Looking for women

I’m a 16 year old boy and desperately want an older woman to groom me and I am willing to contact

May 29, 2020

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  • My first woman in her 40s taught me at my age of 19 the erotic fun of eating p****. She would insert a bar of chocolate in to her c*** and asked me to retrieve it slowly by my mouth and eat it slowly as it melted. The whole process would take nearly half-an hour and she would reach multiple o****** as she stroked my ball-bursting c***!! At the end the happy ending with me pounding her hot slippery c*** followed by a warm bj by her!!

  • That sounds awesome dude, I’m a little sad I can’t give my virginity to someone with experience because my ex and I gave it to each other when we were 13 at school, it was so awkward and I wish I could’ve gotten shown how to really have s**

  • Have you tried single women sitting alone in a park bench on odd times? I mean between 12 noon to 3 pm. Say hello to some you fancy and get friendly. Tell her that you find her attractive and sexy. With couple of encounters she might get closer with you and invite you to her home. This the breakthrough and pour your heart to her - your fancy and erotic feeling for her. Give her gifts and plant light kisses initially on her cheeks - if she responds go for deep kissing, tight hugging, fondling her b****. She will then lead you on. She will open gradually for you.

  • I take it that you haven't done this yet, no sexperince

  • I feel if I go anywhere I’ll either be recognized and my parents will find out what I’m doing or I might get the cops called on me or something, that does sound like a nice fantasy though

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