It's hard being intelligent in this dumbass world

Yes, intelligent. For some reason, you're supposed to be 'humble' if you're actually intelligent, with intelligent thought and intelligent reasoning. Surrounded by morons harping on about being Right or Left. Who gives a f***?

Do you not know how to think for yourselves? Are you unaware that you can actually have an opinion on something without prescribing to a specific rhetoric? Is it hard for you to say, hey, I'm neither Left nor Right, but I agree with some points here and some points there?

When you're an independent thinker, you're on your own, mate! You just sit back and watch the madness happen.

Like animals, but animals are actually purposeful and deliberate in their actions. Oxygen thieves are not.

F*** being humble about being smart, or intelligent or an actual thinker that can make up their own mind, and not bend over for the media and their parents or other retards to shove s*** back up their arses.

Humble so the masses don't get offended? Humble so true leaders are silenced and the brain dead are given titles? Please.

Reminds me of something Aristotle and Jim Carrey once said!

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  • Anyone truly intelligent wouldn't appear here, claiming to be intelligent. Q.E.D.

  • You can't fake true intelligence. It's just like getting Botoxed or wearing a padded bra-- you're not gonna convince a perceptive person.

  • Wrong. Look up the word "slumming". You're online, you'll find an appropriate resource eventually. Good hunting!

  • Looks like you made a couple of typical CP-crawlers cry, lol. You're just sooo mean with your realistic take on life and not wanting to perpetuate the stupid left-right polarization that's killing society so thoroughly!!

    God, I get isolation. Thinking for yourself and seeing points from multiple perspectives is a recipe for loneliness in this world, especially in cesspits like this site. And then the cretins squeak and whine if you don't dumb yourself down to their level, as if they'd cut you any slack in a situation where they might have the upper hand. There are compensations though, like coming on here and giving back a little of what they so richly deserve.

  • Glad to know to you saw an episode of rick and morty and now you think your some kind of snowflake, grow up dumbass, intelligent people don't have to be humble it just the right thing to do, get a life, and take some grammar lessons a******

  • Never watched a single episode of rick and morty. Tbh, that show looks utterly s***, and aimed at low level thinkers.

  • Shut up you trump supporter

  • Trump supporters are noted for their lack of ability to handle large words like "purposeful". Try again.

  • You a Trump supporter. Do you want cash or check

  • You're illiterate enough to be one yourself. Learn how grammar and punctuation work.

  • Cash In god we trust all others pay cash

  • Your version of god is not very trustworthy...

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