Tired of my narrow-minded family

I'm fed up with my family, virtually all of whom refuse to accept the legitimacy of any political, philosophical or theological point of view or opinion which is even in slight conflict with their own. They look down their noses at you, treat you like a leper and ask if you "really believe" THAT, whatever it may be. I never question, challenge or criticize their beliefs; I'm polite about our differences. I've studied plenty of political science and I accept --- and embrace --- the concept of the "principled opposition" and acknowledge its necessity in a healthy democracy and in a debate of competing ideas. They, on the other hand, are openly rude, entirely dismissive and utterly demeaning. But they don"t just behave that way toward me. They do the same to people outside the family. And THAT is embarrassing. I don't know how I could be related to these small- minded cretins. Horrors!

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  • What are your beliefs? Cos you are painting this as them being the villians but you havent provided context at all.

  • So they are libs?

  • No, I am. They are all hat-wearing DJT supporters. MAGATS through and through. Even my little brother is brain-washed. It's humiliating. And more than a little bit scary.

  • Unfortunately some people are narrow minded.

  • The most narrow-minded people are those who refuse to believe they're narrow-minded. And that simple truth opens the door to endless arguing and splitting hairs over semantics and what a word or phrase means or doesn't mean nowadays. Too many egos, not enough brains. Have fun with the brave new world you think you're creating.

  • But most of them have the good manners or good sense to keep their mouths shut about it. Be polite and allow others to express themselves, for pity's sake!

  • Exactly!! Isn't this supposed to be the free world?

  • Amen!

  • It would be much more free if people conducted themselves like adults once in a while

  • True

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