Bandaging cuts.

I think his should be anonymous. True story but names are changed.
This happened years ago when I was about 21 and my regular girlfriend about 19. We had gone together for several years but were not yet engaged even though we had planned to get married. Let me say that this was in a time when couples did not sleep together before marriage. Neither of us had seen the other nude and I, at least, had not even seen a picture of a fully nude woman.
Her father worked a full time job and also ran a small cattle fam on the side. One time he asked if I would mind helping him castrate some bull calves. Since I was trying to impress my future father-in-law I said yes.
A few days later Jim & Mary(my future in-laws), Judy(my future wife) and I went to their farm. Their was a furnished farm house that the often used on week ends.
Jim asked that I throw the calves and hold them and he would do the castrating. This was fine with me. The gals went to the house to fix lunch and he and I went to the barn. Everything went fine until the last one which was much bigger than the rest. Jim later confessed he let this one get to big. It should have been done last fall but he just didn't get to it. I grabbed this one the same as the rest but just couldn't get the traction to throw him. He managed to get me between him and the inside of the barn wall and then proceeded to bounce me off each studding. Since I was determined to impress my future father-in-law, I held on. At the end of the barn when he started to turn I made one last try, threw him and finished our work. Jim was duly impressed. What I didn't realize was there were many nails protruding through from the siding. I had scratches all over my back, back of my legs, butt, and thighs and chest in front. Not deep but bleeding like mad. I didn't have a shirt on but my jeans had tears all over as well as my underwear which was now soaked in blood. Jim said we need to get you to the house and fix these cuts.
Mary had been a nurse assistant years ago but had quit when Judy's younger sister and then brother were born. She always had lots of first aid supplies at the house. Jim told the gals what had happened and went back to the barn to finish up and then do other chores. Mary put a plastic tablecloth on the bed to take care of the blood. She then had me lay on my stomach and started cleaning and bandaging my back. In a little bit she said these clothes are to b***** to get in the car, we'll have to wash them. She started pulling at my jeans and ,while I wasn't to happy about takin my pants off in front of her, Istill had my underpants on and was on my stomach, so I helped her. She then called Judy to come get the pants, wash them and hang them out to dry. Judy came in , got the pants and left. I don't think she saw me since her mother was in the way. May proceeded to clean and bandage on the back of my legs. She then said these briefs have got to come off so I can get to the ones on your butt. Before I could object, she pulled them off. She then called Judy again and told her to come get the briefs and wash them like the jeans. I think Judy saw me naked that time as Mary turned to hand her the briefs.I was still on my stomach so it wasn't to bad. As she was touching and wiping blood off my butt I could feel a hardon starting. About that time she said now lets roll over and I'll get the ones on the other side.
I rolled over and could pretty well cover everything with my hands. After all she had been a nurse and there were no more clothes for Judy to come and get. She got the cuts on my chest and them told me to lower my hands to my side so she could get the ones on my thighs. As I did, my hardon jumped right up. There was no covering anything now. Just then she yelled for Judy to bring another pan of water and some more bandages. Oh Boy!!! Judy brought them in and I am pretty sure she saw everything over her Mother's shoulder. She went back out right away. This action immediately put my hard-on at full staff pointing straight at the ceiling. Mary finished the cuts and turned to leave and just then realized Judy was standing right behind her staring right at my full hard-on. Instead of asking Judy to leave, she just smiled and stepped aside to give her an unobstructed view. She then said, Judy I think you picked a good one. I never knew if she meant because I held on and threw the calf or because of my hard-on.
We have been married 47 years and nothing was ever said except once in a while, in private, Judy will remind me that she saw way more of me before we were married than she should have. she still remembers.

Jun 24, 2020


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