Black Lives Matter

It's a sad old world that we live in now isn't it !!!!!!

That one unwise, panicky, ignorant action can ignite so much venom so very quickly.

Then the lunatic minority fringe getting onto the "band-wagon" in order to cause trouble, hurt, create a noise as otherwise they in their tiny lives would never be heard, damage other peoples belongings as they have nothing of their own to be proud of, and try to rail against authority because in a crowd they have false brevity and the media will most likely find a way to protect them.

Remember the quotation "Rivers of Blood", well all blood looks the same and all life matters!!!!!!


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  • Now we can't say "redskins" . Politically correct nonsense . Next we won't be allowed say "pesky" .

  • I wish the police had the power to kick your A$$ out of the country.

  • You white people give the police too much power. Stop calling them all time.

  • Hey racist, most of us white people aren't too crazy about the police either. Their #1 power trip is bullying poorer people. That's the main reason for all this crap, do you think they hassle obviously rich black people? No, they do not. They hassle poor black people, poor white people, anyone who is obviously disadvantaged. But you can't hear that because you're too busy acting like an infant with a full diaper. Now prove my point by making some stupid racist comment that doesn't move the conversation forward.

  • We wouldn't if you black folks would stop commenting crimes.

  • The american police are racist. I am white and it is so obvious. They strut around on their power trip. I reckon they boast to each other about killing blacks. I reckon it's a sport to them.

  • I am white too, and an actual American, so unlike you, I know what I'm talking about.

    Police are not just racist, they are classist, health-ist, and any other -ist you make up (just wait for a SJW to step in). If you look like you can be bullied or intimidated and there won't be political blowback for it, you are their b****, straight up. That's the metric people can't or won't see, and there will continue to be George Floyds (and non-black George Floyds that no one cares about) until this is dealt with. Now say something stupid so we can pretend actual wisdom wasn't brought into this conversation, however briefly.

  • FUCKOFFf A$$whole I don't know what you are but you are barely part of the human species. You DICKLESSwonder

  • All mouth and hate and no intelligence. You are part of the cancer that needs to be cut out of this world.

  • Cops have been killing people for years... seems like there has been at least one documented murder a month for years. And the cops almost always get off. So, f*** you and your pious "peaceful protests". Of course, most of them *have* been peaceful. But *THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM*. Idiot racists such as yourself are.

  • You dumbFUCK you keep rioting and looting and I Guarantee you will be met with force you have never seen. You will not live to regret it. 13% rioting is no match for 87% that are starting to take notice that the flies are becoming a nuisance. We will use what ever it takes to make those flies go away.

  • Black Lives Matter ! That sounds racist to me , but of course that can't be right . Everyone knows only white people are racist . I am white and I am proud to be white .

  • You're a racist t***.

  • You're racist too

  • I'm Pink . Pink Lives Matter , Too .

  • Yes all vaginas are pink inside. That is why they are all beautiful and deserve to be eaten and f***** equally

  • Twinkle toe fa$$ot

  • Dumba$$ (that's how you use the dollar signs for censoring, moron)

  • You jealous flame. I'm not into men. I got a wife

  • Which animal shelter did you pick her out from?

  • With all that which is happening now in this country, is only waking up a sleeping giant. People who live in cities, especially large one's live in a bubble and have no idea what they can potentially bring upon themselves, and possibly in very short order. The actions of a few, and they are few in number given population, are helping the very opposition they purportedly claim to hate...! History shows in turbulent times like this, it's always the strong man or perceived strong man who wins...! What's happening in this country, is now finally destroying the Dixiecrate/Democrat communist party for ever and, it's their own useful idiots that's doing this as Lenin stated.

  • Which came first, chicken or egg...? Indigenous people came from...? The The America's were first comprised of people's from...? Most people can't answer this. Don't comment if you don't know. Land in so many countries is held in the public trust, meaning: all the country's people own it, not one's who arrived first. Land will revert back to government after a period in time, lease and or purchase notwithstanding. Where did indigenous inhabitants come from...? What would give them a right to land if they came from...? One shouldn't argue a point from both side's of their mouth, period! Use of land must come with rules for the betterment of all. This chicken or egg argument from so many here just exampleizes one's ignorance. That's all I have to say...!

  • America is a colourfull country but people are more interested in black and white colours nowadays

  • What happen to grey

  • What about me : purple


  • What is wrong with green.

  • And no other ones, yes.
    This is what "the most intelligent species" uses its intelligence for, unceasingly wetting its collective pants over skin color.
    What an idiotic breed of primate.

