My first bi curious bj

Let me start by saying me and my buddy Paul have been friends since we were about 9 or 10 . We are both 19 , hanging out watching something dumb on cable ,but it had lots of nudity . After watching it a few , Paul says man im h**** as f*** , I wish Diane was here . { our girlfriends went to a bridal shower together } . I said yeah ,but its nice sometimes without them . He says i need a cold shower and got up and left . He comes back afterwards and says well that didnt help , I really need a bj . I said nothing , then Paul says , how about you blow me ? I said I never did any s*** like that before . He says come on dude , ill do something for you ,the next time we go into the city , the entire nights on me. I said I dont know man, he stood up in front of where I was and dropped his shorts. He says look dude , im so f****** hard its going to shatter . Im looking right at his stuff. He grabbed it and shook it a little and says please dude ? I said again I dont know man. He said look , just try it,ok , please dude . Please . He stepped up closer about 4 inches from my face , and I leaned over and put it in my mouth, right away he says oh f*** yeah dude . I sucked it for about 2 minutes then he came in my mouth without warning . I have always wondered what it would be like , but never thought about it might be with him. It was a little awkward he says sorry i didnt warn you. I aid well too late now . He said how was it ? I said it was fine i guess , and that was all that was said about that subject .
A week later , we were watching Game of thrones , and i had the urge to suck his c*** again, so since we were close , I said , I wouldnt mind sucking you if you want . He said ,how can i say no , went for a shower , came back naked , i had him lay on the floor , and i licked and sucked him for 20 minutes, then as he was getting close to c****** , he says dude im close,but i kept going and enjoyed a mouthful this time . I have s** with my girlfriend and enjoyed our bi fun together . Its 3 years later now and i dont regret it. I loved having his c*** in my mouth . The texture , the c** , nice

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  • Enjoy, this may become a steady thing for you. It was my GF that convinced me to try c***. She always loved to suck c***, really loved it. It seemed like she could not get enough. I decided to try it and was hooked. I love a hard c*** and clean shaved b****. Love the taste and texture of C**. Until this Covid thing hit us I was sucking off 3 or more different guys 2 to 5 times each week. And extremely intimate with some of them. Since March to now I have only been with 3 guys just a few times. And I miss it. Good luck to you, this Covid thing will not last for ever and when it is safe you should try more and different men.

  • Watching p*** online me and my bestfriends first time hanging out with his older brother and his friends ended up with us sucking all of them.

  • Oh my God! Pleassssssssse get some damn help now. You are willing me with dumb shyt.

  • Nobody told you to read it a******

  • F****** disgusting q**** c***.

  • Maybe , but you read the story and jerked off in your moms basement to it .. so fu

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