I’m so disturbed

I fingered my distant cousin when I was 14- 17years old, anytime she’s asleep I just go to her bed and do the horrible act. I was so naive and foolish. So I eventually figured she knew about the act and she was even leading me on even when I don’t plan to do it even though in real life we act like it’s not happening. Now I’m 20 and I’m having serious anxiety disorders and I once had this same issue when I was 18 but I survived it
the fact that people would eventually find out later cos of the adage that says nothing is hidden forever is bothering me now we don’t see each other again and I’m having great issues
Pls help me get through this

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  • The one line a******* here deserve to die for their lack of compassion. What you did is nothing more than experimentation in sexuality. these pieces of s*** are trying to push o over the edge for nothing more than a few encounters of life.
    F*** them.
    Just get on with your life.
    It is nothing in the big scheme of things.

  • Are youFUCKINGkidding us He molested a sleeping child. There is no age limit for arrest for molesting a child. When the A******* grows up he will more then likely repeat his crime. Get real.

  • So sexual assault is ok for a child? Wrong 13 yearly children have been arrested for s ex crimes.

  • Tell her beg for forgivenness and turn youself in

  • Turn yourself in.

  • Suicide is painless it bring on many changes.

  • The Me too movement is gonna get you. Run to your cave and hide

  • Go confess to the police. It's the only way to make right. Although the S&W post is another way too.

  • Yo bruv you’d be fine

  • Go visit Smith&Wesson They will help you with one visit. Got Lead?

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