A perverted person?

The people who know my fetishes and my postings here or in TUMBLR or else know, that I am deep inside me a perverted person. I only never would live it out, but i have it in my head. as there is:
1. My son is 15 now and when he was young (from birth to 3 years) I su-cked his c*** from time to time, when he did cry too much. I had that tip from a native american once. One of my dreams is to take the c**** of boys age 5 to 15 in my mouth and suck them with or without spurting. Just one of each age
2. My husband has s** with his mom for some time now and I have wat-ched them some times. I fantasize sometimes, that she (she's 75) goes to our son and seduces him does oral with him and let him f*** her.
3. It's a fantasy for me, my daughter catches me giving oral to a dog (i ha-ve a little lover in the shelter in our town). and she does not think of it being perverted (as many people do), but think it's hot and she wants to try it too.
Thats what (sometimes) goes around in my head. And thats about what I write short stories, when there is time for it. Right now, there is not much time, because of corona. We are at home, my husband works home-office and the kids do not have school here in germany. My husband got his mom here, because she lives all alone and has no one the buy in for her. So he took the last chance, to fetch her. So we live with 5 people 24/7 in ohr house. And hope it might not take too long.

Apr 2, 2020

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  • Message me in lol Ayaan.m

  • My aunt sucked me when I was very young.

  • HI. This is the OP.
    When did your Aunt start it and did she only suck you?

  • I gotta ask, why the f*** are you hyphenating words? Jesus Christ you’re f****** horrible at typing.

  • When you say that, it must be right. But please excuse me, I'm not british or american, I'm german. And if you could write such confessions in german, I will accept your criticism.

  • My first times was with another guy we were, 12. We had a tree house that we sleepy in during the summer. One time when we were up there we had a play boy he found, we were looking at it and got hard, took off our cloths. His d··k was bigger than mine but I had small b****. I let him play with my b****, while I played with his d··c. When it got hard he dared me to suck it, I tried it and liked doing my. When I swallowed, I liked doing it as much as he liked me doing it. I think I did it 6 or 7 times. The next night I let him take me from behind. We kept it up through high school. Even when we had girl friends, at the end of the night it was me who put a smile on his face. After high school he went his way, which was straight. I had a s** change at 30 and am married.

  • I'm a guy that will let other guys do anything to no no matter how much I'm hurt or bleed. But when it comes to kids that is just sick, you don't mess with them no matter what. Y out find some one your own age period.

  • I like to cross dress and like you go trolling, I like picking up hobos or drunks. I really like it when they throw up on them selves or me. Licking it off , and moving down between their legs to gulp their sperm. Some times taking two in my a··, and one I my mouth getting p···ed i try that or pay to get raped may get b***** and heart but worth it!!!!!!

  • Love your post. Give us more.

  • When I was in junior high I was always made fun of, I was short fat and big t···. In gym class the other guys would grab my jugs, and push themselves against me. On the last day of school several guys took me into sold house and used me till I passed out. Several weeks latter I took my mom's bra 36d that I filled out very nicely. I went trolling for guys, I saw several natives standing around a garbage can, I got all Tinsley inside. I opened my shirt wide and asked if they liked my jugs and if they would f··· me I have them the money I had the next thing I knew I was on my knees, then bent over a garbage can with my paints down. Now 50 years latter I'm still fat with a set of 50dd's, and still trolling for guys.

  • I'm a guy but like to act like a woman I really like to hurt myself there is nothing like bleeding when you masterbaiting UN less some one else is hurting you. I really like when Mr b**** are cut or fish hooks are in them, then he cuts in my mouth or add some times even getting tag teamed or dog knotted

  • I know what your talking about my first time getting knotted I was 16 hurt like he'll but I loved it and still do, and yes getting tag teamed is fantastic!!!

  • Baby and tods are hot

  • Right. Trying to have s** with my 8 year old grand daughter first time vaginal/a***.She sucks but ...Mom says my d*** is way too big for her. No trip to the hospital so mom is taking care of it. Love my mom. She has been sucking me off since I was 3.

  • Just be gentle and take your time, work her with your fingers, then a toy and she will soon take yourcock, once you feel it slip in her the wait will be worth it, mum started you at 3 was that weeks or months?

  • As a fellow perverted-as-f***-in-my-head person, I think your fantasies are really hot. All this locked down corona time has really been ramping mine up. If you ever want someone to trade twisted fantasies with, I’d love an email friend :D

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