Someone’s wife

How can I sleep with my neighbour wife? I like her a lot?

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Wife and son wanted a dog; I don't.

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  • My hubby and I have ** with our neighbor all the time.

  • Spend as much time with her as you can. Ask her all sorts of questions about herself. She will become attracted to you.

  • Well, **, if the two of you actually like each other --- and I mean "like like", not just able to tolerate one another, then by all means you kids should go for it. That stuff in the Bible about not coveting your neighbor's wife? That's just for Jews. Israelites. Not you and me. And it certainly doesn't extend to your neighbor's wife: she's a totally free agent. (And she's a totally HOT free agent at that.) You two Gentiles can rut like feral pigs . and honestly, dude, you SHOULD be rutting like feral pigs. I seriously don't know what you're waiting on. A Rabbinical blessing?

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