I hate women especially the white ones

Stop calling the police on black people.
White doctors stop killing black women
White teachers stop beating up black children
White people give the Indians their land back
White people your time is up and over
This was on my mind and I had to confess.
And you wouldn't believe that I am in need a white woman.
Black Lives Matter!!

Jun 13, 2020

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  • Well looking at this person's post and then scrolling through the comments below makes my heart truly hurt. Please people try and keep this in mind when you feel like your neighbor is hurting you or hating you...
    Christ said: "it is not flesh that we are to war against, no but principalities" (good and evil)

    I read the comments below and people are doing exactly what the rulers of this world want...

    If you are not "black royalty" or apart of their NWO, they want you and me DEAD (that is after they have bleed us dry).

    The 14th amendment is one of the most evil documents ever to have been written..
    Before the 14th amendment we were called "people" and we were given rights by our Creator and the state in which we were born.

    After the signing of the 14th amendment we are now referred to as "CITIZENS", and we are granted certain PRIVILEGES by the federal government THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    The problem with this is:
    A person = sovereign (you are your own king or boss if you will)


    rights = cannot be taken away

    Here's what President Abraham Lincoln said about the organization that controls the entire world:

    "This war (the war between the states) would have never been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits, we owe it to popery that we now see our land redened with the blood of our nobelist sons, though there were great differences of opinion between the north and the south (on the issue of slavery) the South would have never fired upon the north without the promise of arms and money from France and Rome if they would but attack us "

  • Why can't people just let others be happy. I'm 14 I should probably stay out of this but it's so sad I just want everyone to be happy with each other. racism is a thing, has always been a thing, and will always be a thing. I hate that we can't love each other I just want to give everyone one a big hug and help them see that we are equal in the end, we all bleed blood, see beauty and ugly, we all have faults, and both sides feel unheard because they won't listen to the other side. Black people need to stop refusing help from whites and whites need to learn boundaries nothing will change until we are all on the same page. You can't expect someone to fight for you when you wont fight for them.

  • God made a mistake creating the ugly woman. That's true proof in the pudding

  • Not as big of a mistake as he made creating mental midgets with big mouths and no social lives. Yes, moron OP, that means you.

  • Is this Karen talking?????

  • You are't getting land back.. Black men stop killing other black men... stop slinging dope.. Stay in School.. Stop getting your Black Girlfriends pregnant and then walking away.. Take Responsibility for your own F*** UPS ... White people didnt make you sell dope, or shoot other blacks. There are Black Doctors, Laywers, Businessmen and Women. There has been a Black President that did absolutly nothing for the Black Community, but he was president for 8 years. The Surgen General of the USA is a black man... Stop blaming things on others that you are responsibile for. IF YOU DONT WANT TO GET ARRESTED, quit doing stuid things like Sellin Dope, Pimpin, Beatin up your women and shooting other black men...or any men for that matter. STAY IN SCHOOL, Work anywhere to pay your college fees, and Become a successful member of our Society. You are as bold and as smart and as capable of anyone in the world. Better Decission Making is all this is about. You will find that you are happier, the world is a better place and you'll be the reason for that. All the above also goes to any White Trash Hillbillies that do the same thing. ALL LIVES MATTER... if you don't preach that.. then you will be subject to continue living in the world that you REFUSED TO HELP CHANGE. MIC DROP.

  • All that sounds like you described white people.

  • Ner ner ner wypipo, bounces off of me and sticks to youuuuu
    Use a better argument or shut up. Adults talking here.

  • Omg really think about what you just wrote really if all of what u wanted , where the f u ck do u think youll be u fu king stupid as hole get an education

  • You can't talk karen

  • Karen???? Racist b****

  • Hey Karen! Please shut up. Your post don't make sense.

  • You are a racist hitch too.

