Black Lives Matter

It's a sad old world that we live in now isn't it !!!!!!

That one unwise, panicky, ignorant action can ignite so much venom so very quickly.

Then the lunatic minority fringe getting onto the "band-wagon" in order to cause trouble, hurt, create a noise as otherwise they in their tiny lives would never be heard, damage other peoples belongings as they have nothing of their own to be proud of, and try to rail against authority because in a crowd they have false brevity and the media will most likely find a way to protect them.

Remember the quotation "Rivers of Blood", well all blood looks the same and all life matters!!!!!!


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  • If you have to qualify a skin color before the words "lives matter" you are racist as the day is long.

  • White Lives Matter MOre.

  • I don't participate in race rally's, I don't participate in any at all.

    I live my life how I deem fit and treat my fellow brethren with love/respect. Because regardless of our individual racial ethnicities, we're on this planet together.

    I just hope I don't meet death sooner than expected, because of the skin I was born with.

    I love everyone equally. Hate only breeds and incites more hate.

    Our individual actions, thought processes, individual nature/personalities and how we treat each other isn't because of the skin we born with. If sad when some people think so.

    One love everyone, one love :)

  • Maybe they should work for what they want and not expect free hand outs!!! Get a ** job you worthless **

  • When a person is unemployed, seek to understand why that person is unemployed - Instead of automatically assuming, it's because they expect free charity.

    Everyone has a story, differing circumstances and situations. Be kinder and less judgemental about others, as there maybe a time when you require financial aid from the government. If that time comes, how would you want others to judge you?

  • Hello my two niece went on a black lives matter March and got used by ten black men

  • BLM is taking over AmeriKKKa

  • BLM is a democratic money tree and nothing else they only call it that to get you to donate to them.

  • God made ** and Mexicans and the rest of the lower types so that White people don't have to work so hard .

  • God did not make white.

  • Oh? what did he make?

  • You sound like a Russian or Chinese propaganda agent.

  • What are you then. British!

  • Nobody says things like "create false brevity" here in the US. And you don't ignite venom.

  • ** need to be kept in their place . Know your place .

  • N#gga what N#gga who

  • **.

  • Now we can't say "redskins" . Politically correct nonsense . Next we won't be allowed say "pesky" .

  • No you cant say redskin!! It belongs to the Indians

  • "Indians" is offensive. Do your homework

  • No it's not. You are white and that's offensive

  • You are a moron, that's what's offensive

  • You white people give the police too much power. Stop calling them all time.

  • Hey racist, most of us white people aren't too crazy about the police either. Their #1 power trip is bullying poorer people. That's the main reason for all this **, do you think they hassle obviously rich black people? No, they do not. They hassle poor black people, poor white people, anyone who is obviously disadvantaged. But you can't hear that because you're too busy acting like an infant with a full diaper. Now prove my point by making some stupid racist comment that doesn't move the conversation forward.

  • They don’t care if the black person is rich or poor they only see skin color

  • WRONG.

  • Then why you call them. You are weak

  • You can't read. You are the weak one. Prove it again by saying something stupid!

  • You are weak and something stupid.

  • Black Lives Matter ! That sounds racist to me , but of course that can't be right . Everyone knows only white people are racist . I am white and I am proud to be white .

  • You're kinda missing the point. It's not about you.

  • I believe you are missing some of your brains

  • What makes you think so?

  • Because I'm smart and you are not

  • Hahahahahaha! That's what an eight year-old would say.

  • Mouthy =/= smart. Only dumbshits believe that

  • You are dumb. Move on

  • Thanks for proving their point as always

  • You're a racist **.

  • You say that like it's a bad thing. It's perfectly legal to be a racist.

  • No it's not to be racist

  • You're racist too

  • I'm Pink . Pink Lives Matter , Too .

  • Yes all vaginas are pink inside. That is why they are all beautiful and deserve to be eaten and ** equally

  • Twinkle toe fa$$ot

  • Dumba$$ (that's how you use the dollar signs for censoring, moron)

  • You jealous flame. I'm not into men. I got a wife

  • Which animal shelter did you pick her out from?

