I'm tired of her

Honestly, I'm just too tired to do anything lately. My sister has been abusive towards me since I was 7 or 8. I'm not sure I'll make it through the rest of my high school years.

I was diagnosed with PTSD and still being f***** over by it. I don't want to tell my therapist that I'm having suicidal thoughts, as I heard that if it's bad enough I could end up in the hospital.

God, if I make it I'll cut ties with her as soon as I can. I don't know if I can handle it any longer.

Jun 14, 2020

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  • Don't tell your therapist! You're fine ... talk to friends. And pray. Then punch her in the face. Jk.... not jk if she is real bad.

  • Like one said before - punch her the next time. or film her secretly - but i like the punch more. i'm against violence against women, but sometimes that doesn't matter. - stand against your bully - no matter what gender.
    And quit being a p**** dude.

  • Just kill yourself now

  • You mentioned God.....pray for her as well, that any unclean spirits leave you, and your family. She might be holding on to a lot of pain(its the closest ones who get hit.) Temple of God within , if we don't go within we go without..... See if she is alright? And forgive her for her transgressions..... And I pray for strength wisdom and clearity for all of us. Interesting times we are in. But , nothing new under the sun

  • F*** her up. If shes being abusive then one good hard punch to the jaw after the next time she crosses you will, if not fix the problem, at least shine a spotlight on the issue that others (your parents, teachers, doctors, etc) will have to address

  • Tell your therapist...just be careful how to articulate. They won't over react unless you are clearly in danger, in which case being hospitalized it for the better as long as it's on your terms. Have the therapist intervene about your sister via parents etc. It gets better, just hang in there.

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