Submissive Wife

My wife came to me and said that she could not continue to work at the office and I asked why and she said that at the office she was in charge. She said that it was hard to instruct them in what to do when she was wearing short dresses and that also when she gets home she has to totally change her mind to not questioning or organising or leading but to be quiet and submissive.

I said that we will write a letter of resignation so we did.

This morning she took the letter into work. Then she called me and said that they have asked if she could continue to work there but just not in the managers position. I said yes that sounded like a good idea.

So now they are swapping her and one of her underlings has been promoted to the managers position. The new manager is much younger, female and very self confident.

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My sister in law

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  • My sister is like this. She is very submissive & hates to decide anything.
    At work, she worked hard & they promoted her. She hated it. She wanted to be told what to do. She asked to step down & a younger bossy woman was made her boss. She loves it. The bossier the woman is, the more she likes it.
    When she fixes supper, her husband has to tell her what he wants. She gets mad if she has to decide.
    She is like this for **. When she was a teenager a girl made her eat her several times.
    She never says no. A guy at work ** her because she could not say no. He thinks he seduced her. But it is not her place to say no to anyone.

  • From the op: from the day we were married I'd insisted on obedience and submission. I imposed some rules. One was skirts and dresses and looking feminine. Being quiet. Responding in conversation rather than initiating. Serving. Looking to look after others. We would practice being submissive at home. When out together I would insist on Mini skirts. Then I started requiring them even when she was on her own.

  • After getting a handsome job I was the happiest woman in the world. But when my Boss started to flirt at first I objected. But due to compulsions and pressure I had to budge in and we had **. He was too caring and financially supportive. After one month of daily ** and **, the other day he brought in one of his close buddy and introduced a ** for the first time in my life. It was a wonderful experience, two big ** of different attitude. They tried all type of positions which made me more **. Now I enjoy the ** **.

  • Love it, happy for you!

  • Love it!

  • Does your hisband know and if so does it turn him on?

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