Why are racists so obsessed with black people?

If you dont like them, why do you keep talking about them, seeking them out, keep trying to engage with them? Even online. Going on their sites where they're having fun and just chilling. They never go on white supremacist sites. Why are you so obsessed with what they're doing, what they're talking about etc? You say you hate them and tell them to stay away, and it seems like alot of them don't even want to be around you, but you'll intentionally seek them out like some love sick puppy and harrass them for attention.

Black person in a park, you go over to bother them. Black person in their car, you'll go over to bother them. It's like you're in love with them but they aren't in love with you. Like unrequited love. Like the needy kid in school or the baby crying for attention from the grown ups. If you don't like something you're pretty much supposed to want to stay away from it, but you guys go wherever they are and weirdly bother them, hoping for some attention, even negative attention. Like the school bully who secretly loves the the girl/boy he/she keeps harassing.

You're obsessed. Asians don't really like white people so we tend to stay away and form our own spaces, like black people. Latinos do them same, but somehow racist white people will find a way to be close to all of these people they say they hate. Either bothering them or yelling at them for attention. You guys look desperate for attention.

You listen to their music, wear what they're wearing, laugh with their comedians and their jokes, worship their star athletes, l*** after their men/women. You like to holiday in our Asian countries, watch our entertainment, play are games and eat Mexican food.

So weird.

Jun 24, 2020

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  • You raise an interesting point. Black people don't go out of their way to disparage white people. It's almost as if racist white people through fear feel insecure or something. And for those who feel blacks can br racist I say Blacks for the most part cannot affect a white person's economic or social destiny. We have little power in society. Not so for whites. Their policies can directly affect people of color.

  • What about poor whites who aren't racist but get talked down to like they are every time they turn around? And before you play the "whataboutism" card, social "justice" is PURE whataboutism, so just sit the f*** down with that $hit right now.

  • Racism is everyone. In every shape and color.

  • No.

  • Yes.
    Face it b****, self-hating white people and blacks who can't finish a sentence without whining about "wypipo" are RACISTS. The sooner you get that through your thick useless skull the better.

  • Deep

  • Cancer is a b#+ch

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