  • Black lives do matter, but the white liberal basic b****** have made it into a trivial slogan. Trends are trash and puppets follow these trends because woke celebrities (who are of high moral character and aren't paid at all)

    Stop being trendy a******* and care about innocent blood being spilled no matter what the color of their skin is . Instead of actually doing something to help y'all are just gonna be keyboard warriors for Facebook likes. Want a fuçking cookie for posting BLM ad nauseam?


  • You are not welcome in america. Leave now

  • Nope. Never. Since you love Africa so much, ship your own sorry ass back there!

  • Who cares, are you one of those crazy black people wanting change. Well a change is not coming.

  • BLs do M, but trends are for yuppie puppets

  • Do you mean Yuppets?

  • Don't be smart puppet! Show some respect. I know your mammy taught you better.

  • No it dont. I'm sick of BLM. This started because of Treyvon martin. And he never got justice.

  • I have no respect for no black woman that deal with the likes of white women. Any black woman born in this country is a dead black woman. Talk black to me.

  • Talk black. How do you do that. So that's the new black thing now.

  • White woman don't understand. They are dumb. They only talk white

  • So true. Especially the red heads and blondies

  • I’ve never looked at a Black person any other way than I look at myself in the mirror. It’s s*** like this that makes me think that the feeling isn’t mutual.

    Why does BLM want to restore racist segregation of the Jim Crow era? It boggles my mind that an equality group is pushing for everything but equality.

  • Right?? Racism is just as alive and well as it was in the 50s, it's just a different group screaming for differently-colored heads this time around. The 1950s were a stupid time, and so are the 2020s. People don't learn.

  • I see you didn't listen. Shut up, Karen

  • I see you are completely incapable of listening to anything but the sound of your own mewling. Shut that hole under your nose before it's enlarged for you even more.

  • I guess black on black crime, which happens nearly triple the amount of white on black crime, doesn’t matter to you. Fix your own damn problems before blaming us for everything.

  • No blaming you white Karen's of amerikkka. So shut up

  • Nope

  • Dumb white karen. We hate you dumb white women. Your life don't matter. Never did

  • I hate blacks

  • I hate white women. Lying on Bill cosby. No proof in the white puddin

  • Yes, we know. Skibbledy pibbledy serena williams too, you forgot the rest of your waterhead rant! And btw, white women everywhere are sobbing that something like you hates them. SOBBING, I tell you.

  • We as Americans hate you black women

  • Mr. Bill Cosby has won. Congratulations to you sir. You will be free. No woman will never have rights again.

  • Black lives don't mean s*** if the rest of the life's don't!!!! Black are segregating themself and some of the most racist people iv ever met!!!!!

  • Someone is not getting attention. Stop crying and put a long black c*** in your mouth. Angry white woman

  • Nict cool

  • A white woman wrote this. Why would a white woman give a rats a$$ about black women and children. We as white women hate black women and black children. They should be killed and rape. Hey ladies let's come together and say let's kill black women and black children

  • No
    i was raped it hurts

  • Who cares if you were raped. This idiot talking harming children.

  • This comment is so messed up. I am a white girl and have never thought like this. i love all races and genders and hate anyone who thinks otherwise. you should not be accepted in society it is so wrong to think that just because somebody's skin color is darker that they should be killed. you should go to jail for thinking this.

  • Why don't you go to jail. Foxy Knoxy

  • You should begin jail. You wrote this.

  • Leave a comment so OP can say something stupid to it-- once his mommy's done changing his diaper! He's so angry and so dumb he HAS TO respond. He'll ASSume you're a white woman, because his head injury won't let him think otherwise. Sit back and watch!

  • For all we know you are the white idiot that wrote this crap. Admit you white tried to kill Serena Williams

  • Yes, that was me! And John F. Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus. I confess!!!

    LOL @ the dumba$$ with the missing brain chemicals

  • Your mom is a dirty trash can. How about you clean it. Dina man can throw away his trash.

  • LOL @ the dumba$$ with the missing brain chemicals

  • Yuk!! Dirty trash can b##tch

  • Say some more dumb words, please

  • Ok dumb words

  • I don't trust women. So I don't care about your rights.

