Birth first time Mom

I want to talk about birth and then about Newborn Circumcision.Which Method did they use for your son ?
Which method did they use and how was it for you ?

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  • Natural childbirth is amazing. Highly recommend.

    I’ve had s** with both circumcised and uncircumcised penises. I prefer circumcised. Do your son and his future lovers a favor and get it done.

    I hate sucking uncircumcised c***

  • Wait until he's older. When I was a teenager, my mother coached me through the process, explained the benefits to future partners, and eventually circumcised me. She was there for the procedure and surprised me by taking the scalpel herself after the doctor placed the Mogen clamp.

    Having my mother lovingly take my foreskin off for me was an incredible bonding experience despite the minor pain. We still talk about it. I learned later that she had a profound but confusing emotional reaction as she made the cut. I suspect she means she was aroused and possibly had an o*****.

    Myself, I routinely m********* to the memory, even though it's my mother who cut me.

  • Nice Story.

  • Get it done. He will not get a disease

  • I don't recommend it. I had it done to my first born because I was an ignorant idiot who couldn't take the time to do a little reading. My second son benefitted from my experience and skipped that ignorant practice. Make sure to keep his bits clean. Good luck.

  • Genital mutilation. Don’t cut bits off your child.

  • Don't do it! I didn't with my son and i'm glad. My son is 24 and i think his p**** is perfect! Let your son decide when is older.

  • Why?

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