  • Ain't your mom a gorilla in the zoo

  • Which came first, chicken or egg...? Indigenous people came from...? The The America's were first comprised of people's from...? Most people can't answer this. Don't comment if you don't know. Land in so many countries is held in the public trust, meaning: all the country's people own it, not one's who arrived first. Land will revert back to government after a period in time, lease and or purchase notwithstanding. Where did indigenous inhabitants come from...? What would give them a right to land if they came from...? One shouldn't argue a point from both side's of their mouth, period! Use of land must come with rules for the betterment of all. This chicken or egg argument from so many here just exampleizes one's ignorance. That's all I have to say...!

  • America is a colourfull country but people are more interested in black and white colours nowadays

  • What happen to grey

  • What about me : purple


  • What is wrong with green.

  • And no other ones, yes.
    This is what "the most intelligent species" uses its intelligence for, unceasingly wetting its collective pants over skin color.
    What an idiotic breed of primate.

  • Well you lot, you are so ignorant!!! I posted the original post and I wondered what would result!!

    Don't you realise that America (The Land Of The Free Ha, Ha, what a nonsense!!), consists entirely of immigrants except for the indigenous native Indians !!!!! You may have been born in America, but your origins are somewhere else. You have no right to be there than anyone else.

    You are no better that each other, but it is interesting how America is destroying itself and it's entirely due to the poor mental state of its inhabitants.

    Quite shocking, if America is an example of the human race!!!!

  • ** lives don't matter. Who the ** decided to make a saint out of one of these criminiggers? The rap sheet for George Floyd is out there, go look for it yourself. It's too ** long to list here.

  • Not you, my non evil friend

  • If only black livelihoods mattered. I see looting and burning of black-owned businesses and buildings that hire black employees and up in smoke they go.

  • White people be looting too. So don't blame black people

  • Fortunately, that hasn't happened to any other businesses anywhere ever during these... wait for it... RIOTS.

  • It happened in Minneapolis

  • Many stores in many cities were burned. So you only care about black-owned ones, and only ones near you. You're even more closed-minded than the racists you can't stop whining like a baby about!

  • Yes we care about the black owned business.

  • And absolutely no other ones. We know. Which means the little moment you're having right now will not be the last one, just the most recent one. Glad I don't have to deal with your horseshit.

  • ** lives don't matter crakka

  • I suspect the black people might think it's been a sad old world for a while.

    It's obvious that it is not one panicky, ignorant action. Luckily there is lots of video evidence to show that the black man did not put up any resistance what so ever and was never a threat.

    There is also plenty of video evidence to show that the American white police officers have forgotten that they are there to serve and protect. When it comes to black people, the American police do neither of these things.

  • There would be more forward progress if people focused more on what we have in common versus skin color. As long as both sides are as fanatically, bunny-boiling OBSESSED with skin color, there will continue to be more George Floyds and Rodney Kings and Trayvon Martins. The racist (aka tardmo) side will never ever grow up, so the other side needs to be the adult in the room. Until it is, this WILL continue. And don't think for a SECOND you are anywhere close to behaving maturely as a group, so get busy!!

  • Who cares what you think.

  • At least they do, all you do is whine

  • You cracker breads shine all the time. White lives don't matter

  • Some of us do indeed shine, yes. Plus we know how to spell! ;) :*

  • Cracker breads is the term

  • You can see through the internet and tell that that person's white? YOUR racist ** needs to end up in a ditch.

  • A ditch! Why??? I must be dumb

  • You just now figured that out? That's next level dumb right there

  • Who is dumb. Another that dumb angry white man can't get that thing up for his ugly white wife. Now she got to F a ** moby

  • I'm white and I think I should respect a black man that what's me to pleasure him and I think it would be OK if a black man wanted me to do all his labor around his home for free everyweek. I would like that

  • All people are born equal.
    We all have the same colour blood .
    Racism is a choice ,a nasty unpleasant and unnecessary attitude.

  • We don't have the same blood idiot.

  • We all have red blood ! The same colour ! We are all human beings ! What colour is your blood ? We are all born equal. Racism a personal choice unlike skin colour .

  • We don't have the same blood. We are not the same. Shut up

  • No.

  • Yes

  • No same blood. And I'm Chinese

  • Yes, and whether you can't get over black skin or white skin (or any other color), you're still a racist either way.

  • So what, you are racist too

  • Show proof of that. We'll wait.

  • Proof in the pudding.

  • There is no pudding.

  • Bill Cosby

  • Who is BLACK

  • You ain't black

  • You can't tell. But we can tell you're a ret@rd with way too much time on its hands =)

  • Who me?? A ret##d

  • Not one at all. I'm normal. But you are the big R

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