I wish Muslims ruled the world

If I had one wish in this world , I would wish for Muslims to rule the world .
Don’t get me wrong , I hated Muslims before , but not anymore .

I hate the F-ing west a lot more than I hate Muslims .
In the west , what do we got ,
We got P**********
We got Fake dating sites ( some of which cost big money)
We got Feminism or femi-n***’s ( makes men’s life’s a living h***)
We got abortion ( by the millions per year )
We got the LGBT Community ( Taught in public schools)
We got man on man ( woman on woman ) marriage ( same s** marriage)
We got Child p***
We got corrupt politicians ( who we work for)

I hope too God that world war 3 comes sooner and if it does come soon , first thing I’m doing is I’m on a plane ticket to The Muslim world ,
I dislike everything about the F-ing western world , it’s h*** on earth for most western men and they know it , many western men lost their manhood and will to fight against these evil things that badly degrades them ,
these things I just mentioned are not Free , Freedom is not Free , that is not what our Forefathers fought for and died for in the American Revolution (1776-1783)
These things are slavery and we are all the slaves of it .

If world war 3 is on the horizon, than I may as well fight on the side of Muslims in order to rid the world of these evil things that Badly Degrades the American Revolution and makes slaves of its citizens , I truly hate the west on what it’s become

At least in Islam I can marry who ever I want too and not feel ashamed about it , nothing to be ashamed about in being a real man in life , i am waiting for World War 3 to be on the Horizon so I can go and never look back on this western world .


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  • You're just a sorry little wad of hate desperate for something else to hate on. I don't have much experience with or opinion on Muslims, but tons of experience with shitnibbles like you. Go f****** a cattle prod and improve the gene pool.

  • Haha muslim men that same like that Muhammad that got strong s** desire but no woman want to entertain him so he try to make a fake story i like go in a cave and meet an fairy and fairy give him the message from god, that men can married 3 or 4 wife and f them whenever u want

  • The end is coming! dont worry, everything well end soon. hope we can save our souls.

  • It’s only because you need something to justify you being a a f****** loser.
    Don’t forget you get to f*** all the goats you want

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