Massage from a guy

I get regular massages, the legitimate kind, it helps with my back and legs which have been a problem for over a decade.
The one I use is named Marie, she is Hispanic, she and her husband run a home office, just a spare room set up with a shower and a table.
I have seen her about 30 times now, but a few weeks ago she had something else to do and asked me if her husband Carlos could do the session.
Just a massage, I figured why not?
The session was rather normal, we were talking, and when I turned over he replaced the full drape with a towel. That was different, Marie never did. Then he was getting very high up my legs and was brushing my b**** with the back of his hand. I started to erect, I couldn't help it, I only barely responded to his wife like that because she never got that close.
"Doing OK?" He asked, I just grunted as a reply, the next thing I knew he had his hand wrapped around my p**** and was stroking me. I was surprised, didn't know what to say, and he just kept on, it felt good really so I didn't try to stop him.
I do know I turned bright red, I never had any guy do that to me before.
Later, I paid him and gave him a nice tip.
"Marie will be back next time." He told me with a grin.
The last session she was, and apparently he told her, because she gave me a hand job also. I liked her doing it better, and I asked her if she would work topless.
"Maybe next time." She told me with a big smile.
I tipped her even better, now I can hardly wait to see what happens.
Turns out they are trying to build a "special" repeat client list, so they can stop advertising.

Apr 6, 2021

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  • Same happened to me . never had gay thoughts . but i got hard way he touched me . looked at me and asked wss i ok .yes very ok . good and carried on . best dentist i ever went to lol

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