Developing Boundaries Is So Hard

When you truly love someone.
I understand and appreciate the importance of honesty in any relationship but what if you meet someone who connects with your heart chakra and opens it so wide that you have no choice but to give in to that love.
I am married and have had an extraordinary experience with someone I connected with.
It was no ordinary love.
I know we are both empaths and highly tuned in to being sensitive to other people’s energies.
All their emotions become mine and who can refuse a heart that is open to giving so much love.
How can you create healthy boundaries when you love someone.
I have never opened myself up to someone the way I did with them.
Am I being dishonest in my relationship by giving my love to someone else, spiritually?
Should I be guilty of a love that goes beyond the physical?
I do not feel ashamed of giving my love to someone who loves me.
I am upset that I had given my love to someone else whilst I am in a relationship and this makes me look like I lack integrity.
Would my lover be entirely happy with me, if I was making love to someone else in the spiritual realms?
I can't understand why this divine connection has to be considered taboo?
Perhaps both of us find it hard to believe, have faith and trust.
At first, I was upset with myself for not having cut my ties with my current relationship.
I wanted to only be with the person I fell in love with and was not sure what I had to do.
Our spirit guides only want what is best for us so I have faith, trust and believe.
Until we meet again, I am going to love, respect and honour myself so that my twin flame has the same reverence for me.
We both need to be learning and growing in order for that special union to occur.
In our next life, I believe we will be together.


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  • You lack both integrity and courage. You are married to someone else and maybe even s******* around on the side? (your writing style is unclear) and have a "connection" with a third person you don't have the guts to even so much as talk to. You want praise and sympathy for what exists only in your compromised little head. Shut up.

  • STOP accusing me of s****** around!
    If my head is little, imagine how little yours must be for judging without facts.

  • LOL! Somebody's triggered. Hey fragile loser, if you can't handle feedback, either grow up or shut up!!!

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