  • I hate women and I'm a woman.

  • You really hate women. Why?...

  • Like I'd tell you, fucktard! You wouldn't understand anyway. It's clear you're all nasty troglodyte hate and no brains. So shut up.

  • Attitude!!! Angry white woman syndrome

  • Deal with it, f*******

  • Angry white womns. Dumb Karen

  • Hurrr hurrr hurrr karen hurrr, you know for a fact you are arguing with a white female? All stupid hate, what a waste of DNA. Prove it by saying more stupid s***

  • We don't trust you because you have way too much time and too little brains

  • You just mad that man is making women go against one another. Thanks Donald Trump

  • You just mad that everyone else is smarter than you

  • Another dumb angry white woman.

  • As a white woman from Tennessee im just saying we aren't all bad. You grouping me a left wing with bigots doesn't get anyone anywhere. I am pro choice pro black pro women and anti stereotype

  • Don't bother trying to reason with unintelligent troglodytes who are hellbent on spewing racist, sexist noise. They're very angry that they're not considered human, and refuse to see how they can do something about it.

  • And you hate black women. So shut up

  • Maybe I AM a black woman. You can't see. And I won't shut up, deal with it

  • So you hate your own race. So don't get mad if we kill another black man in America. And please don't protest. I'm sick of you black lives matter dummys.

  • You are not a black woman. Stop lying to the world

  • Yes I am, and you can sit your fool ass down and shut up about it

  • Really???? Black people will never learn a thing from Malcolm X

  • You certainly didn't. You didn't learn from Trayvon or George or anyone else. You are incapable of learning.

  • Who cares about those dumb black idiots. I'm glad they are dead. No more talk about them or any other black man of boy that has been shot

  • Divide and conquer

  • What is this thread about. Divide and Conquer. WoW!!!! This must be the civilian side of women. Military women don't act like this. First of all a white woman wrote this and you white people don't hate her for saying this. But you have so much hate for the black woman. Now as for Serena Williams, this is true about her death coming to end by white doctors try to kill her. But she advocated herself. She took charge of her life. I agree with some of the queen Nubian on here about Nubian queen women don't get health care in america. But for you white women trying to own black women. That will never happen. There are too many highly educated Nubian queen women to deal with white women. Oprah will never be friends with white women and she is rich. Michelle Obama will never deal with white women. Nubian Queen women have too much respect for themselves to deal with white women. For you white whores to say these women to go back to africa. You go back to where you came from. To be honest, you don't know yourselves. Why can't you tell the mexicans to go back to Mexico and stop getting food stamps and expect the American people to pay for there health care. How about you tell the slant eye monkeys to go back to china. But you will not be sure you want to keep getting that corona in your system. If you have black women so much. Why work with then. Go to school with them. Your ugly white children play with black children. Which that should be a crime. That me too Crap if full of dirt. You white women made that junk to control men. Well let me tell you this, no .an wants a control angry white woman around them. Military wives act better than you civilian women. That's why I don't deal with civilian woman. You too we trouble. You don't look lady like and you don't I'm now to act your age. American women are pathetic. Stop praising that flag.

  • As a black woman, I raised my children to only deal with black people. I never let my black children go to school with white children. I admit, I hate white people with a passion. Especially white women. My children are grown now with there own business serving the black community. And the reason why I say I hate white people and I don't deal with white people. Because you called me a n*****. Since I'm a black doctor. I don't treat white people. I prefer it that way. Black people get your own stuff. Stop doing business with white people. They love it when you are a slave to them. I worked hard for every thing by myself. I don't need s*** from the white man. And don't want s*** from the white man. Stay black people. By the way, if you white breads have a problem with me being racist to your kind. You can do one thing for me. Go to the grave and stay there. I don't care about your whiteness. But I love my blackness.

