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My dad has been married for the second time for three years we all get on very well, last week I we all celebrated my 18th birthday, since my dad has openly grabbed my step-mum in a sexual way in front of me, it started when he fondled her t*** from behind and kissing her with his hand up her skirt plus grabbing her bottom, when they have s** at night in bed the bedroom door is open, she seems ok with it, I am turned on she is a very fit woman,
I am thinking the unthinkable or is it am classed as an adult at 18.
Opinions Please,

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  • They are welcoming you into the family now you are an adult i urge you to go with it

  • Go for it i would have liked to teach mu step-son i even tried because i knew he was gay

  • Go for it. Most older women enjoy teaching young men.

    I know I love doing so. I have taught most of my sons friends how to eat p**** and how to really treat a woman. Only when they are of legal age though.

    You are 18. I’m sure she will be flattered and more than willing

  • Its not incest she isn't your real mum its obvious they want a three some, I am a women and I know that two co-ks are getter than one go on get stuck in

  • Yes I agree front entry, back entry or spit roast, three at once is even better

  • At 18 you are an adult. I'm assuming you want know if you should join in? It seems that your dad & step mum are open to this idea of you joining them for s** hence the open display for you. You should approach with caution just incase you have miss read the signs. Next time they are having s** with the door open, stand at their door and see if they invite you in. Just wear your underwear for a clear sign of intention. I think you stand a good chance from what I've read from your confession.

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