When I was a kid, I got curious and started to experiment with myself. After hearing about it, I even tried getting my pet dog to lick me down there with a little help. It was like raging fire for something so new to me, which only got me to thinking. Eventually though, I may have went a bit too far. I always lie to people whenever about my first time, telling them it was a friend, but no. For two years I was experimenting s** with a dog. I don't do that anymore, and I grew out of it when I actually started dated and got toys but still! Its embarrassing as h***!

May 18, 2020


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  • The shocking part is only on how much more common it is among women then men

  • Aww i think it's sweet ;)

  • I just did and it f****** hurt, f***, Lol, licking much better

  • I am a 15 year old girl and a bedwetter.I wear a disposable diaper with adult size plastic pants over it to bed every night.Every so often i put on a pair of my plastic pants and rub the crotch of them agaisnt my v*****! It feels really great!

  • Love to rub your vag for you

  • I'd love to have your diapers.

  • I let my dog f*** my ass I love it

  • I woke one night when I was 14 to my puppy licking all over my d*** it was hard as a rock achieved o***** and had a lot more after that I love that little puppy and miss her

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