  • Well you lot, you are so ignorant!!! I posted the original post and I wondered what would result!!

    Don't you realise that America (The Land Of The Free Ha, Ha, what a nonsense!!), consists entirely of immigrants except for the indigenous native Indians !!!!! You may have been born in America, but your origins are somewhere else. You have no right to be there than anyone else.

    You are no better that each other, but it is interesting how America is destroying itself and it's entirely due to the poor mental state of its inhabitants.

    Quite shocking, if America is an example of the human race!!!!

  • I went to the store I found a can of black beans I decided to try it. I did not like it. I like white beans it tastes much better so... White beans matter!!!

  • Black Beans Matter!!!!

  • How about you white people leave America. And take that stupid flag with you

  • You can hang yourself too, you f****** racist s*** heads can have the country as you jerks destroyed it with thugaganda.

  • If n****** don't like living in America then they can f**k off back to Africa .

  • You leave. I forgot that you white people never had anything. You came here killed the Indians and took the land. You know what America ain't nothing. It's a bad been.

  • Dude, just shut up.

    After a few dozen generations the immigrants become the new natives, America did not just spring up out of the ground yesterday, or a decade ago or even a century but over hundred of years.

    Yes, the s*** that happened to the native Americans suck, but it happens through out history in other countries over and over.

    You going to cry about Anglo met the Saxons? Tell the Ottomans to leave? How about Sicilians, they are part Moors, do they have to give up their lands?

  • God, THANK YOU. History is a mess, but the revisionists are shooting themselves in the foot by cherry-picking what needs changing. They are no better than bible-thumping religiots who cherry-pick their "good" book.

  • Imagine if when we ended slavery we took them all back to Africa!!!

  • How about I end your life.

  • Big talk, no action. Pussay

  • You sure like saying that word

  • You sure like the words "hate" and "white" and "women" so what exactly is your stupid point, loser?

  • Wait a minute, who said anything about women. First of all little girl. This is for grown folks, get out of here. You are looking for trouble. And you don't want trouble.

  • Little boy, no woman wants to touch your nasty s***.

    Skanks will but regular human women, no.

  • Lol, the worst "trouble" YOU could provide is crabs

  • Where is your mommy, tommy. Let me go her for you before I kill you

  • Eeek, I'm scared. Go ahead and try. Wake me up after a while.

  • Boy you stupid

  • Boy you intimidated. otherwise you would walk awway

  • Are you a n*****

  • N***** lives don't matter. Who the f*** decided to make a saint out of one of these criminiggers? The rap sheet for George Floyd is out there, go look for it yourself. It's too f****** long to list here.

  • Not you, my non evil friend

  • If only black livelihoods mattered. I see looting and burning of black-owned businesses and buildings that hire black employees and up in smoke they go.

  • White people be looting too. So don't blame black people

  • Fortunately, that hasn't happened to any other businesses anywhere ever during these... wait for it... RIOTS.

  • It happened in Minneapolis

  • Many stores in many cities were burned. So you only care about black-owned ones, and only ones near you. You're even more closed-minded than the racists you can't stop whining like a baby about!

  • Yes we care about the black owned business.

  • And absolutely no other ones. We know. Which means the little moment you're having right now will not be the last one, just the most recent one. Glad I don't have to deal with your horseshit.

  • I'm glad we don't have to deal with you white crackers

  • Then you have no reason to whine. You are whining for no reason. Shut your oversized mouth.

  • Are you white???? If you are to kill yourself. Too many people. WHITE

  • Doesn't matter what their skin color is, remember?
    Oh wait, yes it does. Because you're racist. ALL racists ought to die. So YOU kill YOURself... or just wait, someone will be along to take care of you shortly. Watch your baaaaaack :D

  • You time is up in one day. Be ready

  • LOL

  • N**** lives don't matter crakka

  • White lives don't matter. And never did

  • I suspect the black people might think it's been a sad old world for a while.

    It's obvious that it is not one panicky, ignorant action. Luckily there is lots of video evidence to show that the black man did not put up any resistance what so ever and was never a threat.

    There is also plenty of video evidence to show that the American white police officers have forgotten that they are there to serve and protect. When it comes to black people, the American police do neither of these things.

  • Where is the video of when the officers met up with Mr.Floyd That video has not been released. But is well known that he was out of control and resisted arrest. He was put in a car and the police saw that he was on something and acting uncontrollable. They radioed for an ambulance, pulled him from the car and pinned him to the ground. Since he was high on fentanyl and meth he was uncontrollable at first. The police should not have held him down that long. But thats not what killed him. He was a walking heart attack just waiting to happen combine that with the drugs and resisting arrest, his heart just couldn't take it anymore.

