DO We Just Take Everything As Gospel

I don’t know if I am the only person in the universe thinking ‘outside the box’ however, right now at this moment in time, if we don’t start questioning things regarding the Covird-19, we will automatically just accept what the media, politicians and experts are feeding to us, as Gospel.

If there is such a thing as democracy, we would see the media present healthy debates and discussions, surrounding this Covird-19.
I have not seen/heard anyone on the radio or on the television, say what they really think!
Are people being censored?
I find it quite odd that no one has debated this Covird-19 because I believe that many are being censored.
Is there an elephant in the room surrounding all this Covird-19?

The BIGGEST PANDEMIC that is never bought to the attention of people is also prescription meds.
If I believe the statistics and data, at least 41 people per day, die of prescribed medications.
In this data, I have no clarity or enlightenment, if this covers: overdose, flawed medicines or a combination of a cocktail of meds.
In 2107, 70,000 people died (in US alone) as a result of prescribed medicines.
How many go unreported?
Which brings me back to the Covird-19 saga. Are we really being told all the truth regarding this Covird-19?

We certainly do not make a fuss about the deaths resulting from prescribed medicines. This pandemic, is very serious and costing so many innocent lives.

There is just so much ambiguity/fraud relating to falsified data/clinical information pertaining to prescribed medicines (this includes, LA, GA and IV sedations) and too many physicians have too little good information to go on.
I also must mention that there are some physicians that are mixing too many cocktails at once and there is no excuse for this kind of exploitative prescribing habits.
If we ‘all want to be in this together’ and ensure that what we are prescribed and ingesting (‘are safe’), we have to demand that there is transparency and a drastic change in the medical culture, on all levels, starting with:
– pharmaceutical companies disclosing all their data pertaining to each and every medicine
– A change in physicians prescribing habits
– No more incentives or enticements given to politicians, physicians, pharmacologists, pharmacists, pharma reps etc
The only way we can slay the dragon is to get rid of the corruption that harms innocent people in the first place.
This is a war that has been going on for some time and if we don’t make the necessary changes, we as a universe have no HOPE and we will all be impoverished as a result of standing back and doing nothing!

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  • I cringe every time I hear "We're all in this together". We OUGHT to be, but aren't and never will be because there are too many of us and most of us think we're too special to work with anyone we see as "other". That's what's been killing us slowly and will continue to do so. Just wish we'd get on with it already, I'm sick of idiots breathing my air.

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