerous times that night. He fills me up and has a rhythm that can hit my spot. I was impressed how quick he could recover. My husband is a ‘one and done’.
We woke up around 10am to the sound of chainsaws from the City removing the tree. The power finally came on at 5pm. Mike came to my house to see if we had any damage. The pipes were frozen. He confirmed his wife was not coming home until late the next day so I agreed to say with him. I grabbed a change of cloths and took a hot shower at his house.
We spent the day having **. For dinner, we cooked dinner, drank wine and had steamy passionate **.
It’s been a week, and things are back to normal. I feel no regrets. However, I’m starting to feel guilt because I’d do it again. I told him I’ll be right over, just message ‘dtf’.

Jan 2

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  • Sure, why not cheat out of the blue and break a man into a million pieces. He will find out sooner or later and i hope he carves your face open. Actually i would wait until winter, strip you bare and bury you in snow until you freeze to death. Watch as you slowly die **.

  • Can you move near me

  • I need to feel guilty. You husband left you in a terrible situation.

    And there is nothing better as a young woman than having ** with an older experienced man. Other than being an experienced middle aged woman with a young man.

    Enjoy it !!!

  • No worries, you were in survival mode. That beef injection kept you alive.

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