    Mr brooks decided to drink and drive a car. He was so drunk he passed out at a Wendy's drive thru. At that point in time he was a serious hazard to the public and other drivers, as drunk drivers kill people. The police where nice as pie to him as they gave a sobriety test which he failed. He was then giving a breathalyzer test which he also failed. When he was told he was under arrest for DWI he lost it. He beat up the two cops as he was a big man took a taser off the police and ran, then he attempted to fire the taser at the cop. At that point he was an extremely danger to the police and the public as he was armed with a less lethal weapon. People that have been tased have died as a result of the tasering. If he got away he could have used it to carjack a vehicle from someone that got tased doing it. The media is saying the taser was fired twice and was useless after that but that is not true. It will still work as a stun gun and using it that way is more painful and cause's more harm to the person getting tased.
    In both cases they resisted arrest! When law enforcement is called to a scene or pulled someone over. They are in charge of the scene, you can't have it both ways. If you believe you are innocent or the police handled you wrong, after the arrest you will have your day in court or internal affairs.

  • Https://

  • Thank you for the Video. As I stated I don't condone the officers actions after he was pulled from the police car. He had a chance to give the smokes and change back and nothing would have happened. But Why did he stay at the scene of the crime in the first place? May be the Fentanyl was kicking in. Then the officers had to drag a resisting Mr. Floyd out of his car. That right there set the scene as he was being combative. When they sat him down no abuse there. But when they tried to put him in the patrol car he fought tooth and nails. He might have fell down on purpose to fight getting in the car. The police saw the need for medical attention and called for it. They then took an uncontrollable Mr. Floyd out of the car and pinned him down. If at the get go Mr Floyd had cooperated with the police, Officer Chavin would have never been called to the scene and done what he did. But it is clear his medical problems began before he was pinned down. He also had a pulse before he was put in the ambulance as the EMT checked for that. And the fire dept where called because the EMT's noticed he was going down hill and then went into cardiac arrest. The pinning didn't kill him. I'm positive that the EMT's gave him O2. But I believe he was overdosing and or having a heart attack because of the Fentanyl and meth use. His heart was not healthy and it stopped. I wonder if the EMT"S gave him Narcan an opioid reversal agent that would helped his heart to keep beating and get him breathing again. The police should not have held him down like that, the real time was 7 minutes 46 seconds. But that was not what killed him.

  • You believe your own words - how sad

  • 'Yes as a retired EMT I do. If the police where suffocating him when the pressure was relieved, his airway and blood flow to his brain would have been restored. He would have immediately woke up after a few breaths as he still had a pulse when the cops got off of him. He had a pulse for almost 4 minutes before his heart stopped and the Oxygen he was immediately given would have perked him right up. Drowning victims who have been brought back to life wake up after a few minutes. But since he was severely intoxicated by fentanyl and meth he more than likely went into opioid overdose Have seen that too much and saw that in the video. If it was cardiac arrest 3 out of 4 people die from that and thats a sad fact. The police should not have held him down when he stopped resisting but he died from an overdose or heart attack.

  • You don't know nothing. Just shut up drew brees

  • I wish I was Drew Brees! You know that Ghana spoke about this matter and this what they said.
    “We continue to open our arms and invite all our brothers and sisters home. Ghana is your home. Africa is your home."
    Set up a Go fund me page to go home and I will donate to it.

  • And where is your home???

  • Right here in America. And we are getting tired of the 13% rioting and looting. Destroying our past and pushing to defund the police. If the police are not going to put a stop to this then we will! Every time the 13% act out the tables are turning slowly in our favor. If the police won't protect our community then we will and I guaranty you will lose on that. So spew some of your hatred here because you do it in my neighborhood I won't be good. leave it at that.

  • What past. You are history. You are dead.

  • I can breath I can breath I can breath. Nope not dead.

  • Dead idiot

  • Still breathing

  • When it comes to MOST people, "the American police" do neither of these things. Blacks do get a disproportionate amount of attention, but "the American police" are jerkwads across the board, especially anyone who looks to be socioeconomically disadvantaged in any way. Yeah yeah, that last part isn't fashionable to say right now. Too damn bad. People have been saying "real talk and real change" need to happen. Well, there's a little of that real talk you say you want so badly.

  • Your words "Blacks do get a disproportionate amount of attention". Is correct. But the facts are that crime and murder in the African American race are the highest rate in the country. Because of that is why they are confronted by Law enforcement more than the rest of us. Black on black murder is double that of any other race here. The black community has been taught to not trust or corporate with law enforcement and that has to stop too. Of course there are some racist cops just there is some bad cops as well. Law enforcement tries to weed them out.

