Question for those of you that have walked in on someone...

Question for those of you that have walked in on someone giving themselves a little self relief....

Were they startled? Were you more startled? Did they continue. It's much easier for a girl to cover up. But some people just don't care.



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  • I walked in on my aunt and uncle when I was 8

  • Drop dead pedo

  • My little sister walked in on me and I let her watch. So hot!!

  • Ask her to help, nothing nicer than a nice small, soft, warm hand wanking it for you

  • Been there. They literally don't take their eyes off it

  • I want their mouth on it not their eyes

  • I have caught a few guys doing it and ended up giving 2 of them b******* and yes I am a guy

  • Faggot

  • You know you are dying to suck a nice hardcock

  • Love you to catch me!

  • My niece walked in on me

  • WTF

  • How old?

  • You are a sick twisted pedo

  • He just asked how old he didn't say anything dirty. When it's a older girl it tends to be more awkward

  • 7 yrs

  • I let mine watch me

  • Die SickFucking PEDO

  • U r so easy to wind up

  • DaMN right anything that includes minors is sick and disgusting period. Your sick about very young children disgust us so go craw back into whatever heII hole you came from and die.

  • Had a college roommate who did it openly once a day. His girlfriend was at another school far away so he said this kept him out of trouble. He wasn’t even discreet. Like for him, when it was time, it was time.

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