My girlfriend’s cool job during the pandemic

Kelly’s 22 and we’ve been together 2 years, she’s a part-time assistant nutritionist at the cancer center. Kelly met Sherry last year while diet planning during her battle with stage 4 cancer. Mike is Sherry’s wife. They’re pretty old, not boomers but maybe mid 40s. Mike owns real-estate business and asked to hire Kelly to cook for them on Saturdays and Sundays. Mike would take Kelly out for dinner after work Friday night then they’d go shopping at Farmer’s markets and Earth Fair. She’d cook for them on Saturday & Sunday. Sherry passed in December but Mike asked Kelly to continue cooking for him on her days off.
I’m 26 and an influencer on youtube, instagram and facebook. It takes up most of my day but it’s rewarding. I also provide part-time services to Lyft & Grubhub as a driver because I like their business model, however, Lyft doesn’t allow drivers to pickup riders when the spare tire is in use.
Kelly got furloughed when COVID-19 started spreading. Her roommate canceled the lease and moved back home. Kelly’s family lives out of state and my parents said she could crash on the couch. I called my Dr and he confirmed I’m ‘high risk’ due to weight, blood pressure and cholesterol so I resigned from Lyft & Grubhub. Mike offered Kelly a full time job cooking during the stay at home order. It’s extra pay and she’d be safe there because it’s just the two of them. She’s living rent free in a spare room with pool access. She sent a text that it’s like being on vacation.
When things opened up last week, Mike took Kelly to his golf condo in FL for a few weeks to cook for him. Mike’s paying for everything, even new cloths so she wouldn’t risk exposing me by stopping by. She texted the cell service and Wifi at the resort are bad and will text me when she gets back in town. The cancer clinic has been called to ask if Kelly’s coming back to work because she not returning their calls but updating her Instagram daily.
My dad’s a boomer and always a buzz kill. He said Kelly’s cheating and will break up with me for Mike. I said Mike’s too old. I asked my followers. They agree with me and say it’s not true. Someone commented and said they were a high profile lawyer that see’s this all the time. This is a classic case of dramatis personae. She is not cheating because she’s under contract and getting paid to provide a factum, therefore, she can’t break up because of habeas corpus in absentia. Another comment said, No worries, it’s unethical for a boss to have a relationship with an employee.

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  • Mikes not too old and Kelly's not too young for them to toss the salad together. Lots of people have a fun time together regardless of professional relationship. Maybe they're totally professional, just hanging out laughing, maybe they just enjoy meals together. Personally, I've been cheated on before and honestly, it doesn't bother me. Lying and deception bother me, but not two people loving each other. Just saying....when I read "just like being on vacation", "just the two of them" "with pool access", that means bathing suits and wine and plenty of opportunity. When I'm on vacation, I'm having **.


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