  • Then it's pretty f****** clear that both sides need to work on themselves, isn't it? Again. REAL TALK.

  • F*** white people. They need to change their way of thinking.

  • F*** black people. They need to START thinking.

  • TheFucking Black people need a wake up call. 10 blacks were killed by police in 2019. 863 Blacks were killed by other blacks. Black on black murders and crimes are the highest in the nation. A black man visited his mom and walked out of his mothers house and was shot dead 3 blocks away. Why was he shot? He was wearing the wrong color shirt. That is ridiculous he had no idea that a red shirt would get him killed. A 16 year old girl is hit and killed by a stray bullet. Why because some guys where eyeing another group and someone grabbed a AK47 and just started shooting. How ridiculous is that!

  • African American's need to change their way of thinking of the police! Their parents have taught them the police are the enemy and not to corporate with them. That has led to many resisting arrest. Also if contacted by the police. Telling them this is BULLSHITT over and over is not the way to get out of a ticket or arrest. When you are parked the wrong way on the street, you are breaking the law. When an officer see's that you are busted! If he tells you to move the vehicle than you just move the vehicle. And that would have been the end of the situation.

  • Man!!! You white people break the law all the time. No one is hearing you. Be quiet drew brees

  • Thats because most white people are smart enough that when they are busted. They put their hands behind their back. So you shut up Kunta Kingtay.

  • Shut up Donald Stump

  • Is that the best you can come up with? Oh I forgot you fifth grade education got you far in life!

  • F*** YOU. You need to actually THINK once in a while. Or are you incapable? I don't think you are.

  • I'm not going to answer you the way you do. In all these cases involving the police besides race. Is the fact they all resisted arrest!
    Muhammad Ali Jr came out and spoke about this and he believes that his father Muhammad Ali would not stand by George Floyd , Mr Brooks or BLM he and hi father would agree that all lives matter. You want to break the law then be prepared to pay the price for it. When you get caught then don't resist arrest. It's that simple you are busted, shut up and ask for a lawyer.

  • Then his son is the next dead man. The Black Man. Tell him that. And see if we black people will protest for him

  • Well they sure as heII won't protest for you.

  • Who will protest for you. No One

  • I don't need anyone to protest for me. I lead a normal law abiding middle income life. I have had lunch with my friends in law enforcement and my neighbors and I get along fine.

  • Then you don't have myxh

  • MYXH what the heII is that? Is that your fifth grade Education moron.

  • Nope! Your mom

  • You are a moron shut the fuckupp P.O.N.T.I.A.C.

  • There would be more forward progress if people focused more on what we have in common versus skin color. As long as both sides are as fanatically, bunny-boiling OBSESSED with skin color, there will continue to be more George Floyds and Rodney Kings and Trayvon Martins. The racist (aka tardmo) side will never ever grow up, so the other side needs to be the adult in the room. Until it is, this WILL continue. And don't think for a SECOND you are anywhere close to behaving maturely as a group, so get busy!!

  • All racists are tardmos, and as you can see just in this thread, they never grow up. But they ARE desperate beyond all measure to have the last, stupid word.

  • Who cares what you think.

  • At least they do, all you do is whine

  • You cracker breads shine all the time. White lives don't matter

  • Some of us do indeed shine, yes. Plus we know how to spell! ;) :*

  • Now wait a minute Black Lives Matter! All whites should own a few.

  • Own what. How about none

  • You can see through the internet and tell that that person's white? YOUR racist ass needs to end up in a ditch.

  • A ditch! Why??? I must be dumb

  • You just now figured that out? That's next level dumb right there

  • All people are born equal.
    We all have the same colour blood .
    Racism is a choice ,a nasty unpleasant and unnecessary attitude.

  • We don't have the same blood idiot.

  • We all have red blood ! The same colour ! We are all human beings ! What colour is your blood ? We are all born equal. Racism a personal choice unlike skin colour .

  • We don't have the same blood. We are not the same. Shut up

  • No.

  • Yes

  • Yes, and whether you can't get over black skin or white skin (or any other color), you're still a racist either way.

  • So what, you are racist too

  • Show proof of that. We'll wait.

  • Proof in the pudding.

  • There is no pudding.

  • Bill Cosby

  • Who is BLACK

  • You ain't black

  • You can't tell. But we can tell you're a ret@rd with way too much time on its hands =)

  • Who me?? A ret##d

  • Not one at all. I'm normal. But you are the big R

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