Internet and allPornography should be banned entirely in the west

I confess that the whole west in the most screwed up, f***** up, full of a******* Who tolerate and legalize p**********, P********** is certainly not in the constitution of United States and every other Western country.
P********** leads to many things that are bad and wrong with society, things like Incest, teenage pregnancy, Incel’s ( Man-babies who cannot lose their virginity) polygamy Girls ( who have more than one boyfriend), and most of all the most perverted sick organization founded by the Jewish controlled media, the LGBTQ community and let’s not forget that Internet P********** is responsible for All Child p**********, yes it was the Internet that helped sell and distribute All child p********** on Facebook and Kik Messenger And Cipher Stranger chat plus date and other dead sites that google terminated.
P********** is not in the Constitution of the United States, it never was in the constitution, P********** is not freedom or anything free that our forefathers died for, it’s Slavery to an ideology of Sodomy and fornication. If George Washington and the forefathers were still alive, than they certainly will not like the internet making millions or billions of dollars to a bunch of Crooks in the p*** industry. They would rise up in Revolution to kill them all. Just saying that P********** is responsible for lots of things wrong with the United States and the west.

May 31, 2020

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  • Women have been whores for hundreds of years before p*** like we have now came around. Women will continue to be whores even if you managed to ban p***, which you won't because you're a worthless loser with no power.

  • What? You want to live in a despotic regime? All the sins have been around for thousands of years. Banning free speech is the trump card of dictators.

  • I'm afraid the OP is VERY ignorant and unnuanced in their OP. P*** is not modern nor the creator of all evils. Human's are sexual creatures and our species MANDATES that we have a vested interest in each other else our species will surely parish.

  • You can't have freedom and still ban writing. Are you an Inquisitor wannabe?

  • Didnt Jack t. Chick die in 2009 or some s*** who the f*** is this n****

  • Your an idiot, all that stuff predates p***. P********** has nothing to do with it.

  • F*** off p****. Child p*** and Incest p*** is amazing and should never ever be deleted

  • Here here! yung is best

  • Lol

  • I love incest p***!!

  • Daddy c umming in his little princess!

  • Done below comments! This is what happens when you write something against s** maniacs

  • F****** weirdo.
    Have a w***, you might feel better

  • You seem to know an awful lot about the history of child p*** and where one has gone to find it. Things that make you go hmmmmmm

  • Boring t***. Go f*** yourself

  • Lol p*** is great go f*** yourself

  • But if he f**** himself then he'll be p*** then he will have to ban himself

  • Adult p*** is perfectly acceptable

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