  • This is wrong. not all white people are bad. you are the problem in this world. i never saw someone as the color of their skin but only for who they are as a person. you are the reason why the world is divided and your comment is pure evil. you are racist and for that reason i do not like you, but you have no business not liking me because i have shown nothing but kindness to all races.

  • What?? Look karen we are tired of your ugly A$$. Keep talking that crap little girl. Do all black people a favor. Stay the F from us. We don't want you in our life. You people are trouble. Always keep shyt going. You are never happy. Who cares about you. Certainly, not the black man.

  • Again, don't bother trying to bring intelligence or reason into this

  • Nope. Trump is is the reason for this division.

  • Karen you are racist. Don't be mad if a black women don't want her family dealing with white people especially your white children.

  • Racist.

  • Don't call the kettle pot black, Karen

  • So it's okay for you to ASSume that everyone who's a different skin color than yours is bad? I've seen this kind of stupidity before... let me think for a second...

  • White women have been killing black children in America over 500 years

  • That totally makes sense. Thank you so much for your contribution.

  • God willing.

  • Be real honey........ The only black lives that mattervto you are the ones with BBCs attached to them. We all know you love the dark meat.

  • The reality is most white people (I'm one) actually really don't care about who lives or dies white, black, brown asian native. We have our own problems and don't have time for worrying about everyone else's issues. We just want to be left alone and live our lives.

    As my grandfather always said, take are of your own yard and clean it up before worrying or commenting on your neighbors yard.

  • Leave you alone??!! Fool, you white people always messing around with the black race when get bored of your tired life. Look karen, you are mad that you can't get attention. Move forward and leave blacks alone

  • Clearly the ones screaming the loudest aren't capable of that. Not even now.

  • So what are you??????????????? you screaming now, you cant be heard

  • You've been screaming, stupidly, all over this site for several days and STILL no one cares. All that effort for nothing... but keep screaming like an idiot, I'm sure our regard for you will go up eventually

  • Who cares about you karen. Stop calling the police

  • Start taking your anti-psychotic medication

  • F your grandfather. Nobody Don't care about your that whatever you call it. And stop listening to or people. The are dumb.

  • Someone disrespected the grand dad of the Klu Klux Klan

  • Girl what are you talking about. Dont add we in this. I'm not down with white women murdering black men.

  • I am! Wish it happened more often

  • Go kill your children and burn them

  • At least they know where their children are. You make them and leave them, creating another generation of angry fatherless black losers. Good job!

  • And little white terrorist

  • Don't call on the military when the Iraqi and Pakistani people decide to kill you and your American people in your country. You stupid fool talking about you don't care if any human life of die. Then you don't care if you live or die. You women are so stupid.

  • Then he alone

  • IOW, quit projecting your racism onto them just because they're white. Do even smaller words than this need to be used? We can't do colorful pictures or interpretive dances here, so the slower kids in the audience will have to keep up.

  • Yes, even smaller words need to be used. OP is the kind of person who literally will not attempt to understand anyone else until it's been physically beaten over the head a few times. It is one of the biggest parts of the problem.

  • You don't make sense

  • That's because you are slower than the slow kids in the audience

  • Wow white women showing they need to be best by men. Congratulations

  • Talk about making no sense!!

  • Clean your dirty v*****

  • You say you are white. Why are you behind black people and black women. I just don't believe it. Do more than that talk, I want to see action.

  • When did you think white actually care about black women. Don't waste your time my brother or my sister. Black women need to stay away from white women people. Because when they call the cops. Black lose their lives. Talk black to me.

  • As a white women no. You can't refuse help from the good ones it's not ok. I understand being cautious but saying you can't trust white women because they are white that is racist and if you don't think so you're just as much a part of the problem then the white racist.

  • Divide and conquer!!

  • Yes because the native Americans are still waiting for their land back, and white doctors dont kill black women, blacks and white get along all the but the second some guy kills someone else who happens to be black its some racial thing, that what p***** me off stop being a f****** sheep and see the world for the way it is and not the way the f****** media shoves it down your throat now take your dumbass opinion and go f*** off... c***

  • Stop calling these people black. They are not. They are children of God. You white people don't have the right to call them that.

