I want revenge on my cousin..

When i was five my cousin used to molest me. Happily, he didnt take my virginity. But he'd make me do things i didnt want to do.. When i was 7 i had a step sister the same age that just came into my life. At the time he was around 22. A legal adult.. And he started doing it to her too. Right in front of me. He stopped when she told our parents.

He was never arrested. I want him to be. He ruined us. I want to hurt him.. I want to hurt him so badly we didnt deserve it.

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  • And you ask me why I hate incest and pedos this is why.

  • Go to the police and have him arrested the same for you SJN. Ask for a pic of them behind bars and get a good laugh off of it.

  • My cousin molested me a month back he is 18 I'm 13 I was extremely drunk

  • Casastrate him, grab him by the b**** and cut them off or crush them in your hand

  • Go f*** urself

  • It was a joke but ok XD

  • Such guys are always crazy for s**. You can lure him to comeover to an isolated place where you can have your revenge. Take your friends with you and beat him with some iron rods. Broke his legs and hands make him suffer make him beg across the streets

  • Well you should have told somebody sooner rather than wait years later you F-ing broad.

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