  • The media did not have nothing to do with what your white daddy did to Mr. George Floyd

  • Honey, white doctors do kill black women. And white cops kill black men.

  • You are a damn lie. These white doctors do kill black women. They tried to kill Serena Williams the tennis player. And you white females know that's true. She even said that crap. It was the news and the internet. White and black people don't get along. You stupid idiot. You white people time is up. You will no longer own black people. Stay away from my black people. They don't want nothing from you white people.

  • Really? Where is your proof then, n*****? Oh right, there is none as you decided to come up with this fake-ass bullshit story that your tiny n***** mind could think of. So nope, you are lying except for one thing. Whites and blacks can't mix, so go back to Africa n***** where you won't have to deal with the white man's "oppression" again!

  • Proof. I got proof. Bill Cosby

  • First of all you are lying. Serena Williams almost did get killed you dumb b#tch. She should have married a black man instead. But she thought by marrying the first white man to mind that would save her life. She was dead wrong. Like she said, white doctors don't listen to black women. You white women doctors will never have power over black women's health.

  • Really? Then f*** off back to Africa where you won't have to listen to Whitey's "lies" and have full control over your f****** "health"!

  • What made you think a black woman trust white women doctors. They tried to kill Serena williams. And white women hate her and jealous of her

  • You just mad because black women will of water to your stupid snow flake a$$. You will own black women

  • Hahahaha. We would kill you if we got the chance. Anyways, stop your godammed e-chimping before I track you down and wrangle you like the shitape you are, n*****.

  • Go-ahead. I'm not George Floyd

  • Man you sound and look ugly. You just mad that the black man don't want your wrinkle neck rooster looking chicken

  • You have zero room to be calling anyone ugly. Aren't the zoo keepers here with a tranq gun yet?

  • White women are ugly. There's a fact

  • You are an idiot

  • He is not a idiot. He is telling the truth. White people has always shun black women and their rights. As for Mrs Serena Williams. Those white nurse did try to kill her. Serena dodged a bullet this time. She should be lucky. The world hates her anyway. Black women need to stay away from white women. White women are dangerous and murderers. They can't be friends. Black Women Matter!!!

  • PEOPLE matter, racist. You are no better than anyone who freaks out over seeing a black person. Not one iota. And your lack of intelligence is not made up for by being loud and sniveling about "stay away from black people" all over this site. The one thing you care about is playing victim, and you prove it every time you semi-literately attack a keyboard. Get over yourself.

  • Are you saying a black woman wrote this. Wow!!! Mrs Butterworth you have
    been killing Aunt Jemina for about 180 years. And you still don't get it

  • Here we go again. You mean white people matter. Get your facts straight b#tch. You white people hate black people and not the mexicans. Those mexicans come and don't nothing. But when a black woman try to do something with her life. You take her life, her childrdn, her job, and most of her black man. How about you do the black people a favor. Stay away from them.

  • Here we go again. "Waah! Waah! Me raycis against wypipo! Stay away! Stay away! Stay away!!!!!! Waah!"

  • White women don't matter

  • Racist sexist.

  • And I'm a real man. I can be sexists all I want. I love my black women only.

  • I'm a real man too, b****. And I'm more intelligent than you, so I can choose to be racist if I want, but I am not. Unlike you, I'm an INTELLIGENT man. Loser fucktard

  • No you are a b##ch

  • You are child molester Chester. Don't get mad that a black man will stick up for his daughters.

  • Leave our black men alone. Killer

  • Divide. And. Conquer.

  • You're doing a great job of trying to recreate your divided and conquered mind, yes.

  • And you are part of the divide and conquer. Don't stop now. You hate women with a passion too. All somewhere each other. Keep up the good work. Don't stick with women. Trust men only.

  • If we have Indian's their land back they'd be done left.

  • You can't talk, go back to school

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